Contra Costa Watch - Tragedies, Arson and Corruption 
 by Pete Bennett 
Homeless, Beaten and Defrauded
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
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This blog was created in 2009 with just a few posts. By October 2010 after a face-to-face meeting with then Deputy District Attorney Mark Peterson, I was summarily evicted from my offices owned by Jerry Overra of Overra Construction located in Oak Park Center in Pleasant Hill CA.
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Contra Costa Watch

Last year when Chris Butler was arrested for selling drugs and his picture appeared on the news all the events over the last decade fell into place. The car accidents, truck fire, assaults and business setbacks began to look deliberate and planned.
In 2004 a person that was my newly assigned Mormon Home Teacher arrived with the hand of friendship. Eight years later they arrested Danville Officer Stephen Tanabe who lived down the street
Already knowing very corrupt family law I knew there was more coming. This blog has become too large so I've created smaller ones that are easier to focus on.
In 2004 by F-250 Truck literally exploded in flames 680 Northbound and even though Highway Patrol told me that about a dozen 911 callers stated flames were shooting 100 feet back he just said I was lucky, then about a month later a Danville Building Inspector nearly beat me to death in my house over a paintbrush.
I'm sure that Officer Murphy deliberately created a false police report but who cares but all of this suggests a larger corruption case started long ago.
When yet another deliberate hit and run accident occurred in Lafayette CA on July 20th 2011 it was apparent someone was trying to kill me as I've had numerous events, some near fatal but one nearly flipped my truck and trailer. The insurance industry calls this a "swoop and squat" but we watched the driver careen out of control, hit the median and blood splatter as the air bag deployed. This occured just south of Alcosta Blvd and the we part - my two sons then who were attending Montair Elementary School Danville CA. Check - The Southbound 680 Speed Killer Missed His Mark

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Contra Costa Hate Crimes Unit
In 1978 at the end of Santa Monica Drive in Pleasant Hill CA on the northern edge of the old Ellinwood Farms fire engines raced by my front door.

Less than 500 feet a car was burning but the next morning detectives arrived with a typical detective question.

Q:vWhat did you see?
A: I saw fire engines

Q: Did you know they found a body?
A: No, I only saw fire engines and a car burning

Around late 2012, I called up Pleasant Police Department asking questions about that murder, the farmer, the chemical shed fire, and the second murder.

They asked why do you want to know?

On September 26, 2014 five of my family members were murdered in Springville UT.
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The SerialArsonist.com
The story is about arson, fires and destruction of property with links to fires in other county's where my sons were in the path of wildfires.
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