Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Arson Index - The real truth about Contra Costa County - clearing court calendars by Arson

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
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Posted: 01/21/2014

Walnut Creek CA: As I've stated in this blog many times about the endless go nowhere Police Reports going back to 1980 it was becoming obvious there the County has some type of Golden Hand orchestrated incidents and controlling their outcomes.  

What's missing the Police Report where my truck exploded in flames at 90 mph but what's critical about this missing police report was that five men were burned alive three months later and the key witness in that fire is deceased.  The key witness in my 2004 assault was dead less than 60 days from when documents were handed to Chief Joel Bryden connected Gary Vinson Collins to the CNET Scandal.  

The arson fires have continued along unabated but the most recent case was this poor kid who was set on fire at the Concord BART station on January 16th 2014.  Reading between the lines I noticed the driver left the scene.  This is another of many extraordinary examples of unchecked mayhem.  The way I see this if my Arson Case had been investigated in 2004 then the Serial Arsonist would have faced investigation - but my opinion is the Serial Arsonist is part of rouge badge flashers who burned down Hair By Jim, threw a Molotov cocktail through the window but in 1986 they hung a few blacks near the Concord and Lafayette BART stations.

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