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Walnut Creek CA:
Date: February 5th 2013

The events on these pages cover nearly 25 years of setbacks. A few months ago I discovered litigation that connected attorneys on a long thread near me that started decades ago.  My options are limited - i've lost ability to open a checking, been driven out of offices, had job after job cratered with a phone call, seen my truck erupt in flames underneath me, and been hospitialized numerous times for what I call suspicious infections. 

If you can send money via Reloadit.com it's easy - just get a card - pay at Safeway, then just send me the number on the scratch off -text the number to 925-399-1082  or just email me pete@petebennett.net or you're welcome to hear my story in person. I cannot hold back these people and again I'm sleeping on the street but currently sicker as ever with fever that bear the same suspect infection from previous events. 

I truly need the money as this has been endless and I'm never going to get back up as all I get is punched,kicked, run off the road or my clients get targeted.  I know that this story leads to Mormons in Danville who have been running a campaign on residents.  They are good at what they do but they pulled to many accidents. 

Why? Every time I file a police report or request help something happens - the city needs to know that my offices have been targeted, that my life has been threatened and some of their officers are being so delibarate in derailing investigations it's become a pathetic example of Civil Rights Violations but most attorneys pass when they hear my story.  They say I've got kids but they learn that my sons were nearly taken out in an accident on 680 it's soldifies the turn down.

Between 2004 and 2010

I've rented offices on Maria Lane, two on Oakland Blvd, two on roadway, and one on Oak Park Blvd.  I've lost somewhere over 20,000 in cars, and pretty much have been slaughtered financially.  I owe the county around $50,000 in medical bills, lost a contract with PGE worth at least $200,000 when I was run off the road.  I once called the City Attorney directly to ask if he knew anything but what he knows and what he's being told perhaps don't jive with the true reality.

Having appeared in Walnut Creek City Chambers on November 1st 2011, having met with Ken Nordoff, having filed a police alleging someone tried to run me over, that I've been stalked (I've got pictures of them), that my brakes were sabotaged the night I was custody, that their officers seemed poised to arrest me, place in me county jail with the same former deputies from Danville.

They know who I've talked to about CNET, they are CNET, they run CNET and CNET would have been stopped if my lawsuit in 2006 gone through.  My attorney was beaten in Walnut Creek but weeks I was told the Walnut Creek PD was the liaison to the FBI my car was totaled?

Months later I interview the homeless men, seen others with cuts, stitches, broken noses and some were simply murdered - all of it doesn't add up.

I am truly sorry for the Banta loss but I appeared complaining about my personal incident in the Farmers Market - I took the risk and appeared.

Within five weeks of that appearance three people near me were killed - one is a murder investigation, the other is about the most suspicious looking suicide ever and the other is man who tried to kill me in 2004.

Policing in Walnut Creek should not be about excessive over the top patrols on a bar with police reports with allegations about fights, roudiness, and spurious violations of excessively strict use permits that are designed only to allow the city force the city to close.  The racial overtones suggest that some need sensitivity training.

Just prior to the cut off time the city received my written statement and Ken Nordoff has emails.  What I said in Mr. Nordoff office was that persons near CNET were taking out targets, that Butler was neutralized but other legs exist.  That day I gave the only copy of a 2004 police report ever handed out the other person was dead within six weeks, and two divorcees were killed but one very specific Walnut Creek attorney had yet another dead spouse to his credit.

My reward? I get parking tickets, my keys get stolen, my brakes are sabotaged and my friend is murdered, homeless get their bodies permanently disfigured, one is in permanent long term care that will cost about 2 million to care for him for the next 25 years or more.

I will post my agenda comments as soon as possible.  The city needs to reopen other cases or perhaps the residents should start writing the FBI or perhaps maybe the FBI should take over the Walnut Creek Police - many officers are very good but the incidents are staking up.

Several near my events have been let go but I suspect they were put up to it.

We may need officers but when you deploy resources with the intent of harassing one business into bankruptcy you've got serious problems.

My opinion is the current council serves the trinket peddlers seeking to bolster the tax base but will walk down the same streets and completely miss the bleeding faces of homeless men who by the way are citizens as well.






3rd Floor Conference Room

1.OPENING (Not recorded)

a.ROLL CALL - all Councilmembers were present.
Planning Commission: Bob Pickett, Neil Gerstner, Dave Powell, Cindy Darling
Design Review Commission: Phillip Volkmann, Michael Fotheringham
Transportation Commission: Brian Krcelic, Tom O’Toole



The Mayor explained that under California law, public comments at special meetings are limited to subjects on the agenda only. Therefore, public comment would take place during Council consideration of the item.


Kenneth Nodder, Senior Planner, reported that the Broadway Plaza Long Range Master Plan concept would be introduced for conversations to commence between the eventual decision-making bodies and the applicant, Macerich, with the intent of identifying and defining the project focus and direction. Macerich presented the public’s feedback from recent community meetings. No formal action was taken by the Council or the Commissions. 

Chuck Davis, Macerich Vice-President of Development, presented the Macerich’s long range vision for Broadway Plaza. Yann E. Taylor, Architect, Field Paoli Architects, presented architectural features.

Mr. Davis outlined the specifics of their desires and noted they don’t intend to bring a project forward until the master plan and its pieces are approved. He invited the Council and the commissioners present to participate in the same exercise as they have been doing with the community.

Mr. Davis, Mr. Taylor and Cecily Talbert Barclay, Perkins Coie, legal counsel for Macerich – responded to questions clarifying that: five decisions will come to the City Council – Floor Area Ratio increase, abandonment, Planned Development (PD) zone, the DDA and an EIR approval; master plan area does not include all of Broadway Plaza, however the PD zoning includes all the property; the Master Plan would cover parcel 2 as well; including Macy’s (Federated) is being worked on concurrently; and details regarding entitlements are forthcoming.

The Mayor invited public comment – no members of the public spoke.

The attendees engaged in an exercise reviewing thematic pictures from 5:20 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. The public was invited to turn in cards. Council and commissions provided their input on the pictures.

Transportation Commission

Commissioner Krcelic stated the pedestrian atmosphere is great; seating areas are important; and the site can be improved. He would encourage 2nd floor dining and balconies. He supports vacating the street. He is interested in the approach that will be used to maintain service delivery for both ends of the street. Bicycle issues as well need to be addressed including parking and storage for bikes.

Commissioner O’Toole stated he echoes those comments and in addition, connectivity between Broadway Plaza and the traditional downtown needs to be maintained and enhanced with the ability to park at any of the garages downtown so the public find it easy and welcoming to go between Broadway Plaza and the rest of downtown.

Design Review Commission

Commissioner Fotheringham asked what represents the experience of Broadway Plaza and in his opinion it is outdoor dining, variety of demographics throughout the day, occasional tree bosquets, and keeping the existing (substantial) trees as part of improvement plans noting that mature trees provide shade and shadow and the history of the place as it evolves – as long as it is not too many trees. He would focus on the pedestrian connections and would look at 100-foot grid rather than the 200-foot block and divide down further to pay attention to how people are moving through the large areas. Study the choreography of use if the street is closed and study adjacent uses for compatibility and diversity of use.  He stated working with Macy’s is a must as they have a big presence and he encourages the collaboration to happen. He is supportive of downtown residence. With the number they are looking at and the size of the project it is a nice fit.  Bring in a night life (southeastern) is a nice compliment for the rest of the core area. The size of the project is just as important as the program. With housing 100,000 square foot project – we will get a sense of the right balance in the future. Driving the analysis is what do residents add to the complexity and the impacts – which may change the transportation element. Broadway Plaza street is a very long street and closing portions to the project is very important. The ends need to look like the open space experience.

Commissioner Volkmann concurred with previous statements. He noted he sees residential on the side, lots of multi-family on the edges; he likes the idea of closing the street and picking up the greenway. He referenced Corte Madera and the Willows. Need a nice place for kids and families to interface. He asked if the buildings would be stepped back and then how would Macy react to the loss of frontage, which could be key. He noted the old Crosby’s restaurant needs to be in the conversation and the bank on the edge – all the connections need to be made. He stated images on a wall can be tricky and we need to look at for thought but not for what it is.  Nordstrom terrace on that side is nice.  Roofs for a second level of activity should be looked at.

Planning Commission

Commissioner Gerstner noted he agrees with lots of the comments already made.  He gravitated to the pictures of open spaces and outdoor dining and was repelled by the ugliness of current parking structures made in the 1950s, noting this is an opportunity to solve two things discussed during General Plan 2025: first, a large public plaza has potential and is needed in Walnut Creek; and secondly, a theme during General Plan 2025 was for a space where adults can go and engage in adult activities as opposed to doing shots and falling down drunk and getting arrested. Jazz club or supper club is a natural fit for this project. Not designing for specific vendor or company. Community focusing on parking and traffic flow, the parking traffic flow issue is going to be with us, especially with more residential units, so there is a need to address this.

Commissioner Pickett noted that all the key elements are a point in the project and improving the transit flow is critical. He stated Newell and Broadway is a problematic intersection and the pedestrian experience is very important. He likes the European, particularly Roman influence, and would like to develop something similar. The Broadway Plaza in concept make it a destination already – but enhance and keep them there into the evening; liven it up with outdoor dining, shade trees, landscaping all key elements. He noted the creek theme is a nice gesture and incorporate in landscaping would be nice to remind the public this is an important element of Walnut Creek. He stated that Broadway Plaza draws away from traditional downtown, and doesn’t want to bury the traditional downtown with this new development.  Enhancement of the connection to go back and forth between the two shopping areas is critical. Mixed use is a valid consideration. How viable – including in concept is a good idea.  Highly support vacating street and turning into a plaza and making pedestrian friendly.

Commissioner Powell commended the process and appreciated the community input.  He agrees with everything everyone has said noting it is currently a destination and can be even better. A concert venue is good. He supports Broadway Plaza street closure. A fountain where kids could run and not worry about a car would be great. On the residential component – he is not yet sure noting that perimeter residential is already in place so he would need to see more before deciding. Break up paving and put in a paradise.

City Council

Councilmember Skrel thanked the commissioners for their thoughtful input. He agrees with the Broadway Plaza lane closing as essential, encourages finding a way to work with Macy’s, activate the creek noting that day lighting it cannot happen however something like the Liberty Bell Plaza concept can. He noted that parking at Plaza Escuela was enhanced by adding a deck of parking the City paid for and the City has worked a lot with the BART project for transit friendly solutions and he sees the possibility for connectivity to the west and to 1500 Newell, and do not just connect to the north but make the connections throughout downtown.

Councilmember Lawson commented on: parking – need to make sure whatever plans are the result of this will work well with the City’s parking planning as well, so we are not creating incentives or disincentives for the whole downtown. Connectivity to downtown – connection to Neiman Marcus to traditional downtown, and across Main Street to Botelho, and Olympic enhances the connectivity throughout the downtown, not just Broadway Plaza and the traditional downtown. If thinking about vacating Broadway Plaza Lane she is concerned that this does not create an inward facing project, still need an outward facing project that connects to the rest of the community.  Sustainability – she noted that she hadn’t yet heard anything about seeking LEED, build-it-green, or other sustainable green strategies. Need to see incorporated into the project.

Councilmember Rajan thanked everyone for their attendance and stated this is a wonderful direction to pursue. He commended Macerich for capturing community input and reflecting it back. He commented that it was important to improve the flow as it relates to parking and think about parking and flow in general noting this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. He reiterated that there has been a disproportionate amount of land dedicated to the automobile and this is an enormous opportunity to genuinely do something different and move us fundamentally in a different direction and he encourages creative thinking about that opportunity. The connection to the traditional downtown is key; and he is a little resistant that this project seeks to achieve all aspiration for our downtown solely within Broadway Plaza. We have areas we can seek to evolve some aspects in other areas by Broadway Plaza effectively connecting to other places as the best way to achieve this. He would like to see Macerich present how Broadway Plaza plugs into the broader downtown.

Mayor Pro Simmons noted there are six good themes and like Councilmember Lawson he is interested in sustainability and this should be included as the project moves forward.  Expand on that and identify goals and objectives in area of sustainability.  He likes the notion of reducing the amount of land allocated to the car and increasing the walkability of the area. European cities are successful with this incorporating varied walking paths, some broad and some narrow and he noted more variability equals more interest. Not a lot of conversation about landscaping – he understands this is too early – but it will be important.  He likes the direction and the process being followed and looks forward to future conversations.

Mayor Silva stated the importance of involving Macy’s in this Master Plan. Regarding the creek – she asked if the underground boxes could be day lighted? She appreciated the illustrations. She agrees with Simmons and Lawson regarding sustainability – green roofs, walls, solar panels, trolley, and bicycle lanes all are important to look at. She commended Councilmember Lawson for expressing that we cannot turn our back on the traditional downtown and that connectivity is key. She noted that she concurs we cannot do it all in Broadway Plaza at the expense of other parts of the City we must survive together.  Look forward to dialogue on what it means to vacate a street, public may have impacts, 58 public spaces would be given up for shopping at Broadway Plaza. The serious conversations around the DDA need to occur sooner rather than later.



Council Chamber, 1st Floor

1.OPENING (Video Recording Begins)


b.ROLL CALL - all Councilmembers were present.

Motion by Simmons, second by Lawson, carried unanimously, to APPROVE CONSENT CALENDAR items 2a through 2b:

YEAS:Mayor Silva, Simmons, Lawson, Rajan, Skrel.


b.INTRODUCE AND WAIVE FURTHER READING OF AN ORDINANCE amending Chapter 9 (Premise Security Alarm Systems) of Articles 3 and 8 off Title 3 (Public Safety) relating to alarm permit fees and false alarm fines.

Angela De La Housaye and Neil Gerstner, Co-Chairs of Walnut Creek on Ice announced their 7th season. Jerry Hicks, President of Walnut Creek Sister Cities organization, noted that the Sister Cities organization is visiting Siofok, Hungary in 2012 fr May 16 through 27 and highlighting youth as a catalyst for change. 

Steve Raucher, 30-year resident of unincorporated Walnut Creek, expressed concern with private parking lot towing practices. Pete Bennett, commented on a situation at the Farmer’s Market. 


Housing Program and CDBG Specialist, Margot Ernst, reported that this report highlights accomplishments of the Housing Division of the Community Development Department for Fiscal Year 2010-11. The Housing Division reports annual accomplishments to State Department of Housing and Community Development and to the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development. Council received the report.

Cindy Mosser, Finance Manager, reported that with the adoption of the 2010-12 Budget, Council requested staff create a Long Term Financial Plan to help anticipate economic changes that may require action and to provide guidance in preparing future budgets. On May 17, 2011, staff presented to Council a template for the Long Term Financial Plan. Council approved the template with a few modifications and staff presented the Long Term Financial Plan for General Fund 2010-20 for Council approval.
Motion by Skrel, second by Rajan, carried unanimously, to APPROVE THE LONG TERM FINANCIAL PLAN: GENERAL FUND 2010-20 budget scenario with a footnote that attachments 4 as presented and 5 as amended to include a notation that 1% increase in salary projections is equivalent to approximately $350,000.

YEAS:Mayor Silva, Simmons, Lawson, Rajan, Skrel.

a.Closed Session announcements - none.

b.City Manager reports - none.

c.City Councilmember reports on AB1234 Activities, Councilmember assignments and various activities and upcoming events

Councilmmber Rajan reported on the Shadelands Gateway Specific Plan process noting they had received 34 applications. Mayor Pro Tem Simmons noted additional service from the County Connection. Mayor Silva reported on meetings with the Solid Waste Authority.


Why blog about events

Decades ago I experienced first hand events connected to the Pittsburg Police Department - when Anthony Banta Jr.  was killed in Walnut Creek - that was fatal police shooting number four near me over 25 years.

In summer 2011 my car was pushed into oncoming traffic by a retired San Francisco Police Officer (Lt.), he just happens to live near where many fires occurred for more than a decade.

The general feeling about the Piedmont Lumber is it was arson - I agree but the person who took these pictures below is probably the same person that ran me off the road.

In 2006, my attorney was beaten up, in 2004 I was beaten up which is how I met Chris Butler, then later met Tanabe, Lombardi and others but in 2004 my truck was rigged to explode in flames but the amazing part I've got several persons connected to Mormons in Danville that witnessed the fire.

People often say whats happened to you and sorry to hear that, and it will get better.  It has gotten worse since encountering the person that showed me these pictures.  The Walnut Creek Police department knows this same San Francisco Police Officer.  If you've got your radar up you'll know about another important shooting in Walnut Creek.

While the Walnut Creek and ConFire toil away doing their thing this 2004 arson victim gets his car blown up, run off the road and vehicles wrecked but San Ramon Fire doesn't know what happened.  I know what happened - it was a setup and attempted murder plus the arsonist is busy burning down lumber yards, making restaurants into mirages, and hurling a web Molotov cocktails.

I've lived on the street, lost everything dealing with their failures and quite frankly expect someone to come along to finish the job. I am now nearly a senior citizen where I get mugged in Oroville, attacked at the Farmers Market, pushed off the road and told that no one would investigate the endless accidents.  So next time you walk through the Safeway Parking at 600 S. Broadway Walnut Creek be prepared for a person connected to Hillside Covenant Church to try to run you over.   I tried getting WCPD to do something but they were too busy driving Vice Ultra Lounge into Bankruptcy.  The same Lt. in both cases.

I've lost well over a million dollars due to CNET, Chris Butler and Pittsburg Police back in the eighties.

I've called just about every agency for help but a friend said his car was torched, then Piedmont

Suicide:Ex-BART cop, wife killed in apparent murder-suicide in North Carolina

Ex-BART cop, wife killed in apparent murder-suicide in North Carolina

S.F. Examiner File Photo
S.F. Examiner File Photo
Troubling signs: Robert Seymore, seen in September 2009, was described as having a “bad temper” in a recent 911 call made by his wife, Amber. Listen to the call below.
A former longtime BART officer and his wife are dead after an apparent murder-suicide in their North Carolina home Monday, authorities said.
Robert Seymore, 38, who retired in March of last year after nine years with the BART police force, and his wife Amber, also 38, were found fatally shot shortly after 9 a.m. in their suburban home near Raleigh, police there reported.
The couple’s 2-year-old child was in the home at the time of the shooting, police said, but was not injured. The bodies were found by the Amber Seymore’s mother, according to news reports. She had returned from dropping off the couple’s other two kids, 8 and 6 years old, at school.
Though police have not said who pulled the trigger, chilling 911 calls offer clues.
When calling police after stumbling upon the gruesome scene, the mother told a dispatcher outright that Robert Seymore was the killer, according to NBC affiliate WNCN 17 in Raleigh.
“They were getting a divorce,” she told the dispatcher.
The day after Thanksgiving, a call to 911 also came from the house. Amber Seymore reportedly told a dispatcher that she planned to confront her husband about his alleged infidelity and was worried about how he would react, according to a recording of the emergency call obtained by The San Francisco Examiner.
“My husband’s an ex-cop and my husband has a gun on him and a bad temper,” she told the dispatcher.

The last time Amber Seymore had confronted her husband about marital issues, he had reportedly shoved her and screamed at her while she was holding the kids.
“My brother, who’s a cop, told me I should probably call the police,” she told the dispatcher.
Robert Seymore joined the BART police force in April 2001 and retired March 2, 2011. His LinkedIn page says he worked as an explosive detection K9 handler for the transit agency.
Neighbors told the NBC affiliate in Raleigh that an injury might have sidelined him, and that shortly before their deaths Amber Seymore had decided to leave him.
On Tuesday, the BART Police Department was offering grief counseling for officers who knew the family.
“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family who are going through this tragic and unfortunate incident,” spokeswoman Officer Era Jenkins said.

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner: http://www.sfexaminer.com/local/crime/2012/12/ex-bart-cop-wife-killed-apparent-murder-suicide-north-carolina#ixzz2Jb2pU2c4

Suicide: Police release identity of Vasco Road suicide

Police release identity of Vasco Road suicide

May 16, 2007 | Roman Gokhman | Copyright

The Alameda County Coroner's Office released the name of the man who crashed his car and then committed suicide Monday during the evening commute.
John Kelly Jr., 43, of Antioch shot himself in the head after crashing his car into a pole on Vasco Road at about 5:10 p.m. He was pronounced dead at 5:14 p.m.
Kelly was driving south on Vasco. Near the Vasco Road Landfill, he swerved across the northbound lanes, according to the Alameda County Sheriff's Office.
"He sideswiped a telephone pole and ended up in a ditch," sheriff's Sgt. Scott … 

Walnut Creek City Council Meeting November 1, 2011

November 1st, 2011
Walnut Creek CA- After being rebuffed I decided it was time to appear in front of the Walnut Creek City Council.

I submitted a written declaration of the Farmers event to the City Clerk prior to the cutoff time and waited for my turn.  Little did I know that persons connected to my police reports from Danville and comments about certain attorneys would turn up dead weeks later.

Take my car, take a mans life, fine me, accuse me but my words are in black and white


  • Steve Raucher, 30-year resident of unincorporated Walnut Creek, expressed concern with private parking lot towing practices.  
  •  Pete Bennett, commented on a situation at the Farmer’s Market.


Incident: Walnut Creek Farmers Market Oct 30th 2011

Walnut Creek Farmers Market Oct 30th 2011 

During a visit to the Walnut Creek Farmers' Market an altercation occurred in regards to civil litigation where I'm holding my guitar with a combative assailant named Jimmy Brizidine whose friend the Iron Worker Randall Wanser lost his properties to Peter and Mona Branagh Fatal Plane crash (July 2012)

There I was holding my guitar but even with over 100 witness, market manager never calls 911 - The great Officer Rabonowitz refuses to intercede.

The words will resume here in a few days.

The Walnut Creek Farmers' Marketis a wonderful place to meet friends on a Sunday morning and have a cup of coffee, a scone and listen to some music while pondering


Walnut Creek Library: 5150 ? Walnut Creek Police Captain, Sergeant and Detective

Why did a Walnut Creek Police Captain, Sergeant and Detective accused a homeless broke man who's car was totaled by a retired San Francisco Police Officer?

Read my comments about

I don't know but they were lining things up for more than a smack down as I would never attack a city worker but their timing was right after a cop tried to run me off the road, after i spoke to DA investigator, after I was forced out of my apartment with direct connections to former WCPD officer Dick Grossman obviously connected to Doyle, Grossman and (omitted) who connected to Keith Lynds who partook in the July 20th 2011 hit and run who by coincidence just happen to know another member of the Doyle Family

What happened on August 5th 2011 will curl your toes and more important deemed a public safety hazard as "some" Walnut Creek Offices show little concern for when to pull a gun and when not as dangerous maneuver in front of a public library with people within range is beyond me.

IN the end I told Sgt. Shultz I'm a fan of Hogans Hero's and I know nothing but that I'm diabetic and was sleeping on the ground.  He then started the 5150 Communist Party Line - are you stable - financially not exactly but do you happen to know if your agency helped totaled my car?

Perhaps there is a working a murder plot?

I told him in no uncertain terms I'd gone to the FBI but that I'd met Alicia K whose husband was shot dead - that the story she told me was distinctly different from the official story.  Perhaps the facts are distorted but clearly in-congruent with the Widows position who happens to be related to Contra Costa Supervisor Glover whose commons connections to me are Tiny Bynum, Eric Nunn and passengers, John Kelly, Cynthia Kempf, the guy at Winchell's Donuts, and I bet the mother of Timothy Mitchell.  We both knew Bergen who should have been fired just based on my complaints that started in 1986.


01-29-2013 Homeless and Defenseless Tailed Daily could you perhaps buy me lunch?

January 29th 2013

Walnut Creek CA:  For nearly two years I'm followed everywhere in Walnut Creek - the tails are from more than one agency but you guys do you realize that I'm really hungry and need food.  My sons need clothes and no one from the City of Walnut Creek, Danville or anyone for that matter are offering up a solution.

This Truck Is Very Important  -
the Judge knows this truck, knows
persons connected to my 2004 Arson Fire.
Most Important he should have reported what he knew! 
My sons attend the same school that Anthony Banta Jr. attended and graduated from.  I am personally at my lowest but hanging in there but a few weeks back I was attacked and beaten in Oroville by seven people. Back to the Hospital I went.

My Ford Explorer was towed away, my other car was totaled and my only decent contract with PGE turned sideways when my car was totaled.  PGE Attorneys aren't real happy with their vendor, they are not happy with this high performance engineer who was in my office standing next to the cop that took these pictures.

Can you help as you've got the Federal Express Card.

Arson, Arson, Arson  
I am really tired of starting over - my guitar was taken with the truck which provided walking money.  Now clothes gone and even my brothers won't respond.

One lives in Moraga and the other in Salt Lake City.  The attorney that drew up the will created a trust document that was probably a forgery but I've been told by Lt. Gorski that I'd never get a case through and in 2006 I tried to get Officer Rabonowitz to start an investigation who refused and when the incident occurred in the Farmers Market on October 30th 2011 0 he refused to act which is why I went to the City Managers Office.


CALNET 2: Statewide Telecommunications and Network Division

CALNET 2:  The Achilles Heel of Untold Proportions

January 23rd 2013:
Why does this agency have so much meaning to the larger story in Contra Costa County where the CNET Scandal unfolds where the dirty DUI's ruined custody battles and where attorneys plied their scams on unsuspecting spouses - Butlarama leads in all  directions but the data on this system is just as useful which is why I called the Eiko Sugihara number many times and why not after all I'm an arson victim and what happened to her almost happened to me in 2004 on NB 680.  Why not since I've also seen pictures of the Piedmont Lumber fire on a then San Francisco Police Officers camera in June 2010 but months later I've got a PGE High Performance Engineer standing next to same cop in my office days after the PGE San Bruno Fire who never said he worked for PGE.

Incorporate Your Business For FreeThe telephone system is a critical weakness that would allow a person to peer into the mechanics of an  extended investigation.  In 2001 one of my contract opportunities was to convert AT&T (then PacBell) call detail record from EBCDIC (see below) tape to the new format.  It was an easy project and perfect match to my skills.

Details on this program can be found at the Statewide Telecommunications and Network Division and you can learn for yourself but my concerns is the detail records are of a concern.   I have nothing negative about this agency.  They do their job as mandated by preparing, processing and managing as required.  My concern is the intrinsic value of millions of call record are being overlooked.  If anything belonged in a vault this would be it.   We are consumed with allocating the costs to the originating caller which maps to the department which is rolled up to the general ledger.  I know its boring stuff but call detail in the wrong hands has endless uses.

Get it done 

When I was contracted by the County to fix their problem it was straight forward.  Develop a replacement application that would process the new format. Failure meant the general ledger would remain open but yikes, holy moly! retirement calculations might be delayed so this is really important!

Fire the American keep the Visa holder  
The original budget was $50,000 with a three month development window but was finished it in three weeks.  The side bar to this project was a tech contracting firm called Hall-Kinion who had three H1-b visa placements at the county.  At the same time one of my programming friends was rejected by the county.  Apparently his 20 years of succesfully programming at Bank of America wasn't good enough as they letter stated he was unqualified.  The person that got the job was an H1-b visa holder placed by Hall-Kinion who was sending me to fake interviews was the same firm I'd filed a discrimination case with EEOC.  They spotted me in the Hallway one day and shortly thereafter I was terminated from Hero to Zero heading the welfare office so I could feed my kids - things had gotten that bad.  Three for the visas and zero for the american programmer.  I am not anti-immigration but we need a throttle.

Program Overview 

Manage the discounted billing program by negotiating pricing with AT&T who intern compiles the call record details each month to agencies they've contracted with.    

The system in a nutshell - gather data from the telecommunications providers, collate records, manage pricing and security.

  • Call Detail: posted on secure servers - good idea 
  • Nearly every call is captured - helps with charging department based in number assignment
  • The high speed network captures IP addresses - data mining experts get a kick from your clicks
  • But is the data compiled here or in India or both 
When I left the (fired for building a money saving application) the CD's were placed in a desk.

What is in the data:  An Analogy and Perspective

I suppose that if the Governor called the President who called a Senator who then called his favorite lobbyist, who then called his buddy,  who got the pricey contract then we'd be thinking up some conspiracy.  

The reality here is you had access to 500 Million records of calls between agencies, attorneys, investigators, contract administrator and perhaps calls to the attorneys defending the cities, their witness, the juror pools, the clerks, and worst of all the witnesses you'd have advantages so great as your adversaries would be absolutely clueless you had Intel of that magnitude.  The call detail records paint a story that unless you've worked with data for 20 years you cannot see it.  The programmers know very well the bank account rounding errors passed from the bank to their personal account.  

Another giant Outsourcing Risk - but who really cares? some do but often it's profit over national security.  

What is a DBA?

This stands for Database Administrator - a person who posses the skill to manipulate data, execute stored procedures, can manage security, login's, users plus is highly skilled with Extract, Transact and Load (ETL), can move large blocks of data, works with BIG data and could easily move 100 Million rows anywhere in the world.  Is not subject to extortion, has lived here for entire life, loyal to his country, has family, and few other snippets but the point should be obvious if you got this far.

The Data Consumers are: 
The District Attorney's Office, State Attorney General Offices, The Legislative Branches, The Governors Office, The US Attorneys Office, The Federal Reserve, and California Department of Justice

And you thought Cookies were a bad thing!  

What is EBCDIC?

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ET Call Home - Rome is Burning

Kill The Case Ever So Slowly and Quietly The Contra Costa Way

For the last several years I've left messages at this number found on Martha Ross's blog called Crazy In Suburbia. A fitting title but yes how did she end up on Hunsacker Canyon Road but didn't know that a Contra Costa County deputy beat the crap out of 67 year old man living in the area.

How did an elderly Richmond woman wind up dead, in a burning car in suburban Lafayette?

Investigators are asking anyone with information about Sugihara on that day to contact them at 


(925) 313-2632

So you asked the public for help right? 

I've called enough to know you don't care 

Take a look at how unique this number is to this case 

Google: 925-313-2632 

Google's is 

  • Is a well known search engine 
  • Used by millions daily 
  • Thousands of servers constantly indexing news agencies
  • My arson fire is relevant to your fire as the arson witness works in the same town and wasn't too concerned that I was going to blow up into a zillion little pieces on 680 NB - 

Actually I've been wondering that same thing  ET Call Home 


PGE High Performance Engineer what do they do

Posted: Summer 2012 Pete Bennett 
Lost In Walnut Creek, CA 94596 
P: (925)-399-1082 

This job description was posted on Monster.com on January 27th 2013

The keywords: Sr. Gas Distribution Engineer, GT Pipelines, GT Assets, metering facilities, Gas Standards and Specifications, Subject Matter Expert (referring to the Gas Transmission Industry) 

FYI: My resume has none of these skills but I was hired with criminal warrant for child support.  My resume was round filed PDQ for opening but more important they wouldn't give me the light of the day. Could I do the job - yes but do better candidates exist absolutely and I'm the first one to say it.  

I am also saying that today is January 29th 2013 and I don't have any food or cash - it's Ok that PGE's vendor owes me thousands but you can find my article about my car being totaled.  At the end of the day everyone goes home while walk home looking over my shoulder awaiting the next attack.   

Updated Comments: 10-28-2013

So why was I hired to work on PG&E Gas Transmission Services without a background check, without a license, car or insurance.  My finances have been destroyed, my children on Welfare, my sons live in shit shack trailer in Paradise that makes the easiest arson target ever.  

I've called the FBI witness protection and ask for the CHP provide some sort of safety plan.  Instead I'm nearly run over in Walnut Creek here and still no police report. The best answer I've received from the Board of Supervisors is get on food stamps, and GA but don't bother us anymore.  Sorry we can't help you and they might want to ask Supervisor Candace Anderson about this obituary as it's my former Attorneys Brother in-law.  

Senior Gas Engineer - Pipeline Engineering

About the Job

Job_Other_Compensation: Up to $130000.00

Job Description:
This Senior Gas ?Pipeline? Engineer will be responsible for providing engineering, technical support, pipeline design, project management for the gas transmission assets across the system and service area. Must have an understanding and technical background working with gas distribution and transmission pipelines, pipeline engineering, pipeline construction and effective interpersonal and communication skills.


? Gas Transmission Pipeline Design: You will be responsible for engineering gas transmission facilities, which include gas pipelines, metering facilities, regulating facilities, and transmission service extensions. Knowledge of 49CFR Part 192 and Gas Standards and Specifications is critical to success. Ensure that all designs meet applicable codes and gas standards. Work with Estimators and Design Engineers to develop construction drawings which you will approve and issue for construction. Develop and maintain a high level of expertise in gas transmission pipeline design, maintenance and operations. Depending on your experience, become a Subject Matter Expert in your area of expertise and provide oversight, consulting, technical support and document updates.
? Field Technical Support within a specific GT area to: 1) manage issues that arise with 3rd parties and other departments and the gas transmission pipeline. Examples include reviewing 3rd party development plans for impacts to GT pipelines and easements, proactively track sub-divisions and other growth developments around our gas transmission facilities; verify P/L class location, wheel loading, encroachments. 2) Work with the M&C Supervisors and crews, Sr. Gas Distribution Engineers and Corporate Real Estate Management on a variety of pipeline conflict and encroachment issues. 3) Provide real-time day-to-day engineering solutions, technical support, and on-call emergency response during dig-ins, pipeline repairs and other emergency response events. 4) Manage data requests for GT assets such as class location study reviews, allowable pressure reviews, GIS data integrity.
? Planning, Budgeting and Project Management: Responsible for managing gas transmission pipeline projects from conception to completion. Project phases include: evaluating problems, developing a job scope, evaluating alternatives, justification, budgeting, pipeline routing, material procurement, land acquisition and right-of-way, engineering, estimating, construction and record keeping. Primary emphasis is on scope, resource scheduling, and cost control. May require preparation of specifications and contracts.

?10 years of experience in engineering and/or underground construction to include background working with gas distribution, gas transmission pipelines, and pipeline construction
? Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical, civil, or metallurgical engineering

? Understanding of Department of Transportation (DOT) 49CFR Part 192 codes and regulations and California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) GO 112E
? Project management experience
? Working knowledge or experience in gas operations or gas system
? Professional Engineering Registration in either Mechanical or Civil Engineering
? Experience in developing and administering contracts and specifications
? SAP experience in job ownership, materials, financial

Aug 6, 2012 – 9, 2005, accidentally connected a high-pressure gas main to a low-pressure ... The fact that PG&E placed a veteran natural gas executive in charge of gas... Sawislak, executive director of Engineers and Scientists of California, Local 20. ...San Bruno, has been pleased with Stavropoulos' performance.

Doubts over PG&E worker's memory of pipeline test - SFGate

Jul 5, 2012 – In a filing with the commission last week, PG&E went so far as to argue that the ... recalled observing a 1956 test of the pipeline using high-pressure water. ...alleged that the company was negligent in never performing such a test. ... a house trailer in to relocate the engineers while they repaired the office." ..

Fire ►Investigation into 5-alarm fire at Fairfield club continues

  • Source: KGO-TV ABC 7 San Francisco
  • Published: 01/27/2013 04:43 PM
Officials will resume their investigation Monday of a fire that gutted a popular comedy club in Fairfield. They say it started as an electrical fire Friday night. Flames destroyed the interior and roof of the The Original Pepperbelly's Comedy & Variety Theater, located at 849 Texas St. Fire inspectors haven't been able to go inside because of structural issues. Those issues also are keeping neighboring businesses closed, but crews were able to remove debris Saturday and open surrounding streets

Clients and friends dying► I'm next ► thank you ►Walnut Creek Police you fucking rock!

In Early July 2010 an attorney appeared via a source that was in transition from the Contra Costa County Public Defenders Office to private practice.  The rate was extremely good for this was the work of the master manipulators emanating from San Francisco Police Department.  This was the work of former Lt. David Oberhoffer, then former Chief of Police of McFarland Ca where he was fired days before he ran me off the road.  All of this may seem crazy but Oberhoffer has been a constant problem for many years.

The Pleasant Hill Police Department and Town Council were so good, worked so hard, spent so much effort that this same retired cop who lives just up the street from Pleasant Hill Elementary School where another "device" was found and apparently where another arson fire occurred 15 years ago.

I'm highly impressed with these public officials who've done nothing but stand by while persons connected to their agencies are allowed to freely target my business, run me of the road and probably burn down Piedmont Lumber.

The attorney was Ms. Johanna Kwasniewski's took my entire divorce file, all the medical records on my sons, their doctors and all of the correspondence between prior attorneys. She has since refused to return calls or provide copies of the file as required by the State Bar.

Johanna Marie Kwasniewski - #268474

Summer 2010 
In 2010 Johanna Kwasniewski's arrived at my office at 1923a Oak Park Blvd. Pleasant Hill CA, just down from where my former Karaoke DJ and friend Ian Lota Scott the beloved Karaoke DJ once worked until his passing.  His family would show every Friday at local dive bar with tasteless food that we swaggered down with tasteless beer.

That dive bar also contained a now terminated Walnut Creek Police Officer who told me "Shut the fuck up P___ or I'll drop you now" which occurred in Virginia Hills Shopping Center during summer 2012.  It's quite common that former officers like my former Danville Neighbor Stephen Tanabe to threaten me.    

What's sort of amazing is Ian died suddenly in Las Vegas of an asthma attack but before I was forced out of my offices - Ian's mother Izetta a former Solano County formerly employed in the Solano County's DA's office each weekly on my extremely bizarre legal issues but she was very concerned why my attorney was beat up in Walnut Creek back in 2006. 

My concerns then was getting custody of my sons who were once targeted when someone tried to run us into the median back 04/05 down in Dublin but given the size of the Apparatus I stand little chance of getting the Fire Department or CHP to peel the covers on an accident that almost killed my young sons.

I've come to accept my fate that I'll be killed as over at the Walnut Creek Safeway according Lt. Gorski it's OK for Hillside Covenant Church members to be allowed to attempt to run me over residents at Safeway's 500 S. Broadway Walnut Creek CA.

Given what's happened to the homeless men near Traders Joes at S. California Blvd. Walnut Creek who live under the bridge are being run over but it's even more OK for Lt. Schutlz to immediately label me 5150 so he could use the hand on his gun for more than a resting place.

The City Attorney's office for Walnut Creek has known about my plight for many years.  I just leave there and within weeks something happens again.  Come on folks I appeared in front of the city council on November 1st 2011 and within five weeks my Loretta Hale a mom who's son went to school with mine rolled down Mt. Diablo, then a mom who had kids in Pack 26 Danville, then we have Roma Bhatia who was found deceased on 680 whose husband is represented by the same attorney whose name was discussed in a meeting with City Manager Ken Nordoff and Chief Bryden then Gary Collins who's police report for the first time ever released to anyone but my counsel - Sage Sepahi who was beaten up in Walnut Creek in a basketball game where other police officers were present (off duty) but no arrest.

Perhaps this resident has seen enough and perhaps I've asked too many questions and perhaps someone or group or something I'm now the calling "The Apparatus" - a large blobulous thing with tentacles attached to the Golden Hand Of Contra Costa - buck it and you're dead.


Stolen Krugerrands ►Theft of $40,000 in Gold Coins - did you see the news article?

Introducing the DROID 4 by Motorola. Get yours today!
Stolen Krugerrand collection vanished - between 15 and 18 coins -  

We have a Alamo Fireman arrested for stealing property,
We have Tanabe, Butler, Wielsch and Lombardi in jail.

Lombardi: pulled me over waived his six shooter at me
Butler:  Arrived days after this man nearly killed me
Wielsch: Saw him sitting at Scott's Seafood smokin' a stogie
Tanabe: Nice guy who threatened me in Family Law

Fact: Butler and Company selling property stolen from citizens
 Butler, Wielsch and probably Tanabe were selling stolen items on Ebay.

Did anyone at 500 La Gonda Way Danville see a stack of Silver Morgans or Gold Bullions or perhaps you know Butlers Ebay account handle? 

Give me a break folks as this happened in 2011

  • On June 23rd an Associate Attorney (Lisa) of a Danville Law Firm who is connected to the Danville Town Council was in my apartment at 140 Crosby Court  #1 Walnut Creek - the police were called which required an ambulance.  Sgt. Mike Chan and Gina (a fine officer) responded. 
  • Within days I'm exiting as my roommate didn't get it - an unknown person was there painting the apartment.  
  • I moved out with the help of Hillside Covenant Church Members to Motel 6 - the cop tornado starts up again. My sons and I notice a patrol car every few hours.  We're in the front being very visible.  
  • On July 4th I'm talking Danville Councilman Newell Arnerich -witnessed by a Danville Police Officer clearly informing him that Chris Butler, Tanabe, Wielsch were the same people in my letters back in 2004
  • I spoke with a member of Alamo 2st Ward who wasn't interested in seeing how much my sons have grown - he was more worried about the connections I'd pieced together. 
  • On July 5th I was talking to Walnut Creek Police on how their former officer surfaced being connected to that law firm and Chris Butler
  • After July 6th I was talking to the Chief who told me to call DA Investigator Daryl Jackson as he was handling the FBI investigation - yea it took ten calls to reach this asshole then three weeks later my car is totaled by a cop. Jackson is being sued in the Tanabe my former neigbhor in Danville. I am seriously concerned that Tanabe was behind my arson fire and my near fatal medical as the wife of one of deceased friends say's she was poisoned.  
  • On July 7th I was arrested in Walnut Creek on my way up to Hillside Covenant Church
  • On July 8th my laptop was breached with 200,000 pages of the entire PGE pipeline fire.  I believe the breach is a risk to National Security as they are friends with persons near the San Bruno Fire 
  • On July 10th a homeless man was run over in Walnut Creek in front of Trader Joes was run over, my arrest occurred on on July 7th and Hillside members took my laptop and car.  Months later I'm reporting what they did to Facebook but they also hacked 200,000 pages of critical pipeline data from PGE worth millions.  
  • A detective followed me from the McDonalds Walnut Creek 
  • On July 17th a Hillside Covenant Church members informs me that my Facebook account was hacked and semed to be razor accurate about when and what happened.  
  • On July 20th I'm heading the Round Up to sign Karaoke - See Blinded By The Cop but even though I've named suspects no investigation exists
  • On August 5th I was asleep in front to the Walnut Creek Library when a city worker riding a lawn mower began encircling me - my blood sugar was high, dead tired from sleeping one last night in my car - I sold my car for $350 for scrap as due the damages was so severe the car was junked. The next thing that happens should be a concern for the library patrons - Walnut Creek Officers corralled me and began baseless accusations that I'd attacked a city worker.  A tactic used on me  
  • Months later I discovered that the Keith Lynds who at the time was the Youth Director or Hillside Covenant Church was still communicating with my sons while refusing to communicate with me over my allegations that he something to do with car being totaled.  The claim with Hillside was rejected in October 2012, weeks later I discovered Tony Collins was the associate pastor, then weeks later Gary Collins who tried to kill me in 2004 was died from a fall on Dec 19th 2011, weeks after Loretta Hale and Roma Bhatia both local real estate agents in the same region that my former client Chris Spence died in 2007. 
  • Per my notification Lynds Facebook accounts were terminated 
  • For reference Hillside Covenant Church other youth director attempted to run me over in days before my June 2012 hearing in Butte County

Why so much detail - it's put them on notice that I've been keeping track of every little detail but the details are stored online that will surface if I don't check in which my words over swords model.  They are more afraid of my words than I'm afraid of their swords. If you're truck blew-up or if you're sons nearly careened into the median but you like me lacked resources - you'd probably narrow your options to a blog and wait for the next sunrise.  

I am pretty sure that my 2011 Hit and Run accident is connected to conversations with the Walnut Creek Police, Hillside Members and Criminalist Eric Collins who I'm going to talk about via the Scott Dyleksi case.  

There I was on Public Property facing Walnut Creek Officers who each had significant advantages over me, they were armed, they had radios, were cunning in nature, known for shooting and killing suspects.  Experts in the Apparatus and operators of the Chess Board where this one human pawn learned to much and was being targeted for extermination.  

When Captain Shultz asked me if I was supposed to be taking medication I asked him why?  He said that I appeared mentally unstable and suggested I was dangerous to myself and others.  I responded what does this alleged suspect look like that allegedly attacked a city worker riding a lawn mower - but also why the fuck does a Captain, Sergeant and Detective respond to allegations that a homeless man asleep in the warm summer who went to great lengths to avoid contact with anyone suddenly become a suspect? 

He said their suspect was wearing black cap, dark shirt, black pants and shoes. I said wow, that looks just like me - that's amazing but I said how come when I'm in San Francisco I appear on CNN or PBS discussing job losses to millions but I come to Walnut Creek and suddenly I'm 5150.  Perhaps you need glasses but perhaps check with HR as I'm walk in Walnut Creek as person who has civil rights and not to be falsely accused at random by rouge officers.  

My next comment was "That's total bullshit as that's what you said to Alicia K. when you shot her husband dead in 2000" then said to him "fuck off and leave me alone"  Personally I think the detective would have used his weapon on Schultz if he used his weapon on me. It was that dicey and totally unwarranted accusation but aligned with all the other CNET crap including when someone blew my truck up in 2004.  

This is how Contra Costa Law Enforcement uses your tax dollars.  

Gold bullion coin minted by the Republic of South Africa which comes in one-ounce, half-ounce, quarter-ounce and one-tenth-ounce sizes. Kruggerands usually sell for slightly more than the current value of their gold content. Kruggerands, which had been the dominant gold coin in the world, were banned from being imported into the United States in 1985 because of the South African government's policy of apartheid. The ban was lifted on July 10, 1991. Other gold coins traded in addition to the Kruggerand include the United States Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Mexican Peso, Austrian Philharmonic, and Australian Kangaroo.


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