Thursday, December 27, 2012

Walnut Creek Police Shooting

WALNUT CREEK, CA:  I'll reserve judgement on this shooting but there are Fatal Officer Shootings in Walnut Creek that may not hold up but for me these extend back thirty years so this hit home.  

Last summer my car was totaled by a retired San Francisco Police Officer in Lafayette.  I've left a  trail of letters to Public Officials regarding events near me that have kept coming until I started posting.  The bizarre events on my end pretty much unbelievable, accidents, shootings and others endless events reflect on this event as the same Captain Schultz was working pretty hard to goad into a shooting in front of the Walnut Creek Library.  Don't worry Captain, word in the legal circles is no attorney in Contra Costa will represent me but when they learn my attorney was beaten in Walnut Creek - they hang up. 

Also while Lt. Gorski harasses Vice Ultra Lounge into near bankruptcy residents are getting the shim rod deal - save Neiman-Marcus by beating the petitioner against building a   into leaving Walnut Creek CA or allow a member of Hillside Covenant Church who attempted to run me over summer of 2012 in the Walnut Creek Safeway Parking Lot.

Perhaps bold at face value but put yourself in my shoes as I've had enough car accident beatings and attempted murders that sum of all the events has finally weighed in? 

An early story on the shooting.  I know a lot more but the Walnut Creek Residents I've spoken cannot understand this shooting.


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