Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Former Leaders of LIBORia - Dead Bankers Not Walking

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL

Walnut Creek CA: A portion of my software career was in banking, finances and loans.  I'd love to return to that field but my battle with public corruption comes with financial devastation along with friends, business associates, co-workers and family ending up murdered.  

As bold as it sounds the numbers are staggering but lead to my former employers and customers.  This page is again another placeholder slated for deeper coverage. 

On Feb 19th 2014 an article on Bankers dying was published.  We're talking about high stress jobs but over 20 jumpers is over the top.  In Walnut Creek CA we've had five fatal jumpers and one serious injury plus a spate of murder suicides that puts Smallville on the map. 

The City of Walnut Creek was trying build a Rodeo Drive North and may end up on 48 Hours as Mayhem Corners under burning fires of Mt. Diablo as there is an arsonist around town and the Contra Costa Times could care less that buildings everywhere are being torched. 

In my story it's become nothing but tombstones.  

Some of the dead bankers live right here in Contra Costa County - the only reason the Coroner missed these cases is they lack a good database program to keep track of cases.  The job history is as important as the liver temperature, ligature marks as is the cause of death e.g. bacterial, perfectly timed heart attacks and suicides. 

Read this part and then later I'll come back with edits and new pages to support my argument that Diablo Shadows is as real as it gets.


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