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Last year when Chris Butler was arrested for selling drugs and his picture appeared on the news all the events over the last decade fell into place.  The car accidents, truck fire, assaults and business setbacks began to look deliberate and planned. 

In 2004 a person who'll identify as a Mormon Home Teacher arrived with the hand of friendship but then learning that Former Danville Officer Stephen Tanabe lived down the street my focus changed as being in that dreaded and very corrupt family law I knew there was more.  

In 2004 by F-250 Truck litterally exploded in flames 680 Northbound and even though Highway Patrol told me that about a dozen 911 callers stated flames were shooting 100 feet back he just said I was lucky, then about a month later a Danville Building Inspector nearly beat me to death in my house over a paintbrush. I'm sure that Officer Murphy deliberately created a false police report but who cares. 

When yet another deliberate hit and run accident occurred in Lafayette CA on July 20th 2011 it was apparent someone was trying to kill me as I've had numerous events, some near fatal but one nearly flipped my truck and trailer.   The insurance industry calls this a "swoop and squat" but we watched the driver careen out of control, hit the median and blood splatter as the air bag deployed.  This occured just south of Alcosta Blvd and the we part - my two sons then who were attending Montair Elementary School Danville CA.  Check - The Southbound 680 Speed Killer Missed His Mark

Over the last thirty years I've been actively following the demise of mostly Contra Costa County Residents.  When you read about your former customer being murdered, then read about another dying, then another, then see trying to enter politics go down then you have to question whether it's coincidence when they have been murdered, killed in suspicious accidents such as drownings, car accidents, gun cleaning accidents, sudden heart attacks, suicides and plane crashes.  It defies logic but the fires are getting beyond obvious but on December 11th 2012 a potential pipe bomb was found at Pleasant Hill Elementary on Oak Park Blvd. Pleasant Hill CA. 

Background and History

I arrived in Contra Costa County in June 1978 and rented a converted carriage house located 1530 Geary Road Walnut Creek which is now an assisted living center. 

Since arriving I've operated various businesses in Walnut Creek, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Danville and Pittsburg. 

From handyman to carpenter to construction to starting a cabinet shop on Cloverdale Ave in 1981 which evolved into ten or more full time cabinet makers with over $250,000 in tooling, 9,000 SF by 1987 with the shop then being located at 546 Bliss Ave Pittsburg CA. 
After years of struggling business profitably was closing in on over one million in annual sales.  We had contracts pending with Wendy's to fabricate the Soup and Salad bars in Western US market.  The shop was expanded to location with better power.  Almost there but also dealing with endless break-ins  robbery's, vandalism and a couple of shootings in and outside of the shop. 

The Defining Events

My cabinet shop in Pittsburg back in the eighties was riding the growth wave of building boom of new homes and commercial centers,  Building fixtures stores, restaurants and bars were our bread and butter.  The best chances for long term survival then was growing but the Pittsburg CA events eventually forced me to leave and today I believe a larger conspiracy contributed to why I fa.

Over the years some of the same Police Officers have reappeared but sometimes they've placed their hands on their guns.  The meaning was clear as it gets - he's got the gun but one time in Walnut Creek I was cited for a license plate, ticketed then jammed by Judge Golub who over the years fined me over 10,000 - try dealing with that, five years of medical, beatings and assaults.

In the 1990s my tech career took off first with a reselling computers, then launching a used computer store then closing that where I ended up developing databases.

In 2000 my former client was murdered in Alamo and that's when the cops found me again.  They also circumvented the rights of the defendant by deliberately not interviewing me as I was willing to testify.  That alone is enough to grant this person a new trial.

Four years later I'm being beaten nearly to death in my house.  He's dead and I'm alive - go figure that out.  

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