Friday, January 25, 2013

Accidental Death ► Chris Spence - Real Estate Agent

Chris Spence
DOD: December 2007 
Cause: Gun Cleaning accident
Work Location: Keller Williams 500 La Gonda Way Danville, CA 94526

Location: Not known

Chris was a my client in 2005 and suddenly disappeared.  He visited my offices at 1425 Maria Lane Walnut Creek and once an licensed Real Estate Agent working at Keller Williams Danville CA .

During these visits he was seeking help on his real estate business and trying to support his family which he never shared but he was divorced.  There is so little on his death, no obit but I'd heard it was a gun cleaning accident.  It's always a bit discomforting to learn a client you liked dies but more troubling when you can't get answers.

There have been many real estate agents in the Tri-valley area killed but the amazing part is most were or were in Divorce processes of some type, child support, proceedings, hearings but there are others like a few homeless parents that appeared via court filings screwed out of their property.  Contra Costa County family law clerks hid my files and interfered with a civil proceeding.  They should be charged with obstructing justice as they also knew Tanabe who happened to live down the street.

In 2004 Gary Vinson Collins now deceased worked for the Town of Danville as a building inspector and was fired over attacking me in my house even though the Danville PD told me he had the right beat me up over a stolen paintbrush which is another Tanabe connection.

One of the real estate agents whom I met in 1988 became a whistle-blower around 2006.  He changed to Real Estate and committed suicide but his widow was visibly upset as she knows Tanabe.

The degrees of separation between Butler, Lombardi, Wielsch and the entire CNET operation couldn't be more suspect as they're operation was governed by the Council of Chiefs and everyone but one has retired since CNET unfolded.

We just give our money - that's what Contra Costa does very well.  


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