Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Incident: Walnut Creek Farmers Market Oct 30th 2011

Walnut Creek Farmers Market Oct 30th 2011 

During a visit to the Walnut Creek Farmers' Market an altercation occurred in regards to civil litigation where I'm holding my guitar with a combative assailant named Jimmy Brizidine whose friend the Iron Worker Randall Wanser lost his properties to Peter and Mona Branagh Fatal Plane crash (July 2012)

There I was holding my guitar but even with over 100 witness, market manager never calls 911 - The great Officer Rabonowitz refuses to intercede.

The words will resume here in a few days.

The Walnut Creek Farmers' Marketis a wonderful place to meet friends on a Sunday morning and have a cup of coffee, a scone and listen to some music while pondering


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