Saturday, January 26, 2013

Scott Dyleski

An Alternate Theory - Collins, Collins, Collins, and friends of Collins -

I've always wanted to live in Poets Corners where the names Coates, Oak Park Blvd, Pleasant Hill that all interconnected via the Contra Costa County Trail system or where I'd have a fine Diablo View house party.

It's amazing how these trails can lead you to Barnes and Noble, over to Paso Nogal Park, up to Newhall Park, down to Kaiser Walnut Creek but it is truly a place you can travel under 680 Freeway near N. Main Street perhaps stop at Wendy's by a screw driver at a lumber yard, check the great artwork that's now a smokey mirage but if you need some cigarettes you could get some cheaper but if you needed your nails done that would be easy as well.

In fact you can use the trails where you can easily reach the Las Trampas Preserve or perhaps anywhere.  If you got lost you could call Julian on your Way to the Fourth of July.  Perhaps you could sing on July 16th while airborne as you'd know something others wouldn't know but you might suggest to paint my house yellow 800 or more times.

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