Saturday, July 20, 2013

The CNET Storm Troopers and Boss Man

You have wonder why the Lafayette Chief Of Police can't respond to an attempted murder, or numerous attempted murder incidents spanning decades are ignored.  
Clockwise from Top Left: San Ramon Police Officer Louis Lombardi, Albert D. Seeno of Seeno Construction, Chris Butler Private Investigator and former Antioch Police Officer, Norman Wielsch former Contra Costa Narcotics Enforcement Taskforce Commander (California Department of Justice or CAL DOJ),  a couple of very pathetic we're sorry letters from Walnut Creek Police and Lafayette.

The guy in the bottom right hand corner?  My former fucking neighbor who likely assisted in blowing my truck up in 2004.  Former Danville Officer Stephen Tanabe who knows Butler, Lombardi, Wielsch and Gary Collins the building inspector who nearly killed me in 2004.  I was one or two blows from going down it was a close call but I managed to push him off me with a good ole soccer gut kick.

I've asked the Boy Scouts of America to look in to what happened at the Pinewood Derby in 2007.  Tanabe was close enough to my residence he could walk over to my house and rig my truck to erupt in flames.

There is a large slew of Agency Amnesia and a lot of deceased persons that you can easily pair up to Seeno. 


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