Tuesday, July 2, 2013

PG&E Critical Pipeline Data

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 06/13/2013

 to Protect My Sons

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Incident Date: 07/02/2012
Where: PG&E Offices 960  Walnut Creek CA
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PG&E Employee Kidnapping 

Walnut Creek CA: For nearly two years I've attempted to resolve a billing issue with PG&E Vendor Ravenelle Enterprises who decided passing a bad check was the way to pay but PG&E response was near pathetic forcing me into court.  

 One critical event was in late June 2011 after litterally being forced to move from 140 Crosby Court #1 Walnut Creek Ca to Motel 6 located at 2389 N Main St, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 where after a week thrown out and banned as a guest. 

I was there with my son where we both noticed the Walnut Creek Police trolling the parking lot almost daily. By Monday July 11th my son was gone, I was stuck in the street and again my civil rights violated. 


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