Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lafayette Police Letters DETAILING Hit and Run

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 07/18/2013 

Protect My Sons

Arson Murder - Magalia / Paradise CA
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The attached links cover the numerous letters to Lafayette about the hit and run accident.  
Somewhere in my allegations you'll find that I said "Bright Light" blinded me enough that I totaled my car.  The Pilots on the Asiana Flight 214 publicly stated this immediately after the crash.  Even though the current (Dec 2013) hearings point to Pilot Error the recent Flight 800 Movie has former NTSB Investigators stating on film that the investigation was flawed.  

You should watch the film and make your own decisions.  

My accident was planned and premeditated but the Chief is part of that big Danville Christiansen clan.  One of them is probably the father of the son my ex gave up for adoption decades ago.  

 On July 20th 2011 I was blinded with a high powered light.  What a coincidence?
Asiana Flight 214 Blinded by the light


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