Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Arson or Fire: Rossmoor Limo Fire - A nefarious agenda?

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This past Sunday I was sitting at Starbucks in Walnut Creek when around noon engines raced by my location.  Hours later we learn about this fire here.  What a coincidence? Read about the other Walnut Creek Fire. 

Walnut Creek: Limousine fire under investigation

WALNUT CREEK -- On the morning of her 90th birthday celebration, Elayne Lofchie climbed into the front seat of a limousine rented for the occasion to take her and nine friends to a party at her daughter's Sonoma home.
Dressed to the nines in hats and long dresses, Lofchie and the other women, most in their 90s, had been strapped in and ready to go for mere minutes when they found themselves pulled from the vehicle and scattering in different directions as flames engulfed the limousine.
Though no one was hurt, Sunday's fire in the gated community of Rossmoor was eerily reminiscent of a May 4 limousine fire on the San Mateo Bridge that killed five women who were trapped in the car. Four others escaped.


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