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Obituary: Nathaniel James Greenan - Mormon from Alamo 1st

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 06/14/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons

Arson Murder - Magalia / Paradise CA
Related: Murder By Accident / Greenan / Mob Hit
Connection: This the son of Contra Costa County Outside Counsel 
James Greenan of Greenan, Peffer, Sallander & Lally GPSLL
Their clients are Seeno, Safeway and LLNL plus this fits my complaints about the Contra Costa Bar Association  which refuses to assist me with finding suitable representation.  It's how the County Legal System works as it's called the Blessed by the Bar - The  Anointed winners and Predestined losers which type of case do you need to win or lose?

James Greenan is also a member of Alamo 1st where in my earlier article raised allegations several Alamo 1st Members were connected to my Arson Fire.  This doesn't get better as Nate played drums at Vinnies with me on two occasions in March 2012.  I am sure the timing of my arrest on the 26th is connected to this appearance. 

Nate Greenan is my ex-wife's son - or my sons half brother - do you all get the bigger picture.  I am exactly sure who the father is but I bet he's connected to my 2011 hit and run where Lafayette Chief Christensen told me it's unfortunate that my car was totaled.  

He is the brother in law of Dax Craven who is was attorney in Tarrant v. Bennett DV04-01688.  Once my letters hit the State Bar Association attorneys will be disbarred. 

See the Lafayette police report here >> sorry the police report system is broken 

Nathaniel James Greenan 

Resident of Pleasant Hill 
Former resident of Danville 

Passed away from injuries sustained in a car accident in Orinda on April 18th 2012 

Son of Jim and Pam Greenan, a brother and a friend. 

Friends are invited to attend services 10am Saturday April 21, 2012 at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 2949 Stone Valley Rd. Alamo, Ca. Interment to follow at Oakmont Cemetery, Lafayette, Ca. 

The Mormons down at Alamo 1st have another death in the family.  

Meet James Steven Greenan father of Nate the drummer - father of my sons half brother

TOP: Dine Ghilotti, Michael McNulty, Chuck Silverman, Lorreta Hale, Roma Bhatia, Officer Kenyon Youngstrom
MIDDLE: Nate Greenan, Catherine Perata, Peter & Mona Branagh, Ian Lotta Scott, DJ/KJ, Gary Vinson Collins, Bill Pollecek
BOTTOM: Christopher Butler, Norman Wielsch, Stephen Tanabe (All Convicted), Officer Lester Garnier, Anthony Banta Jr., Councilman Mike Shimansky and Councilman Gary Bell.
I'm connected to 15 persons on this collage  but many politicians knew better than me
I am alive because I raised my voice and blogged the story that no one would admit was happening.

Meet James Greenan 

Sometimes research returns some of the most interesting connections.  This same ward has stonewalled me for 10 years, I see persons near this Ward dying while I've endured Arson, fires, assaults, beatings, my attorneys offices have been burned down, I alleged over two years ago that Mormons in this Ward are behind my car accidents and arson fires.

Just read their client list - your stomach will choke, spit and churn when you consider they are a handshake away from these agencies.  I've alleged cover-ups in Contra Costa County for decades but as a software developer know you can easily alter databases without the client ever knowing which is core reason outsourcing information systems is the biggest mistake we've ever made.  

San Ramon Fire can't find my records, CHP can't find them, Consolidated Fire can't find records of the 1776 Ygnacio Valley Road and CCSO somehow couldn't test the DNA and Blond Hair in a the Vitale Capital Murder Case and they never answer their Arson Tip Line?  

We have a big problem and you think outsourcing is a great thing think again.


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