Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Business Targeting - Profit Through Intimidation

December 2012

My personal reasons behind my articles began many years ago but during the summer of 2011 my car was totaled - the raw reality is a retired police officer, a youth director and then the Contra Costa Sherriff's Department also known as the Lafayette Police all have a hand in these events. 

In 2010 this retired cop knew about my efforst on a  certain case in Contra Costa County of which I have strong opinions along with others.  One officer from Alameda County told me sometimes it's best to leave things alone but Danville Councilman Mike Shimansky told me they were too powerful. 

What makes Contra Costa County tick is controlling the legal system - here is why!

1992 Litigation filed against Southern Pacific suddenly caves in - case settled for pennies on the dollar
2002 - Attorney's office burned down
2006 - Attorney beaten in Walnut Creek
2008 - Petitioner attacked at Safeway 600 S. Broadway Walnut Creek
2012 - Your's truly nearly run over, police report filed and rejected


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