Thursday, December 20, 2012

Marriott Priced Towed Vehicle Storage Facilities

 Storing (stealing) My Car at Marriot Pricing

Tow me, Screw Me, Steal from me, beat my attorney, murder my friends, and murder your own friends
Fine me, take from me, beat my attorney and do nothing but continue but sooner or later the corruption will end.
See Pete's Truck - nice truck - tough luck
I have two sons - my other truck was torched in Danville
  • ·         See San Ramon - Oops we can't find it The best the chief can say "We can't find it"
  • ·         The 1997 Infinity - $5,000 down the drain  The best the chief can say "Unfortunate"
  • ·         The 1994 Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer - The ABS System damage beyond repair
  • ·         The 2000 Pontiac Montana Van - The ABS System damaged beyond repair
  • ·         The 1997 Dodge Intrepid - Engine Blown - oops your oil sensing light failed
  • ·         The 1989 Toyota - just like other vehicles - the engine fails
  • ·         The 1987 Ford 250 - The 680 Candlestick. 
    • We Didn't See It but we were there right behind you

B&D Towing Concord B&D Towing Lamorinda
2250 Via De Mercados Concord, CA 94520 1029
Blackwood Lane Lafayette, CA 94549
(925) 933-1221 (925) 284-7575
The Greed Machine -
They take - you lose over and over and over again
We are just People
Call Pastor Reed ask him to call this tow company?
The cities are stealing your assets and they know it


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