Thursday, December 13, 2012

Spence, Chris - Gun Cleaning Accident or perhaps more

Chris Spence

DOD: Gun Cleaning Accident
Date: Dec 2007
Residence: Contra Costa County
Alternate Theory: Possible Suicide or Murder By Suicide

I first met Chris Spence around 2005 after we connected via my ad posted on Craigslist.  He came to my offices on Maria Lane to go over his web site requirements.  His web site was located under - which is a shared site based on surname.

We got to know each others and generally had good conversations.  Like me he was struggling with his divorce and things wern't going well.

One day he vanished and stopped returning calls so my assumption was he moved on from Real Estate.  He was with Keller-Williams Danville. 

Just so many incidents - there are literally few or no details about his death.  Hopefully someone knows something and is willing to share.  There was a snippet about a gun cleaning accident but when a Micheal Spence jumps from the Kaiser Parking Structure for no apparent reason the events like the many others are uncomfortable.

Michael Spence


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