Thursday, December 20, 2012

How Contra Costa Jailers Murder Suspects

My five days in the Martinez Detention Facility was part of a murder conspiracy leading in all directions.  There is no way this event was a coincidence or random but when you place a business process software person in your system - he's going to notice every detail, procedure, deputies on call, nurses and of course other inmates. 

There have been enough inmates killed in custody that the Contra Costa Grand Jury should examine every incident with a fine tooth comb. 

I am truly lucky I was able to keep the inmate stable until I made bail - what happened to another Contra Costa Targets should be of concern to all citizens. 

There are decent deputies within Contra Costa County but there a few possibly many that helped Chris Butler move along - there are tow companies that are fleecing residents with bogus tows, citations that never reach the court room but the target pays up over thirty days at $85 per day or the equivalant stay in the Holiday Inn so it's hard to believe that storing a vehicle costs nearly as much as a room at the Marriot.

Please read my comparision pricing model on Tow Companies vs. Motel Prices


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