Sunday, December 23, 2012

Commission on Judicial Performance

Fines, Fees and Penalties For Political Enemies (Lawnmower Operators Excluded)

Public and private discipline has been categorized using the following Types of Misconduct:
• Abuse of contempt/sanctions
• Administrative malfeasance/improper comments/treatment of colleagues and staff
• Alcohol or drug related criminal conduct
• Bias/appearance of bias toward a particular class
• Bias/appearance of bias not directed toward a particular class
• Comment on a pending case
• Decisional delay/false salary affidavits
• Demeanor/decorum
• Disqualification/disclosure/post-disqualification conduct
• Ex parte communications
• Failure to cooperate/lack of candor with regulatory authorities
• Failure to ensure rights
• Gifts/loans/favors/ticket-fixing
• Improper business, financial or fiduciary activities
• Improper political activities
• Inability to perform judicial duties/incapacity
• Miscellaneous off-bench conduct
• Misuse of court resources
• Non-performance of judicial functions/attendance/sleeping
• Non-substance abuse criminal conduct
• Off-bench abuse of office/misuse of court information
• On-bench abuse of authority in performance of judicial duties
• Pre-bench misconduct
• Sexual harassment/inappropriate workplace gender comments
• Substance abuse


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