Sunday, December 23, 2012



You have beat me and nearly killed me - my assailant is dead  
You have harassed me with your trusted guns
You have beaten petitioners so you can have your Neiman Marcus
You have changed the outcome of court cases
You are incapable of being impartial in the courtroom
You have blown up my truck
You cannot find my fire records

Do we have an arsonist burning down restaurants, lumber yards, business and offices belonging to attorneys

There are have been too many fatal police shootings that reek of injustice. 

Blacks protesting in our white county - get the SWAT Army

You nearly kill me in jail - I read my cellmate bedtime stories - he's angry because he can't read.

Far too many near CNET are dying untimely deaths -

I've survived poison, beatings, car accidents, crashes, hit and runs, cops with guns and people shooting at me. 

I'm still here but when my data matches events near your schools - you simply don't get the risks. 

He uses the trails to get around - he is an expert at crime scenes, he carries a gun, he uses bombs and fire. 

We cannot accept retaliation from the state



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