Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas For Everyone Concord CA

Concord CA

To my friends at Christmas For Everyone

A few years ago someone blew up my truck on 680.  I've tried to solve this on my own but the events along the way were constant big setback, e.g. near fatal medical, beatings, fights and assualts, car accidents, truck fires and a host of events connected to my software services that after the Lafayette accident it was apparent I've been targeted. 

In 2004 someone lifted my collection but that event was near identical to Pittsburg events in 1989 which was right after someone murdered several acquaintances starting in 85 which means this has been going on for decades. 

In Danville this truck thing appears to be very important as there are many arson fires around the county that appear to have escalated to fire bombings.  My frustration with San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District is the we can't find the record you're talking about. 

So while they tried they stopped short and after digging a little more I remembered my attorney office burned down, then I put my thinking cap on and realized it wasn't Kansas anymore it would real.

My truck was towed last week and my gear is gone.  My friends at Hillside Covenant Church really came through as one of my accidents was tied to their Youth Director who is involved.

So much for God as my Mormon friends they will settle into their happy homes and won't visit for the holidays.  You see one of their own is connected to my arson fire and that arson fire has strong enough ties to my fire that leads to fires elsewhere. 

Anyways they have won as in Walnut Creek they file false police reports on business owners, arrest them for having events,  In Lafayette they frame suspects and send them away for life, in Danville they do what they want. 

There are civil rights and the judges fine the citizens till they from exposure.  The legislature just pounds the citizens in pauperdum. 

I'll take a ride if I can get one but I lost all my gear, houses, property, food, clothing and most of all my sons but in Walnut Creek they'll beat your attorney in order to win cases.  That should help his case "your honor sir we have proof that Walnut Creek cops beat up Mr. Bennett's attorney in 2006 and they burned down office of another Attorney"  We call the equal justice for all - all special people that is. 

I need a ride 925-478-0674


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