Thursday, December 20, 2012

Homeless Targetrons - Keeping the Bone Crushers Busy

Walnut Creek CA
December 20th 2012  -

A series of events began to merge summer of 2011 as the hit and run accident was clearly an attempted murder.  My letters to the Lafayette City Council and City Attorney were very clear that someone tried to kill me on July 20th 2011.  Then in October 2011 I was attacked in the Walnut Creek Farmers Market with over 100 witnesses but Officer Rabonowitz didn't feel there was a crime. 

Back around November 2010 Rabonowitz refused to even consider that former San Francisco Police Officer Lt. David Obefhoffer activities deliberately collapsed my software operation in 2010. 

My suspect map just happens to match a few other connections in the area.  I've also seen pictures of the Piedmont Lumber Fire that clearly were too early in the fire to be a scoop. 

Targetron Taggers  -
Identifying, Collating, Codifying The Best Subject For Revenue Opportunities

When profiling targets you need a business model characteristics

Fully Automated Targeting System Using Behavorial Marketing Tactics. 


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