Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Perfect Circle Of Fraud

The Perfect Scenario For Fraud
When you've landed in divorce court you'll quikly learn that your fortune will be fleeced and that you'll be bled out of cash, that each attorney will tell you a snipped about what the other attorney will do.  What they don't tell you is cases where the ruinded lives or that a spouse or child suffered in some way. 

The most startling example found is the LA Grandma's Story where these nice old ladies were running over once Homeless Men after setting them up in their house.  The scheme is played out in the east bay but the distinct difference is the "Perfect Circle" to close to loop. 

Please visit my blog article on about several homeless men in Walnut Creek who have been run over many times. If you're an Risk Manager in the insurance industry then you'll want to read this article as it smacks of the Perfect Circle.

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