Saturday, December 22, 2012

"Attorney Withdrawal Letters"

How To Lose Cases

This page will be dedicated to how the business targeting tactis affected my ability to win cases in Contra Costa County Courts.  In 1992 I was truly pissed when a personal injury case was settled before trial.  The attorney used a verbal settlement authorization but never said he was going change the settlement from $550,000 to $50,000.   It was shved down my throat in the courtroom when all of sudden the lead partner was my new attorney slammed.

Another firm was ready to take the case - their problem was I probably had Malpractice.  In 2002 in another case I recently discovered why my attorney failed to show up.  His offices were burned to the ground but two years later my truck was rigged with acelerant.

My peering back started when my car was pushed into oncoming traffic.  That was enough as Contra Costa Sherriff's refused to investigate what was an attempted murder. 

Once I disected these incidents I was astounded to learn of others similar to mine. 


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