Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Leads Pursued In Bomb Found at Pleasant Hill Elementary School

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Police Pursue Potential Bomb Leads

I have my concerns about this bombing as one of my major events occurred near this school. 

A snapshot of events:
April 2010-Piedmont Lumber Burns to the ground - arson suspected
June 2010 : leased offices at 1932a Oak Park Blvd.
June 2010- assigned interns from Mt. Diablo School district
Began office expansion, built walls, setup server racks, servers and power systems
June 2010 - Met Former Lt. David Oberhoffer who shared his personal images

Sept 2010 - Bennett evicted from unit due to endless complaints that were unsubstantiated - random vandalism and harrasment plus numerous clients targeted
Oct 2010- Oberhoffer takes position as Cheif of Police - arson fires begin - scandal erupt surrounding missing police cars and tow company

Feb 2011-CNET Scandal Broke - Bennett recognizes Chris Butler - other officers surface as part of scandal
June 2011 -FBI takes over in investigation
July 2011 - Bennett run off road by Ret SFPD Lieuntenant Oberhoffer
August 2011 -State Police over Bennett investigation when Lafayette Police refuse to investigate

For the short term links out will be the best. 
  • Patch
  • Contra Costa Times,
  • Claycord
  • San Francisco Chronicle
Incident Location:
Pleasant Hill Elementary School
Oak Park Blvd
Pleasant Hill CA


Contra Costa Times

San Francisco Chronicle


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