Monday, December 10, 2012

PGE Hydro-Testing (San Bruno Fire) a viewpoint from an Arson Victim

March 2011 Walnut Creek CA
A Software Services contractor from Fresno CA that operates as Ravenelle Enterprises contacted me via Craigslist for the Grand Daddy Software Project for a small scale developer like myself.  Help us a build a substantial database for tracking costs to work being performed for hydro-testing project for gas transmissions services group. 

The rate of pay was competitive at $65 per hour, paid travel, meals and gas all based on the PGE Timecards.  It was supposed a real project with real payments just like I've done in the past.  

A few weeks earlier I was homeless, broke and sleeping in the rain at behind a dance studio in Walnut Creek on Mt. Diablo Blvd. - they were closed for a few weeks so it was quiet as ever but wet as hell. 

The PGE project was too good to be true and came it just in time - almost too perfect, barely an interview, no background check, no car, no license and off the street for just a few weeks.  

Sounded pretty good but who cares I was getting $65 per hour or was supposed to be getting paid - well during June 2011 events went sour when persons near the Danville Town Council, a legal associate connected to a Law Firm in Danville but by the time it was over I'd lost the project, lost my apartment, the laptop was breached 

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