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(A) influence, delay, or prevent the testimony of any person in an official proceeding

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Lets hope in the meantime they/he doesn't strike again.
Update: May 8th 2013
Updated: December 2012
Posted: November 2012

A little over ten years ago someone directed an intense campaign my way.  

In 2004 my truck exploded on 680, a month later I was attacked, then another incident where my truck was run off the road, my car was totaled, then blown engines, then ABS system problems, then brakes sabotaged while others around me dying from bacterial infections, murders and suicides but a pattern emerged in 2009 so from the endless coincidences I filed police report with Danville Police in June 2009 with Officer Paul Murphy.

My statements for that police report were based on my research efforts that someone with bio-weapons, bio-warfare and tactical experience and/or expertise in the medical field or pharmacology were taking out persons in the area.

Why make a very bold statement?  In April 2009 I bumped into Supervisor Federal Glover who shared his near fatal bacterial infection from 2007 but what I didn't share was I spoke to Dist V candidate Eric Nunn just before he flew to Las Vegas on his fatal flight in June 2008.

The short lived prior pages accomplished a key goal which proved someone was watching.  The page views reached nearly 2,000 views in five days which gave an agency time to map IP addresses to this blog. 

Somehow a retired San Francisco cop with endless connections with endless suspected reasons to stop me somehow was also intertwined with the Contra Costa County's Divorce Scandal.   The divorcees who've been subjected a wide range of tactics forcing many to suffer substantial losses and setbacks.

These events were purely designed to gain an upper hand in divorce proceedings but why wouldn't one surmise that beating up my counsel was a form of Obstruction of Justice . . . but that's how it's done around here.  Another incident is a murder investigation but that case may shed light on why so many divorcees in Contra Costa County end up dead as 680 has seen a lot of bodies in the last two years.  

This week a device was discovered on school grounds. 
  • The device was found
  • I've informed the school district
  • I did my best to convince agencies there is a connection

    The map explained

A) Suspect in my hit and run
B) Youth Director From Local Church and Suspect in system breech
C) Location of the device found this week
D) 1923 A Oak Park Blvd - my old office
E) Location of two persons connected to A and F
F) Someone far too close to another incident

There are more push pins ready for placement but my goal is nudge investigators to move.

The saga continues but I am running out of bandwidth - I spent five weeks slowing going through thousands of records to arrive at these connections matching family, schools and busineses.

My postings were designed to rattle them but if you reside in the Mt Diablo District then call the district as my events are linked to these pushpins and it's quite scary but perhaps someone has to do something.

The next version will be interactive

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