Dead Executives - Mostly Planes, Occasional Trains and many Automobiles

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 02/18/2014

There is a pattern of mayhem of perfect accidents, perfect plane crashes, perfect car accidents and perfect suicides with unusual connections that lead back to businesses and business deals. 

One day I was talking to a Candidate for Office the next he crashed into a mountain.  No one believed me in 2008 but today they are likely quite worried.  


Is This Same Former San Francisco Police Officer Walking From a Fatal Fire that I've alleged ran me off the road in 2011

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641

Reposted to Protect My Sons ~ no one is protecting me so no one is protecting them

Walnut Creek CA: In 2012 there was a fatal fire in Pleasant Hill - but another worker from Walnut Creek was killed, then another, then another but they tried and missed me in September 2013 and I complained to the Walnut Creek City Council with Walnut Creek Police present. 

 It's the same old story - While they watch and wait, Bennett, Bennett's family and his music friends to be picked off one by one and killed.  They struck again on February 6th 2014 and took another life.  

Excerpts From: A Trail of Bodies Mr. Highly Unstable says what?

There was another accident on Ygnacio Valley Road Walnut Creek last week.  

CNET Victim #6
Works at Tiki Toms connected to 

Over the summer he was El Fornio sitting in his usual taunting way inside where he could be seen but where he could the musicians connected to the musicians being killed - that also includes where the woman fell to her death from Nordstroms

He's a problem no question as in Sept 2010 he was in my offices in Pleasant Hill standing next to a PG&E High Performance Engineer for the Gas Transmission Group - his job is basically to calculate the Gas Transmission System pressures.  Across from El Fornio is Safeway where my PG&E data filled laptop was taken and returned by the Walnut Creek Bomb Squad in Summer 2013 a few after my ex-wifes Mormon son was murdered on WB-24 up the street from where five men were burned alive in 2004 - down the street from where I was nearly mowed down in Sept 2013 - I called investigators in Sacramento instead of Walnut Creek Police as five weeks after Chief Bryden received documents from me this CNET Witness fell to his death. 


Charles de Montfort - Artist

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 02/08/2014
The Poets Corners 
The De Montfort Ave 
Chaucer Ct 

Oberhoffer, among the first to arrive at the cream-colored home at 33 De Montfort Ave. after victims' relatives called police at 1:20 p.m. Sunday, said officers found a scene of "incredible carnage."

Also in the bedroom was Silva's body, "with his head blown off and a gun at his feet," Oberhoffer said. The wound appeared to be self-inflicted, he said.

Oberhoffer said the scene inside and outside the house quickly became chaotic as grieving relatives, friends and neighbors converged.Silva apparently did not have any police record. 

Oberhoffer said a computer search of police records revealed no previous trouble calls to the family's home near City College.

"When I went inside, there were four bodies on the main floor of the upstairs flat, all within 15 feet of each other," Oberhoffer said. "The baby had already been taken to the hospital. She was sitting in one of those child chairs at the dining room table. She was shot while in the chair. It appeared to be an interrupted dinner scene with the bodies leading to the back bedroom."

Hey DOB did you miss any details? 


Former SFPD Lt. Oberhoffer - Trail of bodies in S.F. flat


Bennett's Litigation Score Card - If you've ever lost a case in Contra Costa County

The Contra Costa District Attorney
Murder for Hire 

Updated: Nov. 11, 2017 

Around 1979 I got my first dose of litigation.  
After a few court room losses I got better at running my business and by 1985 things were better.  

In a nutshell my litigation history four murders near me and/my case or my attorneys

Litigation Scorecard

  1. Bennett V. Southern Pacific - Forced Adverse Settlement 
    1. Bennett's cabinet shop attacked with break-ins, shootings and arson - Bennett loses business 
  2. Fang v. Bennett 1987 - down the middle losses over $35,000 
    1. Fang Murdered in 2000 
    2. Bennett as Witness suppressed by Lt. Lawrence  refused to take statement  
  3. Bennett V. Collins - Danville Police and Town of Danville hid Collins from service 
    1. Documents handed to Chief Bryden on Nov 1st 2011 incriminating police officers, attorneys, and investigators plus Collins 
    2. Weeks Later CNET Witness Collins is dead plus two other divorces - Collins knows Butler, and Tanabe from Danville PD  Murder By Accident 
  4. Tarrant v. Bennett - Counsel Dax Craven - lied that he knew my ex-wife (Mormon)
  5. Charter Collections v. Authentic Technologies - Don Moats - disbarred but Moats offices burned down in 2001 - FBI investigated case too bad for Walnut Creek Police 
  6. Bennett hit with restraining orders by San Ramon Unified School District 
  7. Bennett's attorney in Collins matter beaten, threatened and left the area 
  8. Bennett's Attorney Moats wife murdered in Walnut Creek 1989
  9. Bennett's Attorney Dax Craven brother in-law Nate Greenan murdered on April 18th 2012 in Orinda

Other cases known to Bennett 
  1. Portue v. Dan Terry Contra Costa County Sheriff - Attorney Stu Stafine forced into adverse settlement loses case - Stafine dead within days. 
  2. Attorney Daniel Horowitz wife murdered in 2005 
  3. Attorney suing Seeno killed in car crash 
  4. Department of Elections two suicides connected to this department- with widows permission Bennett asks questions - you bet they didn't like those questions - The Head of the DOE suddenly announces retirement (very suddenly)
Check out "The Superior Court Murders" 


Open Letter; CEO Anthony Early

Dear Mr. Early, 

We share a common suite of events - we are both arson victims.  The difference between our situations vastly different as my story leads to Police Officers, Attorneys, Private Investigators, a long unchecked investment scandal plus a slew of verifiable fires, kidnappings, arson cases, and sadly a few murders connected to your employees or vendors that are also connected to my world.  

During the PG&E Engagement I had several attempts to take my life via accidents, beatings, muggings and while around town. I've been homeless off and on since 2010 which started right after I met a PG&E High Performance Engineer.  A retired San Francisco Police Lt. who was at the Piedmont Lumber (Fire/Arson) in 2010 was standing next to your Engineer.  I believe his job would be calculating little things like Pipeline Pressures.  

I've filed police reports but none have gone anywhere but the FBI, State and perhaps a few from Contra Costa County are actually doing something. 

While the Attorneys toss the workers away like pawns on a Chessboard one of the worlds largest utilities is clearly under attack but worse while the attorneys jostle PG&E faces a paradoxical issues.  The recent announcement by Jon Wellinghoff former Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and retired FBI Rick Smith but based on their statements I've been emailing ATF, FBI, State Investigators and PG&E Attorneys about what happened to my laptop that was breached several times.  

Your vendor placed thousands of sensitive PG&E documents on my laptop which was stolen in 2012 but recovered by the Walnut Creek Bomb Squad but lacking a decent explanation of where it was for 10 hours.  

On April 4th 2012 a pipe bomb found on the Iron Horse Trail is another dangerous incident.  This is the same mission critical location where Kinder Morgan Gate Valve is located which was shut down the 2004 Kinder Morgan 

There are several problems with the 2004 Kinder-Morgan Fire

  1. First Person Witness Deceased 
  2. Please see At Risk Los Lomas and Murwood Students deceased several unusual deaths 
  3. Students now adults interviewed separately consistently state they heard two explosions
  4. One of those students is the son of a friend - No one ever gave him a completed report on his sons drowning -  Williams, Mary Alicia Driscoll,
  5. The other witness is a Federal Agent / and partner whose first person pictures were stolen.  The person who stole the camera was arrested and sent to prison for a dubious murder case.    

The Hillgrade Event - Domestic Terrorism in Action

San Bruno sues CPUC for access to blast documents

South Bay News

Attack on South Bay power station called 'terrorism'


At Risk Los Lomas and Murwood Students

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 02/05/2014

Walnut Creek CA:  My friend and I often play street music in Downtown Walnut Creek which is something I restarted back in 2008 when one day I was desperate for cash. It worked and I kept it up.  Music is the heart of the soul and I've entertained crowds of over 150 persons.  

During the summer of 2012 Officers Hibbs ticketed me for providing music but failed to do any investigation in the near fatal hit and run.  That was attempted murder and I'm betting conspiracy to committed premeditated murder. 

When the parents of Los Lomas find this page they could be very upset but 

Walnut Creek Police Department Resident Witness Intimidation Model found 

CNET Police Corruption Scandal


ABC7: Attack on South Bay power station called 'terrorism'

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 02/05/2014

Arson vs. Accident or perhaps a well planned domestic terrorism attack.  

Walnut Creek CA:  In February 2010 I was approached via by a PG&E Subcontractor for developing software related specifically to the San Bruno Arson Fire.  Please take note ARSON v. Accident that was well planned and years in the making.  

What you learn via my blog is that the son of PG&E Attorney was murdered but for this blogger it's very personal - I know the victim and he's not the only one.  

If you're a public employee working for a utility, a public agency or infrastructure organization or business person then learn about my story that covers covers fires, arson cases, kidnappings, murders, murder/suicides and lynchings of blacks in the 1980s.  

In my attempt to solve my own incidents the research would return other Kidnappings, accidents, and fires.  As the database expanded it started looking like an investigative case management tool but one thing is clear - the cases have many common characteristics such as pipeline fires near schools. 




Walnut Creek Police Report and Subsequent Murder Investigation Sept 28th 2013

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 02/05/2013

This Walnut Creek Police Report 
Intentionally Left Blank


Listening to this song will get more accomplished than calling WCPD


The Never Ending Obituary List

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 02/02/2014

The Never Ending Obituary List 


The Missing Sword The Ernie Scheerer Jr. Murders (Mormon Danville Stake)

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 02/02/2014

This set of hands belongs to a former Danville CA Stake member - who is also standing with Las Vegas in the background - There are other Mormons in Pittsburg where another victims was beheaded.  I'm going to wait this out to see if Alameda DA offices will review what I've found and what I know about this case.  

ERNEST FRANCES SCHERER, Defendant and Appellant.

Filed 8/28/13 P. v. Scherer CA1/2 

California Rules of Court, rule 8.1115(a), prohibits courts and parties from citing or relying on opinions not certified for publication or ordered published, except as specified by rule 8.1115(b). This opinion has not been certified for publication or ordered published for purposes of rule 8.1115. 


 Plaintiff and Respondent, 
 Defendant and Appellant. 

 (Alameda County 
 Super. Ct. No. C161707) 

 The parents of 29-year-old Ernest Frances Scherer III (defendant) were found murdered in their home, bludgeoned and stabbed, their throats slit. After a 55-day jury trial in which more than 90 witnesses testified, defendant was convicted of two special circumstance murders with personal use of a sharp instrument: murder for financial gain and multiple murders. (Pen. Code, §§ 187, 190.2, subd. (a)(1) & (a)(3).) He was sentenced to two life terms without possibility of parole. 


On March 18, the detectives did a walk-through of the house with Catherine and a family friend to determine whether anything was missing. Scherer had kept four ceremonial swords in the hall closet, and one of them was gone. Other missing items were a silver napkin ring holder, two statues from the basement office,  and Scherer’s and Abendroth’s cell phones. Beyond those few items, nothing appeared to be missing. A safe in the home was later drilled open and found to be empty


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