Danville Town Council - The Secret Story

Danville Town Council - The Secret Story

They said they didn't know anything about Gary Vinson Collins but the Collins name pops up everywhere and after all the events affecting my life there are no longer believable excluding Ms. Morgan.  One incident nearly flipped my truck and trailer but targeting driver couldn't see my sons.

It's pretty obvious now that there have been many attempts to kill me by persons connected to CNET but most agencies act like Ostriches while enjoying their take home pay.   The demise of Councilman Shimansky have strong links to other "victims" who've suffered untimely bacterial infections.

In June 2009 a police report was filed by me about several suspicious bacterial infections in the area.  This was a result of a chance April 2009 meeting with Supervisor Glover who I've known for decades.  Our candid conversation was mostly me sharing my personal events but when Federal said he was a bacterial infection victim it was simply too many.  I already was following Doc's Pharmacy as I've known Bob Horowitz since 1978 but I also knew an Alamo mom whose daughter died from meningitis, and my former coworker from a business in Walnut Creek that nearly died from it but when Mike died it was simply too many for infection rates that affect so few people per 100,000.  The perfect source for these bacterial agents is a hospital, coroner, morgue or funeral parlor. In many of these events there are adjacent real estate transactions which would force a sale to liquidate the property.

In a few days I'll be posting a complete story but this time sending emails to reporters all over the Bay Area as simply stated I'm tired of the blowback and I am positive my 2004 Truck Fire is

Seeing Keith Lynds connected to the Doyle's set off another internet search which is how I found yet another Collins which is a common surname.

So for many years I've emailed the Town Council stating emphatically that Collins was a problem and years later they're all smiling in a publicly posted picture with yet another Collins.

In June 2011, I was forced from my apartment over a truly bizarre event involving another local divorce attorney who lives and works for Attorney Richard Grossman of Doyle, Grossman and Golde.  Lisa Pizone was once a JFK law instructor and her primary practice was Divorce.  The correct spelling of her last name alludes me but perhaps someone Doyle, Grossman and Golde could call with the correct as courtesy call in the interest of Justice after I'm sleeping on the street, lost everything and have little chance of recovering my losses.

They've flooded the Farmer's field over and over right under his nose, never did he expect his Mormon friends were behind his Arson fire or the Hit and Run by a police officer that perhaps all the events collectively were part of larger conspiracy.

The other character is Grossman's legal associate who was my roommate's girlfriend who is connected to divorce attorneys everywhere as she taught at JFK University. What she pulled in late  June required police response then I was arrested on my way to Hillside Covenant Church where my laptop, car and my son went with Kieth Lynds and Bob Britz. That was last communication with my sons except for when my shared one little fact about events.

Danville CA:  July 4th 2011
I stop to update Danville Town Councilman Newell Arnerich that CNET, Chris Butler, and others were the same cops that attacked me in 2004.  Then shortly later repeated the same information to David Christiansen who I know from Alamo 1st Ward.

Weeks later my car is totaled.  Perhaps Mr. Arenich is willing to come out publicly that as promised he went to the FBI.  He wanted me to call them to call him as I suspect he was busy.

The Council Members from 2004-2010 have one very one big problem to solve.  Can you explain to me and the rest of the universe the really truly coincidental occurrence that  my attorney was beaten up in Walnut Creek just in time to prevent my litigation from proceeding forward.

That litigation would have stopped CNET long ago but remember there is this parallel problem that myself, Federal Glover, Councilman Shimansky and now Gary Bell all endure bacterial but I am only one that survived in decent shape.  In 2008 I was supposed to meet Eric Nunn on July 2nd 2008 but he crashed on June 28th 2008 and of course we know the coincidental and tragic results but to the council ignorance (denial) that Former Danville Officer Tanabe personally knows John Kelly and Craig Wilson from Antioch who are both deceased?  You also don't know their history or that SRPD Jason Nunn happens to know Tanabe, Wielsch, Butler, and worked with Lombardi.  The Nunn family does't by the crash investigation but I called NTSB crash investigator to inform him the Eric Nunn and I were supposed to meet over the nearly identical story now known as CNET and Chris Butler wasn't a wire tap expert.

The interrogatories by the way would have revealed that Gary Collins also worked across the street from Gregg's Muffler at Big O Tires where I took my truck to get repaired after the fire that was big the rookie arsonists didn't expect me to race up over 90 mph.  Even with allegations that flames shooting back over 100 feet as per CHP Officer Johnson it wasn't arson.  The bigger problem is that Greg's mechanic blurted out he was right behind me, saw me catch on fire and never did I'd expect to be stating events.

Newell please read and share my narrative about what happened at the Council of Mayors on August 3rd 2012.


Failsafe Procedure - what happens if I'm unable to respond

I develop automated software that's ready to repost this blog in case I'm not able to respond.  Its called backdoor program.  

Because of CNET and related persons several key events were connected together. Few are going to get this but there is connection to these plane crashes and Tanabe.  I will be updating this list when I get time.  

Eric Nunn 
Peter Branagh 
Councilman Shimansky 
Supervisor Glover - Victim 
Politicians that have died in Office thus allowing appointments versus elected 

Whistleblowers - what happens to dissenters that bring forth actions
Suicides: How they are murders in disguise 
Murders: The tactical framing of suspects to deflect the real purpose 
Real Estate: Forcing major changes in real estate holdings 
Banking: Affecting the integr

Gimme some food stamps or Gimme a job


I have no food, no money and barely have place to live. I’ve attempted to get attorneys to sue Contra Costa County but apparently the Contra Costa County Bar is controlled by person bent on making sure my cases will never get filed.
  • They won’t refer me counsel, they won’t allow me access to moderate means, and their posture is sorry but the services afforded others in Contra Costa County are not for you.
  • In 2006 the attorney retained to sue Danville was beaten up in Walnut Creek –Litigation that would have exposed CNET long ago.
  • The CNET players are Butler, Wielsch, Tanabe (my former neighbor), and Lombardi plus this guy named Gary Collins a former Danville Building Inspector just happened to fall to his death in 2011, normally a really big deal but on Nov 1st 2011 the only copies of that police report were handed to Chief Bryden.
  • Months later WCPD arrest me for child support PC-270, I told officer Vesser ver clearly that they might try to kill me in the jail. When after days in lockup with a stable cellmate I get access to a phone, then former Danville Deputies recognized (yea sure, more they were waiting for me). said you’re Bennett you’re the one that wrote those letters. I said you’re fucked I went to the FBI back in 2005.
  • By then the FBI was in my shop warning me to leave and to shut down my business. I lost 2 million in contracts with Wendys, Burger King and Fresh Choice. It’s a only a few million but I didn’t get killed.
Danville Mormons:
For months I’ve attempted to reach the Bishop and the Danville Stake in general. Seems like they have Pete Amnesia, I told them that I was sick, sleeping in the rain, likely had pneumonia but the Danville Stake which is where one of the Supervisor attends apparently is too busy for one of their former members.
Walnut Creek:
On December 26th 2012, the Walnut Creek PD shot a suspect to death. He was nice kid from Paradise CA that I just happened to know via Starbucks Walnut Creek where I once played music. The Walnut Creek police were so nice to me they gave me a ticket for making people smile and be happy while I was performing.
As it stand
You see Walnut Creek has won, they are well aware of the three deaths after my Nov 1st 2011 City Council meeting where I spoke specifically about persons connected to CNET, in short order Hale, Bhatia, and Collins all killed.
I can 
Sorry about your situation. You must call 925-602-7-9471 to reschedule or make arrangements for phone interview.
Hope that helps


Branagh Development - A Truly Odd Connection To CCSO

Event: Plane Crash
Location: Sevier County, UT
Light Path

Victim Demographics:
Pilot: Peter Branagh
Job Title: CEO of Federally Chartered Bank
Company: California Bank of Commerce, Founder, and Chartered Member
Address: Mt. Diablo Blvd

Job Title: President
Company: Branagh Development
Address: School Street Danville CA
This is not a negative reflection of Peter Branagh


For now this page is a place holder.

  Regis#: 86AA        Make/Model: SR22      Description: SR-22
  Date: 07/14/2012     Time: 1711

  Event Type: Accident   Highest Injury: Fatal     Mid Air: N    Missing: N
  Damage: Destroyed

  City: RICHFIELD   State: UT   Country: US


INJURY DATA      Total Fatal:   2
                 # Crew:   2     Fat:   2     Ser:   0     Min:   0     Unk:    
                 # Pass:   0     Fat:   0     Ser:   0     Min:   0     Unk:    
                 # Grnd:         Fat:   0     Ser:   0     Min:   0     Unk:    

  Activity: Unknown      Phase: Unknown      Operation: OTHER

  FAA FSDO: SALT LAKE CITY, UT  (NM07)            Entry date: 07/16/2012

Economic Losses related to CNET Scandal

Author: Pete Bennett

Walnut Creek CA - One very troubling fact is how I've been targeted by Police Officers, CNET personell and now the Contra Costa County Bar won't even allow me to get to bar attorney that suggest the Contra Costa Legal Community is flogged into submission to handlers.  My July 2011 accident forced a hard look at "other" incidents.  That is why I've concluded that my attorney who was beaten in Walnut Creek was not basketball ball game where two players got in a tussle on the court - it was planned by CNET Officers who's goal was to stop my litigation.

It's nearly pathetic to hear from defense counsel who suggested I should move across the country for my safety and leave my kids behind.  My strategy is much different - I'm to ask the cities to review the legal community for possible malfeasance with litigants who've been prevented due process.

Incorporate Your Business For FreeIf you read my challenge to the Contra Costa Bar. I am left homeless (January 2013), beaten down to bankrupt, been fined to death by Judge Golub, slapped with abusive court motions by parties that interfered with my sons, had my attorney beaten up, the truck fire was the best and had numerous police reports filed about me so many in fact i can't even tell what their about.

Via this page I'm going to list the losses and see if the Contra Costa Bar will step up to the plate and do their job - find me representation.  I've lost everything, my sons, house, cars, licenses, software development career and I sleep outside behind my friends house.  The folks at Hillside Covenant Church know about my car accident and one of their members tried to run me over but Lt. Gorski made sure the police report never saw the light of day.  By my count at least seven solid attempts on my life and not a single investigation went beyond me filling out a police report.

The losses:

Software Development (4000 hours lost) system to manage thousands of domains simultaneously using Pay Per Click and internet marking principles.

Lost of 500 domains valued a $100,000 (future value)

Business Targeting and Business Intimidation connected to CNET related agencies notably Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, Danville, Lafayette and most likely an extension of events from Pittsburg officers from the eighties.


Office and Business Targeting $250,000
Loss of Contracting Projects  (Sudden firings) $250,000 Annualized wage losses.

Civil Rights Violations by Chris Butler, Stephen Tanabe, Lombardi and numerous Walnut Creek Officers

I will refine but sleeping on the street isn't what i planned for.  My servers, fast systems are all gone, I have no place to live or work but the net effect is few will engage.

In July 2011 I was driven from my apartment via persons connected to Walnut Creek Officers - my car was totaled weeks after a conversation with Cheif Byrden, DA investigator Daryl Jackson, Danville Councilman Newell Arnerich and Dave Christensen of Alamo 1st Alamo CA.

Somewhere in the mix of these people is the person who totaled my car.

Contra Costa Bar - How my outside attorney was beaten

Contra Costa County Bar Association

My Personal Experience - 

The Legal System has been compromised one case at a time and it took years of sifting through cases to tie the knot together.  

Finding an attorney should be simple for many but in my case when the wagons drawn as almost every attorney in Contra Costa County has said no.  They are scared to be involved.  I have a case against the Bar Association and know it.

Several decades of observations

  • In litigation against Southern Pacific (1992)  forced into adverse settlement 

Some hard facts about my story:

  • CNET is my story - that's Chris Butler, Former Officers Lombardi, Wielsch, and Tanabe who was as Danville CA neighbor.  
  • By now I suspect most attorneys in the County know these facts 
    • My Attorney was beat up in Walnut Creek - no investigation 
    • My Truck was rigged for Arson - no record of accident or fire 
    • A Danville Building Inspector nearly killed me in 2004 - he's dead 
    • My car was totaled by a San Francisco Police Officer -no investigation 
    • That numerous persons near me have been killed, murdered or died suspiciously 
    • They all know I've compiled information about cases spanning 30 years.  
    • They know my former customer Dr. Kim Fang was murdered in 2000 
    • They know several persons near me have been murdered but several were police officers 
    • Who would want to step into my mess

It's clear as day to me that the Bar has been hit a witch doctor who has them under a spell.  Someone has needles in the asses of attorneys as the Attorneys that will speak to me tell me to move away.

You want some good examples of how some Contra Costa Dynasties behave just take a look at my other blog here >> .

The San Ramon Valley Unified School district who's employees hid my children from me in 2006 by hitting me with restraining orders.  Not only did they take my sons via this court hearing but it turns out the bailiff turned was none other than Tanabe.   Tanabe threatened me in court with arrest saying I'd made terrorist threats.  My paperwork was hidden by the clerks which thwarted my "move away prevention orders" as they never reached reached the judge.

In 2004 while living at 161 Valle Vista Danville CA an intruder arrived accusing me is stealing paintbrushes from a job site at 252 Remington Loop Danville CA. Even though I vehemently denied his allegations along with demands that he leave the property instead I was attacked, beaten and outsize by 120 lbs and 6 inches.

I was lucky to survive the attack.  The Danville Police arrived but said he was justified to come over to collect his paintbrushes but during the altercation I had idea I was fighting a friends of the Danville Police Department and Contra Costa County Sheriff   Apparently Collins has family inside CCSO which I'll detail in future articles where you will find my theory on another local murder.

ss    Gary Vinson Collins who at the time was Danville Building Inspector who was contracted to the city via LP2A (now defunct).   Mr. Collins fell down an elevator shaft a few weeks after documents linking CNET officers were handed over to Walnut Creek Chief Bryden.  Collins fell on December 5th 2011 then died from his injuries on 19th.  The last time I saw Collins he was inspecting a house on Waverly Drive Martinez.  His hair was dyed RIT Black but trust me I've got more to say about the name Collins.

On February 12th 2013 I wrote an email to the Contra Costa Bar herein as "The Letter"  which drives a point home that I cannot find counsel.  My statues are expiring, my losses significant and the harassment nearly endless.

My sons live in a trailer that in my opinion could be rigged to explode just like my truck was rigged in 2004.  The Eiko Sugihara murder was a gruesome arson where someone took the life of an 85 year old woman by leaving her to burn to death in her car.

Personally my case is about saving my sons from harm as I know of several other arson cases that occurred over 30 years ago.  Nothing has changed but in my universe the only way these events would go unchecked in that Contra Costa Law Enforcement is turning the cheek to the truth.  Just ask a few homeless black gay men found hanging from trees if you could get an answer from them.

That's Contra Costa County signed sealed and delivered.


Contra Costa Bar: The Letter

Unlimited Calling US/Canada $14.95/mo.To Whom it May Concern:

This letter is a general complaint about the legal community in Contra Costa County and the general feeling that I’m red-lined but i guess I'm lucky as James Greenan son was sacrificed to protect Seeno.  This is not some joke as in 2004 these same people are behind the 2004 Truck Fire that is just like other arson fires.  

Back September 2004 I was nearly beaten to death by Gary Collins who is now deceased weeks after he was linked to the CNET scandal with documents directly linking him to Danville Officers.
On July 20th 2011 my car was pushed into oncoming traffic by a retired San Francisco Police Officer which was a direct attempt on my life. After that accident I was forced to review numerous events where I’ve concluded I'm targeted by police officers, CNET, CCSO and others because I went to the FBI.

Last year deputies tried to make sure I didn't live through the jail event but when I got out of jail I discovered someone near me was murdered and my brakes were sabotaged.  Then there are several real estate agents now deceased under suspicious circumstances. 

I have potential claims against nearly every city that managed or supplied police officers to CNET. In the coming weeks you will learn what happened with more than officer from Walnut Creek connected to my story and the reason Chief Bryden suddenly retired is connected to my story. I’m waiting for the next hand to fall on Seeno as well as I know better than most how deep it goes.
Is possible for me to find an attorney that won’t waste my time by gleaning information about the case then telling me he cannot handle my case. When I tell them that my attorney was beaten up and left the area, that my other attorney Don Moats offices were torched which I cannot confirm but know it happened.

I’ve been poisoned, my businesses attacked, been beaten numerous times, threatened, had a $40,000 coin collection stolen by officer Lombardi in 2004 which is why the US Attorney put that amount in the plea deal.

I need an attorney that is not afraid to sue to the county or cities. The state police are investigating several recent incidents.
If you cannot help me then I’m suspecting with good cause that your attorneys have all been warned off – that means I will send a letter to the US Attorney’s office detailing that victims cases are being derailed deliberately by a mysterious secretive council that operates in the back ground.

I've lost my family, my truck was blown up on 2004, poisoned in 2005, my clients have been threatened and the continuous abuse rolls on.  The reason I turned to the SF trial lawyers in 2004 was the Contra Costa Bar and attorneys in the area would not sue Danville or Collins.   

I am owed at least 50K by PGE and believe that they defrauded me in their attempt ti undercover their attempt to find an arsonist.  I know who the arsonist is for the Piedmont Lumber Fire as he’s connected to the same people that torched my truck.

Additionally these same people likely are behind more than one murder and more than one accident.

You either have attorneys or you don’t. I’ve lost millions going back 25 years and the players behind those losses are obviously unwilling to give up.

Let me know what you can as my causes of action are 
  • Personal Injury
  • Fraud
  • Abuse Of Authority of Color of Law
  • Civil Rights violation 
  • Legal Malpractice 
  • Arson
  • RICO 
  • Actions against numerous cities
A few months back an attorney representing cities told me that I should leave the area as I have no case.  I found that odd but I've long suspected that counsel has been colluding to affect the outcome of cases throughout the court system.   

I will not leave and you cannot find an attorney then I suggest you explain why a county full of attorneys cannot represent one citizen.  

Pete Bennett 

Suicide: Patrick Cifo Nice Guy Committing A Suicide?

February 11, 2013It's official we've got another Suicide in Walnut Creek.  I found his picture on meetup - and remember seeing him tooling around on that trike.  He was parked on Main street near the apple store and we chatted about capable speeds.  Nothing remarkable but he appears to be another downtown figure that's passed.  

Just like the other suicides - why does a perfectly normal Vice President take his life.  I am sorry for the family's loss as the tragedy drags on for all around.  


CDC:Leading Causes of Death

This page is here to prove a point 

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The CDC data is normalized for the entire US population.  A better analysis would be using age/peer groups compared careers, political v.s non Political.  

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Leading Causes of Death

(Data are for the U.S. and are final 2010 data; For the most recent preliminary data seeDeaths: Preliminary Data for 2011 Adobe PDF file [PDF - 1.7 MB])

Number of deaths for leading causes of death

  • Heart disease: 597,689
  • Cancer: 574,743
  • Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 138,080
  • Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 129,476
  • Accidents (unintentional injuries): 120,859
  • Alzheimer's disease: 83,494
  • Diabetes: 69,071
  • Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 50,476
  • Influenza and Pneumonia: 50,097
  • Intentional self-harm (suicide): 38,364

More data


► Donate Anything or Hire Me

I've watched this blog grow rather quickly so I'm deciding how to reorganize content as the original plan was developing a database connected to the content.  Things got away from me as life is huge struggle.

The net effect of all these events has left me begging for money, food and medicine.  The Banta Shooting was extremely personal as it's not the first fatal police shooting near me but Banta graduated from where my sons currently attend school - again on top of car accidents, beatings and arrests your cup can overflow.

The Walnut Creek Police officers via their friends have pretty much made misery out of my life.  Hillside Covenant Church plays a bog role but won't come to the table until forced but the name Collins is critical to my position.

Legal Bills
I've sunk good money after bad into legal bills over 30 years.  In the beginning I had a solid attorney but had a falling out.  What happened about ten years back was abuse of process but who could fight them when you're in the ER fighting for survival - yes someone managed to make me sick and that's what happens when you have a near million in Life Policies but those around you seem to control investigations, medical and closing cases as in the perfect circle.

There is a mountain to climb of debt, medical bills, no reimbursement from Victims Compensation Fund, no supporting police reports and no support from Law Enforcement.  They beat my attorney plus may have torched one belonging to an attorney that represented me.  It's been beyond frustrating getting slammed over and over but several never made it to the courtroom.  That was Seeno Construction who ordered services and then "changed" their minds then used their legal staff to rebuff our collection attempts.  Their day is coming but my construction days suggest they've got big problems coming in their next indictment.

In the meantime you're going to see me asking for work - i am well versed in Microsoft Programming, very strong in many areas but I've been offline so rebuilding my software development operation is proving challenging.  In 2010 I was poised to launch years of programming that would have my 500 domains into a weekly cash machine worth about 10K per week.  The domains are gone, the code lost when I fled the area but when I returned this former SFPD Lt who is connected to the Walnut Creek PD ran me into oncoming traffic.

The CNET scandal for many is over but officers know my status and some I suspect want me dead. When I file my claims they're not going to be happy.

Give me a call at 925-478-0674
or visit Hire Pete

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Murder ► Pamela Vitale - an Alternate Suspect

Sept 21, 2004 - Danville CA

Building Inspector Gary Vinson Collins appears screaming about his paintbrush read the assault story >>>

The Investigators

CCSO Criminalist Eric Collins

The man who apparently delivered the majority of the incriminating evidence that put Scott Dyleski in jail for life. A case than many feel has weak merits with very sketchy evidence, the lack of hair fibers matching Dyleski but untested DNA from an unidentified subject? What gives Criminalist Collins?

Read the Scott Dyleski Analysis that revealed a coincidence as nearly positive that Gary Collins was inspecting a house on Waverly Drive Martinez CA where his hair appeared to be dyed black.

Rick Kovar: Apparently this is the son of former Walnut Creek Mayor Peg Kovar. It's a bit strange to me when reading about this .

Over the last eight years I've been subjected to numerous accidents, incidents and even an alleged poisoning but On February 11th 2012 - I attended a movie making event that I sensed was a setup >>> but this allowed a crucial connection to be made between Peter Branaghm, Eric Nunn, Craig Wilson, a bunch of realtors in the Poets Corners area, a retired SFPD Cop then finding houses lost to foreclosure in 2008/2009 which I believe leads to my 2011 car accident which leads to the same people at the same hole in the wall bar down the street from the Back Forty BBQ who lost a son.

During the summer of 2011 my car was totaled, my laptop breached weeks earlier but when I learned of Collins death via his Obituary in 2012 then long missing links surfaced.

The untested DNA and blond hairs likely match Gary Collins. The evidence collections techniques based on analysis by other writers suggests that a few untrained buddies collected evidence in the dark. Did CCSO deliberately alter evidence as they've deflected me many times and now they're linked Chris Butler, Tanabe, and Lombardi.

The last name Collins is synonymous with my story but connections to Poets Corners more significant but consider my position, truck fires, arson, beating, vandalized engines, damaged ABS System, clients targeted and offices affected.

The Blonde Hairs ? (source) >>>

During direct examination, Eric Collins testified that on October 17, 2005 while attending the autopsy, he collected numerous light hairs from the back torso of Vitale’s body and packaged these. Here is should be noted that Daniel Horowitz has dark brown hair, and Pamela Vitale had black hair and her husband Daniel Horowitz has dark brown hair.

On cross-examination, Collins testified that the hairs found on the back of the Vitale’s torso were blonde in color, and found at the junction where the T-shirt and skirt met, in the midsection of her back, and that the numerous blonde hairs were “loosely hanging on”. He collected these by placing them in an envelope.

Collins testified that when he photographed Dyleski following his arrest, his hair was black. He had no remarkable lacerations or bruises. The connective tissue in his mouth, which can tear during a violent struggle, was intact. His injuries were superficial in nature.

Statements from friends of Scott Dyleski

Scott Dyleski is a young man unjustly imprisoned in California for the murder of Pamela Vitale. Pamela Vitale was brutally murdered in her home in Lafayette, California on October 15, 2005. Scott was 16 at the time and lived in a planned community about a mile away in the same Hunsaker Canyon area of Lafayette.


MMTB ► The Big Yellow House

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Electronic Device Insurance

MMTB: Directors Challenge Networking/Screening/Production? Or Setup?

This event is very significant as it links persons who have been stalking and harassing relentless since encountering Gary Collins in 2004 but I suspect challenges lead to back Pittsburg CA where numerous persons near me were murdered. 

What they didn't realize was while outside I spotted persons watching this house who were watching them watch me. 

As per Facebook this event is held on Diablo View Road almost monthly.  This event provided crucial connection between a group of people e.g.  real estate agents, two plane crashes, a bar singer, a deceased Karaoke DJ, a deceased BART officer, and a deceased former BART officer who was a Contra Costa Whistle Blower turned real estate agent.

It's not possible for so many deaths to occur near one group.  Don't forget my truck was blown up in 2004 and that a building inspector who apparently grew up in the area years later appear to be connected.

My research leads to the following:

  • College Park High School Graduates
  • Ygnacio Valley High School
  • Alcalanes High School 
  • Friends of Gary Vinson Collins 
  • Graduation ranges from late seventies to mid eighties.


Plane Crash ► Eric Nunn Las Vegas NV - An Alternate Theory

Date: June 29th 2008
Las Vegas NV
Event: Single Engine Plane Crash - loss of altitude due to climate conditions
NTSB: Focus of crash was blamed on Pilot error due to lack of extensive flying hours

Candidate for office Eric Nunn crashed into Mt. Charleston NV after taking off from North Las Vegas Airport after a weekend getaway with Craig Wilson and their wives. 

In 2008 Mr. Nunn was a candidate for Contra Costa County Dist 5 Supervisors running against incumbent Federal Glover.  My frustration with Contra Costa County has the numerous events occurring around me which today are known as CNET but my personal experiences extend from the 1980's where the then scummy Pittsburg Police Officer Eric Bergen murdered the Safeway Manager during a takeover robbery in 1988. 

We communicated over many months via email and phone.  As the campaign moved forward we finalized via a phone call on June 28th for the following Wednesday. He perished before we could meet.

I was planning to share my personal research on corruption in Contra Costa County - specifically cases that appear to parked without investigation covering in some cases more than 30 years old.  

I am positive Phillip Marshall found me in Walnut Creek. 
He shared what happened to Gery Webb.
My view this entire collage represents
five murders of many
After learning of Mr. Wiretap Chris Butler then months later discovering that my email password had been breached I now suspect that our communications were exposed. Butler knows Tanabe, Tanabe knows BART Officers including Wilson, our mutual connections are the Branagh's, Movie Making clubs, and someone who lost over 1 million to an IRON Worker who knows the Iron Worker who attacked me at the Farmers Market who is friends with the cop that arrested me.

The same people are connected to the Piedmont Lumber Fire where I've uncovered a group using Amatuer Radios to communicate which is how I figured out they were able to override radios and confuse the operators and dispatch.

It's worse when you factor in the San Bruno Fire, Piedmont Lumber and the Kinder Morgan which looks very similar when you add in all the people I know locally connected to these same people.


Plane Crash ► Peter Branagh Alternate Theory

Event: Single Engine Plane Crash
Location: Sevier County UT
Incident; Small plane crash, 30 miles southeast of Salina
Date: July 16, 2012
Aircraft Type: Cirrus SR22
Engine: Single 
Victims: Peter Branagh and Mona Branagh
Special Capabilities: Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System (CAPS)

Reports indicate a debris field found in Sevier County about 30 miles Southeast of Salina UT.  According to published reports two occupants were killed.

Personal information: When Mr. Branagh first launched California Bank of Commerce I called in to pitch my services related Fi-Serve and other nitch projects I've done for banks.  Our conversations were brief and polite.

There was another plane crash on occurred on June 30th 2008 where Eric Nunn crashed into Mt. Charleston NV after taking off from North Las Vegas Airport which occurred three days after we spoke setting our first face to face meeting.  Sadly all parties were killed but I have a theory on how it happened with links to persons with potential agendas. 

I've been endured ongoing and near endless harassment completely defeated financially and it's clear the legal community knows something is up as they won't represent me.

When you read through my blog you're going wonder what's happened, car accidents, hit and runs, auto vandalism, arson, assaults, attorney beaten, attorney office torched, friends murdered and a slew of deaths near me. 

One group of stalkers emanates from Poets Corners where now I've got enough research based many incidents near this area that I'm going to push it out.  It took almost a year to connect the dots on several real estate transactions but this persons friends are behind my hit and run accident but after 18 months the State Police and Lafayette Police have produced nothing.  If I were the Branagh family I'd call Steve Falk and ask him about how his former Chiefs and officers have failed to investigate.  My prime suspect is a former SFPD Lt who once ran the SF Crime Lab, has extensive expertise in evidence and I believe he knows this property owner.

Mr. Falk you're not going to be happy camper when I connect persons near accident to Peter Branagh. 

Peter and Mona Branagh Killed In Small Plane Crash

Undercover cars all over Walnut Creek

 I've seen this car many times even cruising by where I stayed in Walnut Creek - why would a completely black out stealth like UC vehicle bother with driving down a court daily for months?
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Walnut Creek ► McDonalds Stalkers - 2011

Walnut Creek McDonald's 
Location: Men's Toilet 
Date: Spring 2012 
Location: Carved letters in seat cover 

The message carved in this toilet seat is GONER! it appeared just after I was at the Movie Making Event where they got fantastic pictures so good that even this young kid recognized me "said Daddy, It's Him get your Gun!" 

Thanks to the Walnut Creek Police rejection of the stalking reports - these people may have followed me all the way to Oroville and back (February 2013).  They don't get it how serious its become but Amtrak Police places tails on my trains and buses.  All the better - a witness!

 Several of the stalkers have appeared at Walnut Creek McDonalds but reporting bears no fruit as most incidents it falls on deaf ears. There is a very narrow group of officers I'd trust at the this.

Their regional manager told me he's saved the video for later retrieval but many issues are clearly coming from Walnut Creek Police.  Please check the Walnut Creek Index >>> that will evolve from code generated from my Blogger Programming

The challenge for me now is rebuilding my finances as CNET operatives, their friends insides and outside will continue their games.  

The McDonald's drama has been ongoing until recently but the current staff and long timers are the kindest McD's workers you'll ever find.

The October 31st 2011 meeting in the City Managers Office is critical the risks to myself and other divorcees who fell into that Family Law Trap where you're their economic captive until you're divorce is never over.

The Partial List

11/01/2011 - Appearance at City Hall
11/11/2011 -Loretta Hale - suicide on Mt Diablo
11/12/2011 - Roma Bhatia  found very deceased on 680 just like a slew of others
12/05/2011 - Collins falls down on public works project and dies on the 19th from injuries - Can anyone find a lawsuit? 

07/20/2011 my car was pushed into oncoming traffic in Lafayette - the car survived but was totaled due to repair cost.  that's not the first one and since no will investigate probably not the last.  .

Don't forget we have the homeless men that were crippled near Kasier or Trader Joes.  They are doing slightly better since I told them reject any un-sealed food or drink and yes they are doing better.  Todd's body was crushed and Marcus sits in long term care - a valuable medi-cal asset now worth over 3 million.  For those seeking a better revenue model this is the place to go.  Keep the patient alive for 25 years and you get 15 Million in MRC - wham, blam, thankyou mam, throw in occasional medical problem to optimized fees.

Legal Case Derailed
Each of these accidents are legal cases derailed but again no case as from what I've been told blame is placed on the victims. 

Sure it happens every day when you use a restroom at McDonalds where you see the word GONER hacked on the toilet about the same time you encounter stalkers.

If you're a Walnut Creek resident then it's your town being sued for $15 million.  A year after I publicly appeared and complained at the Town Council Meeting on November 1st 2011 - little has changed other than learning that the building inspector died about six weeks later.

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Amtrak ► Stalker one of a series of pictures

This person constantly appears at places where I'm located.  Seeing him on the Amtrak Train leaving on the 2:38 train to Martinez in Car Number One at the top of the stairs was bothersome. 


Update: 07/18/2013 - he's back in Walnut Creek.  Some days I wonder is this guy is my shadow.  Seen him about five times this month after resurfacing after July 4th 2013.

He says he once worked for BART as train mechanic in the Concord Yard.  He's chatted with me several times at clubs where I'm playing but always arrives and leaves alone.  

Apparently my trips to Butte County are being used to watch me as my court appearances are public record.

The system has destroyed me, officers in Walnut Creek are probably behind the loss of my offices at Maria Lane, Oakland Blvd (2), Broadway and then Oak Park Blvd. 

Take a look at my arson map and you will see push pins.  One of them leads to a person that lost property to Peter Branagh. 

Since encountering this tail I've been down with a fever now reaching the fifth day. 

Much to Walnut Creek disappointment I've been taking pictures of my stalkers for years but even when I tell them I;m stalked they just reject the report.

This past Sunday one of the Barbers from DiMaggios was following me and he's freinds with Officer Rabonowitz.

The fatal error they made is that Amtrak Police are part of Homeland Security where the same TSA rules apply. 

At every station I generally stop to talk with local PD about what I've been through and I did that in Sacramento.  I was followed up which I knew would happen and that may have finally allowed an agency that has a lot more power than Walnut Creek PD. 

I told the Officer that my goal was to stay alive and he got the message and they are reading this blog and I'll be calling back as they can that passenger with these pictures.

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WCPD ►Homeless Assault Victim

Walnut Creek CA:
February 5th 2013

Mathew Chase is this nice guy floating around your cities.  He usually walks between Walnut Creek to Concord, Pleasant Hill and Pacheco. 

I've helped him with rides, food, coffee, and friendship.  He was beaten up by Kyle Miller many times who seems to be some type of proxy operative of the Walnut Creek Police as the homeless in the area are totally afraid of Miller.

I went by Kyle Millers shed and he's gone, there is an eviction posted on the door and no sign of him for about a month.  I suspect he's in jail. (he's out talking to himself)

Once I started asking questions about accidents near the homeless near Kaiser and Trader Joes then I discovered others in the downtown area who've been beaten by Miller.  The other homeless man is Danny who is the harmless homeless man who just gets by day to day.  He's a regular at Peet's where some patrons buy him coffee and meals. 

There is the Safeway Petitioner who was attacked when a guy came out of the store and clobbered the man in front who was gathering signatures for the Anti-Nieman Marcus campaign.  Imagine the possibilities - beat the key man petitioner and change the outcome of a referendum. 

One last thing - they said the attacker was mentally disturbed so it was OK and he wouldn't be arrested even though it was recorded on Camera. 

Are getting the concept - going, going, gone and sold to best payoff. 
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WCPD ► Cold Case > Tamara Moats 1989

When you look under enough rocks sometimes the unexpected happens

In 2002 Don Moats represented me and during the fiasco I read that his offices were torched and he basically flopped on my case.  Knowing Walnut Creek PD now after having Captain Tim Schultz create a scene that he could have used his weapon on me believing anything from this agency is hard to swallow.  There are many good officers but there is a arm or rouge team that's way out of control.  One of those detectives appeared at a house on Diablo View Road Lafayette and months later I discover Peter Branagh was the successor on several foreclosures and this same owner happens to be friends with the Iron Worker that attacked me at the Farmers Market. 

I have a long list of failures to talk about.  I am coming forward as the Banta Shooting was enough for me but  my opinion is this agency has many skeletons.

The Moats name is common but to have Tamara Moats murdered who is about the same age as Don Moats is disturbing and unnerving especially when your car gets pushed into oncoming traffic in Lafayette CA on July 20th 2011 by a person that lives across the street from one of your adversaries, then discover years later Gary Collins worked at Big O Tires which coincidentally was across the street from Greg's Muffler where after your truck nearly blows up underneath you where the mechanic - hey I was right behind you and saw you catch on fire.  Sure it's another coincidence and Gary Collins just appears at my house in 2004 and doesn't know Stephen Tanabe who was indicted in 2011 along with Chris Butler.  It's complicated, its hard to follow but as I piece it together it becomes clear persons that all seem to be connected to each other.  

Don Moats Former address:  1300 Ygnacio Valley Road Walnut Creek 


Tamara Moats would be about the same age as Don Moats, and all I had time to find was a name change but she was born in Puerto Rico - I suspect she was married to Moats a name is not native to that country.


PGE ►: San Bruno Fire - Arson or Accident

Date: February 5th 2013
Walnut Creek CA

Event: Meeting at 1923a Oak Park Blvd. Pleasant Hill CA
Purpose: Review document management project connecting documents to litigation simple project
Date: First or Second Saturday after the San Bruno fire

Parties present: A PGE Employee that was a pipeline specialist

A retired SFPD Lt who appeared about 20 minutes into the meeting and once showed me pictures of the Piedmont Lumber Fire.  Interesting fact was the PGE never revealed he worked for PGE.  Then about eight months later I'm recruited to work on the PGE Hydrotest project.  When I was arrested in Walnut Creek for a child support charge my laptop was taken by several members of Hillside Covenant Church which was my destination that evening, I get our of jail, return to Motel six as I moved out of my apartment because of events created by a divorce attorney thats work for a former Walnut Creek Police Officer who once ran the Walnut Creek Bomb Squad and is friends with the Doyles one of which is Councilman Mike Doyle.  

In the coming weeks I will be talking about this fire and my connection to a person I believe is an arsonist.  The blog has grown quickly and admittedly at times disorganized but I can only do so much while in my opinion stay alive.  Read through the blog and you'll quickly get it.

There are several core incidents that have led to my conclusion that will force this into a fresh debate. We have way too many fires near a core area that I've tracked. 

KML files coming as soon as I can get my database completed but I was mugged in Oroville last month - now I'm ill again with intestinal related infection running constant fever for days.


Trust Documents and Walnut Creek PD

She was murdered to cover-up to real truth about the 2004 Pipeline explosion 

The Problem: The Documents used to transfer property was forged
The Forgery Problem: Officer Rabinowitz like many other times has refused to open a case

The Attorney: Said it was my money
The Executor: Alex Bennett Salt Lake City UT - given my setbacks finding him was challenge

This trust document was prepared by an attorney that told me if my brother won't pay up then I'll have to sue which really ticked me off was this document was supposed to solve that .

Given the current history with the Walnut Creek Police Department they won't investigate stalking, a hit and run attempt, a breach of data linked to PGE Databases why would they bother with forgery

The Contra Costa Bar won't assist with an attorney - they told me no one was interested
My theory is the Bar is controlled by the Barrister's who slice up cases to suit their needs.  I've called enough times and been sent on waste of time referrals. One day I realized one attorney was fishing for details on the Danville case that would have netted a large award.

By the way all the going public might seem like a bad move but this sheds light on the Contra Costa Bar, The courts could be truly broken as as in 1992 I was burned by a law firm where the Senior Partner attorney who yanked the case from his associate attorney, settled for about 400K short and basically burned my case for their fees. The judge was siding with my attorney at hearing and pretty much lied through the hearing, he was adverse with me and painting his own client in a negative way.  I understand that I could remove counsel but weeks from Trial?

I've heard enough probate stories where they over for various reasons and bleed the estate down with the pretense of protecting the estate.  File a lien of the property could be done for less than $500 but one firm took out a $250,000 loan then started taking their fees. The let the daughter stay but actually told he she couldn't have guests or overnights.

This trust was a rip-off by brother and its reasonable to say that our trust attorney did a poor job.


Martinez Detention Facility - Inmate Death -

People die every day - in Contra Costa County while in jail they always have preexisting conditions.   Was this the same inmates that tried to kill me by placing a Berserker inmate in my cell then took him off his medication, they are you the same Bennett that wrote those letters?

I said yes and you're fucked as I went to the FBI after you tried to kill me in 2004, 2005, 2006 and beyond.  Try getting police report through.

Avlin Jackson - did they withhold medication or will this be another who dun-nit


Walnut Creek Bomb Squad

Walnut Creek Bomb Squad 

Author: Pete Bennett Date: January 2nd 2013
Well lets see another just in time find of yet another bombesq device found on public property.  Hip Hip Horray the Walnut Creek Bomb Squad does it again!  
EL CERRITO  CA -- Police have reopened two BART stations after they investigated a suspicious device at the El Cerrito del Norte station, officials say.
The device was discovered on the station's trackway around noon and the station was quickly evacuated, according to BART spokeswoman Luna Salaver. Trains were stopped at the El Cerrito Plaza station and turned around, and the El Cerrito del Norte and Richmond stations were closed.
Police and members of the Walnut Creek Bomb Squad responded to investigate the device. The stations were reopened around 2:20 p.m. after the device was declared inert, police said.

There are so many out there just like this one - Pleasant Hill Elementary, Paso Nogal Park, Iron Horse Trail but they should renamed "just in times" as we found them before any harm could happen.


Mormons and My Truck Fire

If you're a Mormon from Danville you should call the Danville Stake President and ask questions.

I've sent emails to the Danville Stake - in 2004 my F-250 truck blew up on 680 but the troubling part is the Alamo First Members know more than they are telling as one of their own is a mechanic that works in Lafayette.   Parallel to this is years later I'm selected to work on the San Bruno Fire Hydrotest project.

There are so many little events that nothing makes sense but somehow my truck erupts in flames while the agencies assigned to protect my life and safety can't find any record of the fire.  Perhaps someone should ask San Ramon Fire Protection District a few tough questions.

There are other suicides and suspicious incidents going back decades.  I've learned about other deaths - like the wife commits suicide in a San Ramon Hotel - I've emailed my position to San Ramon Fire and they want o hide their problems so they can get raises or they don't get it.

Poison vs. Mental Illness - How Contra Costa County v. Contra Costa Bar Association

I tried convincing Contra Costa County Regional Medical Center that I was poisoning victim but they simply wouldn't hear it.  The other tangent is the current response from Alamo 1st Mormons where the former Bishop bumped into me at the Walnut Creek Habit.  I said Paul - you know those cops arrested well it's the same ones that attacked me.  Hey Pete I'm with work friends - call me later.  I have been Paul and now I'm looking articles with three dead bodies in a car 4.5 miles from where my sons live.

There are three parts to my allegations:

  1. The near fatal poison cover-up November 26, 2005
  2. The spate of heart attacks between 1999 and 2005 
  3. The numerous trips to ER for intestinal 


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