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Fatal blast bringing tight new rules or Better Investigators - Three persons near this fire deceased.

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WALNUT CREEK / Fatal blast bringing tight new rules / Lawmaker says buried utility lines need better marking

Published 4:00 am, Saturday, June 11, 2005

After a Senate committee hearing Friday into November's fuel-line blast in Walnut Creek that killed five workers, state Sen. Tom Torlakson said he will push for tighter laws regulating how hazardous underground utilities are marked and how construction crews can avoid them.
Current methods of protecting utilities are "very ad hoc, and that's not right. That's not safe," Torlakson, D-Antioch, said after the two-hour meeting at Walnut Creek City Hall.
Workers who mark utilities may require special certification and should employ more advanced technology than they currently use, Torlakson said, echoing suggestions made by some speakers. He also suggested that fines levied for accidents may need to be heftier.
It was the first public hearing since the Nov. 9 blast, in which a backhoe operator installing an East Bay Municipal Utility District water main hit a buried fuel line, releasing a stream of gas ignited by nearby welders.
The catastrophe has prompted several investigations, a raft of lawsuits and calls for new laws. Officials from workplace safety regulator Cal/OSHA appearing at Friday's hearing said they would consider new laws and regulations after consulting a panel of state and industry experts next month.
"The thing that stands out about this incident is its disturbing simplicity," said Len Welsh, acting director of Cal/OSHA. "We need a system that is resilient to human performance errors."
Cal/OSHA last month blamed Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, saying it failed to mark a bend in its fuel line. It issued the firm two "willful" violations -- the stiffest possible penalty -- and fined it $140,000, while the utility district, the contractor and a mapping firm received "serious" citations.
Kinder Morgan officials, who say they properly marked the line and provided maps showing the bend that was struck, are appealing the ruling. Company officials did not attend the hearing, but sent a letter saying the firm -- which operates 10,000 miles of pipelines in 21 states -- is "retaining additional third-party expertise concerning line marking practices, " providing more training and education and buying "state of the art line locating equipment."
Currently, state law requires Bay Area excavators, before digging, to call a nonprofit service that in turn contacts the owners of any nearby underground pipelines and utilities. Those owners must locate and mark their lines or advise workers of their location. Should those workers approach the line, they must dig by hand to expose it and protect it.
But Torlakson, EBMUD General Manager Dennis Diemer and others asked why there are no rules specifying exactly when utility owners should, for example, use paint to mark the path of a line or dig "potholes" that expose the line from the surface.
Mark Breslin, executive director of the Engineering and Utility Contractors Association, which represents about 400 companies, said the Walnut Creek explosion was "only a symptom of a recurring and pervasive problem in marking utilities in the state."
Also at the meeting, state Fire Marshal Ruben Grijalva said his pipeline safety division was within two weeks of issuing its report on the Walnut Creek blast. He said his investigators also believe it was caused by "the line not being properly marked" and could seek fines up to $500,000.
"There was enough regulation and legislation in place so that this should not have happened," Grijalva said. "It just wasn't followed."

Obit: Catherine "Katie" Gannon Perata September 17, 1974 May 11, 2013 Resident of Napa

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 06/13/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons 

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Seems so sad to read how a mom drowned but even sadder when you look at the other cases connected to the same people.  In 2004 my sons were nearly killed in a high speed maneuver that was an attempted murder but try finding the CHP records.  The other driver was killed.   

Catherine "Katie" Gannon Perata
September 17, 1974
May 11, 2013
Resident of Napa
Katie Perata, beloved wife of Nick Reilly Perata and mother of Taylor Nicole and Paige Elizabeth Perata, was born in Alameda, CA. She moved with her family to Napa, CA in 2006 where they ran a business together.
A graduate of Cal State East Bay, Katie worked as a biologist prior to becoming a full-time mom. 
Katie was known for her creativity and sense of style, hosting wonderful children's parties featuring her elaborate custom cakes. She enjoyed spending hours volunteering at school with her girls.
Katie is the loving daughter of Nancy Gannon Mongerson and Tom Gannon; sister of Amy Polk and sister-in-law of Jerry Polk; granddaughter of Clara Cox, Gordon Cox, Cecila Gannon and Bob Gannon; daughter-in-law of Don and Maureen Perata and Rosemary Reilly; sister-in-law of Becca Perata and aunt of Mia Rosati; and cherished niece, cousin and friend to countless many.

Private funeral services have been held. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to Vichy Parent Club, 3261 Vichy Ave., Napa, CA 94558.

Contra Costa Bar - How my outside attorney was beaten

Contra Costa County Bar Association

My Personal Experience - 

The Legal System has been compromised one case at a time and it took years of sifting through cases to tie the knot together.  

Finding an attorney should be simple for many but in my case when the wagons drawn as almost every attorney in Contra Costa County has said no.  They are scared to be involved.  I have a case against the Bar Association and know it.

Several decades of observations

  • In litigation against Southern Pacific (1992)  forced into adverse settlement 

Some hard facts about my story:

  • CNET is my story - that's Chris Butler, Former Officers Lombardi, Wielsch, and Tanabe who was as Danville CA neighbor.  
  • By now I suspect most attorneys in the County know these facts 
    • My Attorney was beat up in Walnut Creek - no investigation 
    • My Truck was rigged for Arson - no record of accident or fire 
    • A Danville Building Inspector nearly killed me in 2004 - he's dead 
    • My car was totaled by a San Francisco Police Officer -no investigation 
    • That numerous persons near me have been killed, murdered or died suspiciously 
    • They all know I've compiled information about cases spanning 30 years.  
    • They know my former customer Dr. Kim Fang was murdered in 2000 
    • They know several persons near me have been murdered but several were police officers 
    • Who would want to step into my mess

It's clear as day to me that the Bar has been hit a witch doctor who has them under a spell.  Someone has needles in the asses of attorneys as the Attorneys that will speak to me tell me to move away.

You want some good examples of how some Contra Costa Dynasties behave just take a look at my other blog here >> .

The San Ramon Valley Unified School district who's employees hid my children from me in 2006 by hitting me with restraining orders.  Not only did they take my sons via this court hearing but it turns out the bailiff turned was none other than Tanabe.   Tanabe threatened me in court with arrest saying I'd made terrorist threats.  My paperwork was hidden by the clerks which thwarted my "move away prevention orders" as they never reached reached the judge.

In 2004 while living at 161 Valle Vista Danville CA an intruder arrived accusing me is stealing paintbrushes from a job site at 252 Remington Loop Danville CA. Even though I vehemently denied his allegations along with demands that he leave the property instead I was attacked, beaten and outsize by 120 lbs and 6 inches.

I was lucky to survive the attack.  The Danville Police arrived but said he was justified to come over to collect his paintbrushes but during the altercation I had idea I was fighting a friends of the Danville Police Department and Contra Costa County Sheriff   Apparently Collins has family inside CCSO which I'll detail in future articles where you will find my theory on another local murder.

ss    Gary Vinson Collins who at the time was Danville Building Inspector who was contracted to the city via LP2A (now defunct).   Mr. Collins fell down an elevator shaft a few weeks after documents linking CNET officers were handed over to Walnut Creek Chief Bryden.  Collins fell on December 5th 2011 then died from his injuries on 19th.  The last time I saw Collins he was inspecting a house on Waverly Drive Martinez.  His hair was dyed RIT Black but trust me I've got more to say about the name Collins.

On February 12th 2013 I wrote an email to the Contra Costa Bar herein as "The Letter"  which drives a point home that I cannot find counsel.  My statues are expiring, my losses significant and the harassment nearly endless.

My sons live in a trailer that in my opinion could be rigged to explode just like my truck was rigged in 2004.  The Eiko Sugihara murder was a gruesome arson where someone took the life of an 85 year old woman by leaving her to burn to death in her car.

Personally my case is about saving my sons from harm as I know of several other arson cases that occurred over 30 years ago.  Nothing has changed but in my universe the only way these events would go unchecked in that Contra Costa Law Enforcement is turning the cheek to the truth.  Just ask a few homeless black gay men found hanging from trees if you could get an answer from them.

That's Contra Costa County signed sealed and delivered.


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