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Decades ago I experienced first hand events connected to the Pittsburg Police Department - when Anthony Banta Jr.  was killed in Walnut Creek - that was fatal police shooting number four near me over 25 years.

In summer 2011 my car was pushed into oncoming traffic by a retired San Francisco Police Officer (Lt.), he just happens to live near where many fires occurred for more than a decade.

The general feeling about the Piedmont Lumber is it was arson - I agree but the person who took these pictures below is probably the same person that ran me off the road.

In 2006, my attorney was beaten up, in 2004 I was beaten up which is how I met Chris Butler, then later met Tanabe, Lombardi and others but in 2004 my truck was rigged to explode in flames but the amazing part I've got several persons connected to Mormons in Danville that witnessed the fire.

People often say whats happened to you and sorry to hear that, and it will get better.  It has gotten worse since encountering the person that showed me these pictures.  The Walnut Creek Police department knows this same San Francisco Police Officer.  If you've got your radar up you'll know about another important shooting in Walnut Creek.

While the Walnut Creek and ConFire toil away doing their thing this 2004 arson victim gets his car blown up, run off the road and vehicles wrecked but San Ramon Fire doesn't know what happened.  I know what happened - it was a setup and attempted murder plus the arsonist is busy burning down lumber yards, making restaurants into mirages, and hurling a web Molotov cocktails.

I've lived on the street, lost everything dealing with their failures and quite frankly expect someone to come along to finish the job. I am now nearly a senior citizen where I get mugged in Oroville, attacked at the Farmers Market, pushed off the road and told that no one would investigate the endless accidents.  So next time you walk through the Safeway Parking at 600 S. Broadway Walnut Creek be prepared for a person connected to Hillside Covenant Church to try to run you over.   I tried getting WCPD to do something but they were too busy driving Vice Ultra Lounge into Bankruptcy.  The same Lt. in both cases.

I've lost well over a million dollars due to CNET, Chris Butler and Pittsburg Police back in the eighties.

I've called just about every agency for help but a friend said his car was torched, then Piedmont

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