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NTSB, PG&E, BART, Plane Crashes, and Accidents where my friends are dead

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 10/28/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons 

Walnut Creek CA: I am growing endlessly tired of trying to raise my sunken ship that riddled with holes where Police Officers arrest me, accuse me, sue their weapons in a show of force all too often.  

In 2011 I was working for PG&E Software SubContractor and during this engagement I had two events to harm me.  On my return trip from Modesto Operations someone attempted to flip my car near Tracy Blvd on the 405 and then successfully totaled my car in Lafayette CA.  

When I contacted PG&E I discovered the usual wall but their corporate counsel suggested I contact the Labor Board and I said how did I get hired in the first place?  

This posting is a starting point for what I've discovered since that July 2011 accident - that accident was planned and the Lafayette Police were well informed about events.  You won't see a police report for that accident but I can tell you with a high level of confidence that it's linked to the following fatal accidents: Charles Silverman, Roma Bhatia, David Schafer, Loretta Hale, Carol Davis, two motorcyclists on Hwy 4 East Bound at Alhambra, and the following plane crashes of Eric Nunn (candidate) & Craig Wilson (BART), Peter Branagh (Know him), Matt Moody (know him), and my stint developing databases for PG&E Hydrotest operation leads to one core conclusion - my PG&E stint was a setup.

Enter a datasource and click the button "Go".

Alternate Explosion Theory Contra Costa Fire Timeline (or view this sheet)
view this sheet)

Since the 2011 Accident I've attempted to resolve events

  • Reaching PG&E,  
  • Called the ATF, 
  • Checked Commander Wielsch's history,
    • Learned he likely possesed C-4 explosives (published news)
    • 02-2011~Attempted with Chris Butler to sell C-4 (Recorded By UC CAL-DOJ)

In July 1995 - TWA Flight 800 crashed - there has endless missile debates with the phoney CIA "NOT A MISSILE" produced in 1998 then in 2012 former NTSB investigators put their reputation on the line while resurrecting the missile theory. 

The timeline fits nicely 89 theft, 96 Air accident, 2004 Kinder Morgan jet Fuel Explosion, PG&E Pipeline Explosion, and in the middle is me with a undetected Arson case where my truck was on fire with flames shooting back over 100 feet (According to CHP Motorcycle) but even with all my protests about Arson no one wanted to listen. 

For many years I asked fireman, officers and others how my truck fire was NOT arson.  The general feeling what do you mean they let you drive away - i said whatever was in the engine blew out but the oil plug was down over 2 1/2 turns.  

The unlikely answer came from a tow truck driver who aptly says - they replace the oil Kerosene or Jet Fuel then reseat the plug with a Wax Seal and wait.  That's why the mechanic from Greg's muffler was right behind me that morning.  I drove the damaged fire damaged truck to Gregs shop where his mechanic blurted out what he witnessed my truck on fire and therefore we have a witness. 

Nearly ten years later I'm building a concise timeline of fires covering pipelines, gas, fuels, house, commercial building, and autos which happens to include Limos.  Then I'm reading up on the Kinder Morgan Fire - I was there that day at the courthouse getting fined by Judge Golub (you suck Joel) 

It was clear to me a weeks ago (Oct. 2013) that my undetected arson fire with a likely fuel source of Jet Fuel would have weighed considerably in the investigation.  The Kinder Morgan Fire was referred to as "Pillar of Fire" and mine was best described as a fireball.  

Well way back in 1979 I lived on Santa Monica Drive Pleasant Hill CA which was next to the Cabbage Patch where the there two murders about 1000 feet from my house.  One was murder the other was arson murder and the farmer was under a lot of pressure to sell.  Well they got him to sell when his chemical shed blew up. 

During these events there were thefts and a 1918 Muni Railway Model T type flatbed truck complete with the old railway emblems on the door was stolen and went right by my house.  

It was being towed out by Charlie (amazing but it was my former neighbor from Geary Road) with a tow truck belonging to North Main Tow (AAA Services).  

Find that truck build a timeline of where it's been since 1979 or 1980 and I suspect it will lead to some rich folk in Contra Costa County.  The truck will lead to Murder Cover Up at the Cabbage Patch as the Pleasant Hill Police Department like Pittsburg won't talk about certain cases and all of these agencies are incredibly good at ignoring so many attempts at taking my life. 

I no longer believe the PG&E fire was an accident and after building up numerous conceptual motives, methods and tactics I've concluded the recent BART accident is connected to the 2008 accident.  There are several common elements to the Asiana Crash, PG&E, ConFire, and BART - they operate on unsecure channels. 

I went to the NTSB accident reconstruction scene for the Fatal BART Engineer accident


Contra Costa Sheriff Tip Line

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch  EMAIL • 925-399-1082 (Google Voice) 
Posted: 06/14/2013
Reposted to Protect My Sons
Corrections Request 

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ET FUCK YOU we need your tips only when we need your tips - Eiko, I am sorry for your passing and I suspect my sons are in this fire here.  

Three bodies discovered in burned car on upper ridge

At of this writing on Saturday June 15th 2013 - no one has returned my calls. I've contacted the FBI, CHP/State Police who got involved when my car was totaled in Lafayette CA by a San Francisco Cop who was near the Piedmont Lumber Fire.

I've called (925) 313-2632 many times since learning the Sugihara fire which was down the street from the Vitale Murder.  in my futile attempt to share information on my long suspected arson fire.  

A months ago it was transferred to a Lt. who was truly surprised to learn this was a tip line especially a murder tip line.  That number is 925-646-2441 it's known as Contra Costa County Sheriff, agency that's in charge of investigations for murder, arson, attempted murder, real estate fraud, elder fraud and a whole slew of other things.   Fuck all of you that are part of this scandal

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    You've visited this page many times. Last visit: 3/1/13

Incidents Chronology

Sure this isn't possible as one person said there is a system in place - only if you've got help from the anointed ones. 

The sheer number of event incidents collectively spread across many of my blog pages should be enough.

In 2004 several accidents were pretty clear attempted murders but my life was under siege from all points, the intestinal problems now very suspicious, the lack of the county hospital truly listening resulting in my near fatal medical event in November 2005.

After turning to the Contra Costa Bar for an attorney I was practically rebuffed over and over, everyone said we're not going to sue the Town of Danville or the county.  So I reached out to San Francisco Trial Lawyers where Attorney Sage Sepahi stepped up to the plate.   He agreed to represent me which would have ultimately uncovered CNET, and my personal belief that the  Danville Town Council was behind events., The Smarter Way To Buy Wireless

In 2006 Sage suddenly needed a "Geographic Relocation" but  called me one day to say that his "Attorney Withdrawal Letters" were being returned.  He fled Northern California to Southern California.  I knew had a decent case against Collins but more important is that lawsuit would have brought down CNET long ago.  I've left a trail of letters that are available via a public request.  Just ask for letters with the words "attempted murder" or "Building Inspector".

The medical challenges started late 1990's but medically nothing was suspicious via tests or exams.  Over the years I was practically living on Tums - too busy to get the doctor but when I was sick enough I'd make an appointment then I'd cancel as I'd get better.

Interesting cycle that I missed, sick, better, sick, better but  then nearly died which occurred about two weeks after the 800K policy lapsed - guess I wasn't of value any longer.  That's the cycle of the perfect circle of Fraud, Murder and Mayhem alcarte

When the boys relocated far away every weekend they'd come down sick then be fine once CPS saw them.  So if you don't test for drugs, containment's, bacteria, food poising, drugs or perhaps rat poison which are very close to the symptoms I suffered from and former Officer Tanabe lived down the road?

Numerous doctors The Contra Costa County Regional Medical Center would simply tell me to go away - once you get past the ER you get great treatment.

Event Date Description
10/02/2011 Appear in front of city council
08/04/2011 Bennett accused of attacking city worker riding lawn mower by Captain, Detective and Sergeant.
03/26/2011 Bennett arrested
07/06/2011 Bennett arrested on the way to Hillside Covenant Church
03/30/2012 Bennett relationship to Kitty revealed during call from jail
12/24/2011 Bennett spends Christmas alone without sons so he donates his time to the
07/06/2011 Bennett’s accounts compromised when adults coerce minor child into surrendering password on
04/02/2012 Bennett’s brakes sabotaged
07/20/2011 Bennett’s car totaled in Lafayette – Youth Director was constantly asking where I was going or what event I’d be singing at.
08/03/2011 Encounter police officers at 4AM watching me while I sleep in my 100% now disabled car stuck in a repair shop parking lot.
03/30/2012 Former Danville deputies recognize Bennett, place psychopath in cell – Bennett quickly determined inmate is 1) Homicidal B) has violent history C) was placed there to intimidate witness in pending cases
12/04/2011 Former Officer Stephen Tanabe named in lawsuit
12/04/2011 Gary Collins killed in fall - Police Report regarding Bennett/Collins incident handed to Chief Bryden on Nov 2nd 2011
07/09/2011 Hillside Youth Director posts messages
07/17/2011 Hillside Youth Director posts messages (Redacted)
03/30/2012 John Newman murdered -friend of Kitty Maffei
07/11/2011 Keith Richards is run over in Walnut Creek at Trader Joes
03/30/2012 Kitty posts Bennett Bail
11/11/2011 Loretta Hale dies on Mt. Diablo,
10/30/2011 Major Farmers Market incident –
11/02/2011 Relay car incident to Chief and City Manager
11/12/2011 Roma Bhatia body found on 680 – investigation open

Do you need anymore/

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