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Probate Court - Screwing You For Moms or Dads Dollars

Probate Attorneys and Probate Court

Butler's tactics provided insight that perhaps divorcees were being harmed over divorcee assets in a winner take all courtroom battle that I've seen unfold over and over for decades.  I once used to notice that divorces in Danville contained a volatile mix of kerosene,  a match and an angry spouse.  My sons used to attend Green Valley Elementary school where I know a judge, attorneys and many police officers also had children but that also extends through the entire San Ramon Valley School District.  

When it comes to probate this "The Perfect Circle Of Fraud" so  perhaps out of view a few descendants gone as well that few would notice.  

The obvious element was how real estate holdings would transferred or never change hands, lack of probate, lack of information about the deceased but the ones that go me were the obituaries or lack of.  

Christopher Spence - Realtor at Keller Williams Danville -
they said it was a gun cleaning accident.  The missing Obit
The vast majority of deaths fall within normal parameters age, natural causes and typical end of life scenarios e.g. cancer, heart attack and kidney or the lymphatic systems.   As an observer with decades of contacts as you get older persons tend to read the Obits but I garnered this habit in the sixties with my father.  We'd focus on WWII veterans, NYC, and Long Island residents near us.  

Today I've begun piecing together 35 years of Contra Costa County's real estate, businesses and financial relationships which leads down trail after trail that are just life unfolding but several have hit pay dirt.  

Come back soon when I've completed my Google Earth Mapping Complete with push pins, locations, dates and players but for some believers your stomach will turn or mom will be doing spins in her grave.  


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