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Meningitis as Murder Weapon - The Statistical Anomaly of Bacterial Cases Near Me

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 01/14/2014
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Walnut Creek CA:  They say at the end of they day statistics prove out the facts.  I'm taking a new approach by developing PowerPoint  presentations, videos, and continuing to write with new emphasis on how the political machine has sat back practically waiting for me to be killed.  It's gotten better but I've got bills, debts and my sons live in a shit-shack while my elected politicians cozy up with the Visa Machine.  

You'd be pissed if you have a cop run you off the road and six months later your sons half brother was murdered and you suspect that the Father of the son given up for adoption attempted to kill you via a hit and run but that his relative is the Chief of Police.  

Meningitis as a Murder Weapon

Getting back the Meningitis cases.  The first fatal near me was that of mom like me going through a divorce in Alamo CA.  I remember how the same Alamo 1st members tried to postulating her take that Magic Mormon Baptorama dip at the Great Big Temple in Oakland.  I think these guys carry little Baptorama scorecards on their I-phones (upgraded from paper in 2010).  

When this mom shared her story I'd already been concerned about the Doc's Pharmacy Case in Walnut Creek (2001) connected to many deaths in Contra Costa County with my long-time friend Bob Horowitz who was quoted that he felt "railroaded" by the Pharmacy Board and after you read to the other cases you'll probably wonder if perhaps this was a murder scene all along and by no means does Mr. Horowitz should anyone consider him a suspect.  If anyone is a suspect it's Jamie Sheets but he's dead after committing suicide in Pleasant Hill but few know this he once worked as Pharmacist at 500 South Broadway Walnut Creek which is 500 feet from where my friend Tim Hogan plunged to his death down the same creek/channel where my other friends son and his friend drowned from Los Lomas High School.  

Back the other fatal and near fatal bacterial infections - if anyone even considers this normal I have several Walnut Creek Police officers that will gladly mark you with 5150 Papers.  

Councilman Mike Shimansky
Councilman Gary Bell 
Tax Collector Bill Pollacek 
Alamo Girl
Doc's Pharmacy - four victims 
Phil - Former Coworker 
Supervisor Glover 
Pete Bennett 


Benny Chetcuti Jr.Creditor List

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 06/22/2013

Protect My Sons

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