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Contra Costa Sheriff Tip Line

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch  EMAIL • 925-399-1082 (Google Voice) 
Posted: 06/14/2013
Reposted to Protect My Sons
Corrections Request 

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ET FUCK YOU we need your tips only when we need your tips - Eiko, I am sorry for your passing and I suspect my sons are in this fire here.  

Three bodies discovered in burned car on upper ridge

At of this writing on Saturday June 15th 2013 - no one has returned my calls. I've contacted the FBI, CHP/State Police who got involved when my car was totaled in Lafayette CA by a San Francisco Cop who was near the Piedmont Lumber Fire.

I've called (925) 313-2632 many times since learning the Sugihara fire which was down the street from the Vitale Murder.  in my futile attempt to share information on my long suspected arson fire.  

A months ago it was transferred to a Lt. who was truly surprised to learn this was a tip line especially a murder tip line.  That number is 925-646-2441 it's known as Contra Costa County Sheriff, agency that's in charge of investigations for murder, arson, attempted murder, real estate fraud, elder fraud and a whole slew of other things.   Fuck all of you that are part of this scandal

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    You've visited this page many times. Last visit: 3/1/13

Arson/Murder Victim: Eiko Sugihara

The Sad Story of the Richmond Woman
Eiko Sugihara 

Published on 12/13/12 5:39 PM

Lafayette CA -- A few months ago I revisited The 680-Candlestick to determine if my fire was arson or accidental plus I began requesting public documents from various agencies which is when the wagons were drawn.

It's very clear that improbable occurred when my F-250 Truck erupted in flames back in 2004 but the story doesn't stop there as on July 2oth 2011 my car was pushed into oncoming traffic by a retired San Francisco Police Lieutenant that lives in Pleasant Hill CA.  We have an arsonist in the mist as I've encountered him more than once over the last few years but I suspect he's behind many fire incidents in Contra Costa County and beyond.

-Please read Martha's blog more ...
call this number and ask them why they don't want to hear about my arson case where I nearly burned up in 2004?  This is how Contra Costa County buries cases.
Investigators are asking anyone with information about Sugihara on that day to contact them at (925) 313-2632.

Take a good look around as you'll see a behavioral profile of brazen, immigrant targeting, small businesses targets, sheds, garages, porches and car ports.   A common theme is persons with limited resources, that will not likely rebound from an economic setback, he hits easy store front targets in strip malls, small centers but tends to pan for targets near the Contra Costa County Trail system.  These are a mix of crimes of opportunity but they tend to be real estate, insurance work, fire jobs and the big Kahuna - really big gas pipeline fires.

On November 2nd 2011 critical information was passed to a local agency with specific, razors accurate information regarding a law firm, a Danville Building Inspector and officers connected to CNET (Contra Costa County Narcotics Enforcement Taskforce) which connects even more officers regarding dirty the DUIs, the setups but this particular Danville Building Inspector who nearly killed me in 2004 was specifically mentioned.  The almost surreal occurred as just over month later he fell down an elevator shaft (just in time) then died weeks later at Stanford Medical Hospital on Dec. 19th 2011.

Discovering this accident was delayed by over a year as the City of Palo Alto withdrew the memo before it circulated to the media.  A snooping reporter got the scoop out on April 28th but my discovery was late October.  That discovery milestone comes after a July 6th milestone, and a June 28th milestone, a March, December milestones but there are actually more before that.

Days after the July 20th 2011 accident a Walnut Creek detective was following me around in a late model 1990s White Ford Taurus.
So in 2004 my truck was racing north on 680 flames blazing back 100 feet, smoke everywhere and to any professional looks like arson.  I'm sorry Officer you mean oil plug wiggle down two and one half turns with oil flowing like honey?

My arson case was deliberately misinterpreted by the CHP officer and so this arson fire just another an engine fire right?  My attempts to get San Ramon Fire to find the records were met on deaf ears.

  • Yep we can't find it, 
  • Sorry there are no log files, 
  • There are no records trucks rolled
  • No 911 calls - we delete all potential arson calls with great dispatch!

Big credibility problem.

  • The pencil was broken? 
  • The backup tapes can't be found
  • The engine hours log has no mention of two engines rolling north and south?
  • San Ramon Fire has more than 20 people with amnesia - yep I get it.

Next month its beat the fuck out of the resident but why this derailed investigation means so much to this Richmond woman would have died in such a horrific manner but what occurred in September mirrors the fire cover-up.

I am sorry but Eiko Suguhari fire in December 2009 leads a direction that will surprise many as uit surprised me.  The difference is I lived to tell the story but that wasn't the first attempt on my life as many more attempts occurred after that.

The Eiko Sugihara murder could be solved but investigators have to ask the right questions to the right people and group.  Please read how to Kill The Case Ever So Slowly and Quietly 


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