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Starbucks San Ramon CA - Another fire at another restaurant - no question we've got a super serious arsonist.

Posted: 7:42 a.m. Friday, Sept. 13, 2013

Early morning fire damages San Ramon Starbucks

San Ramon Starbucks Fire
Photo by Tara Moriarty
San Ramon Starbucks Fire

SAN RAMON, Calif. — 
KTVU and Wires
An early morning one-alarm fire Friday damaged a San Ramon Starbucks and filled a neighboring bank full of smoke, authorities said.
The blaze was reported at 4:07 a.m. at the Starbucks located at 3110 Crow Canyon Place.
Firefighters arrived, saw flames on the exterior walls of the coffee shop and were able to extinguish the fire at 5:14 a.m., San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District spokeswoman Kim French said.
The Starbucks sustained damage that will keep it closed today, she said.
Two adjacent businesses, a cheesecake shop and a Comerica Bank, sustained smoke damage but crews hope to have the businesses open today, French said.
No one was injured in the fire. The cause of the fire remains under investigation, she said.

Arrest Explained

The Family Law Network - take the money and run

In 2006 I started to get behind in my child support but at the time I was also going through the early stages of this scandal. My attorney dropped me suddenly after he was assaulted in Walnut Creek on Oak Park Road but of course you never read about it either nor did you read about my hit and run case in July 2011 nor did you read about that Walnut Creek officers were poised to use their weapons on me weeks after my car was totaled.  

At this point I'm nearly positive Walnut Creek Officers are deeply involved in my hit and run, that they know more about the Piedmont Lumber fire but worse is when I was in Chico one of the local homeless I knew from Walnut Creek came up to me to say he was in La Virage on the roof when it caught on fire.  

Like all suspicious fires they blame it on homeless persons illegally squatting in these buildings but I've explored a few of them and it seems harder the hell to really start a fire that would consume the whole building.  I loathe the words "arson is not suspected" as one of the persons near me that is a member of Hillside Covenant Church is a fireman once stationed so well he would be logistically centered between most of these fires.  

During my stalking events at Starbucks he was there at the same time Chief Bryden strolled or trolled in.  Personally each one of my interactions with Bryden resulted in small shit like my car being totaled weeks later.  

The arrests are over and the child support case dismissed by Butte County District attorney who's known the details of what I've gone through since 2009 when i used to Marsden Hearing to clear the courtroom.  I used that hearing in the most unorthodox way - I used it to let the judge know someone blew up my truck just like I'm using this blog to let Chief Becher of CHP Golden Gate division that my arson case likely leads to the same pool of suspect.  In fact most research points to the same group.  

My arrests are over and now I'm left with nothing, broke, and limited options for work due as last week Walnut Creek Officers cited me for being 5150 again for the fifth time.  Sorry guys I guessed you missed my 5150 article weeks before Anthony Banta Jr. was killed in Walnut Creek.  


Marriott Priced Towed Vehicle Storage Facilities

Storing (stealing) My Car at Marriott Pricing

Tow me, Screw Me, Steal from me,
beat my attorney, murder my friends, and murder your own friends
Fine me, take from me, beat my attorney and do nothing
but continue but sooner or later the corruption will end.
See Pete's Truck - nice truck - tough luck
I have two sons - my other truck was torched in Danville
First Person Statements 

The Motorcycle Officer 
We Didn't See It but we were there right behind you

B&D Towing Concord B&D Towing Lamorinda
2250 Via De Mercados Concord, CA 94520 1029
Blackwood Lane Lafayette, CA 94549
(925) 933-1221 (925) 284-7575
The Greed Machine -
They take - you lose over and over and over again
We are just People
Call Pastor Reed ask him to call this tow company?
The cities are stealing your assets and they know it

Contra Costa Flaws

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