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The Emmon Bodfish Murder

Police Seek Connection Between Hotel Suicide and Mother's Bludgeoning Death in Northern California

By Anne La Jeunesse
Friday, July 9--A bizarre suicide that took place recently in a Santa Monica motel room and the bludgeoning death of the suicide's affluent mother in Northern California has investigators looking for a connection, police said Thursday.

Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department investigators assisting the police department in the upscale city of Orinda in the Bay Area met with Santa Monica police Thursday in their efforts to solve the murder of 56-year-old Marin County property owner Margaret Bodfish, whose decomposing body was found June 30 inside her home in Orinda, authorities said.

The Northern California investigators sought out Santa Monica police after learning through Los Angeles County Coroner's Department representatives that Bodfish's son, 33-year-old Maxwell Emmons Wills, had slashed himself to death about 1 p.m. July 1 inside Room # 100 of the Travelodge Motel at 1525 Ocean Avenue.

Wills' body was discovered by Santa Monica police officers called to the motel after a maid saw blood seeping out from beneath the motel room door, said Lt. Gary F. Gallinot of the Santa Monica Police Department.

"They wanted to talk to the officers called to the scene, to see if they heard or saw anything that would help," Gallinot said.

Wills' blood-drenched body was found in the bathtub, a razor was in the sink and a bottle of prescription medicine was also recovered from the bathroom, said Los Angeles County Coroner's Department spokesman Scott Carrier.

"There was a large quantity of blood on the bathroom floor -- he had apparently slashed his wrists, both arms and his throat," Carrier said. "He is said to have had a history of severe depression."
Wills' death has been officially ruled a suicide, Carrier said.
A suicide note was found in the motel room, said Orinda Police Chief Dan Lawrence, but the content of that three-page note has not being released.
Lawrence did say, however, that the note does not make any statement that appears to implicate Wills in his mother's death the day before.
Lawrence said that Wills was being sought by investigators after Bodfish's body was found, but not because he was a suspect.
Wills father, who goes by the last name of Willis, reportedly lives in nearby Berkeley.
Lawrence said the case is a puzzle now and it remains unknown if the apparent murder of Bodfish and the suicide of her son are related.
Bodfish's partially decomposing body was found inside her home in the 600 block of Miner in Orinda on June 30, and it has been determined that she died of blunt trauma to the head, said Orinda Police Chief Lawrence.
Lawrence said that investigators are tracking down many leads, including one that Bodfish was, in fact, a man.
"It's not true -- she was a woman," Lawrence said.

National Organization for Marriage

The Historical Project List of Pete Bennett

I am the founder of the MSaccess Expert. I began developing applications in 1984 for a Cabinet and Millwork Shop using a Macintosh 512k!

Projects Overview

From the little ol' Mac 512 with a long dead application called Omnis to modern development tools. I am still developing, coding and thinking. I was born in 1957 and have met Presidents, CEO, Billionaires and Homeless Citizens. I carry a burden of pain from tragedies where today I use m resources to help others.

While most pursue the best house in the best neighborhood you'll find working to better the community. 

View details »s »

National Organization for Marriage

Similar... Our Brief to the Supreme Court. NOM has filed a major brief with the United Stated Supreme Court urging SCOTUS to protect people of faith from governmental discrimination because of their belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Read on NOMBLOG. JOIN US AND HELP PRESERVE MARRIAGE ...
National Organization for ... · ‎March for Marriage · ‎Contact · ‎Our work

About Us - National Organization for Marriage

SimilarConsistent with its 501(c)(4) nonprofit status, NOM works to develop political messaging, build its national grassroots email database of voters, and provide political intelligence and donor infrastructure on the state level, with a focus on developing new strategies for increasing influence in the Northeast and West Coast, ...

Californians Against Hate. The Prop. 8 dishonor role

Dumber than Dumb Bill

Pete Bennett married into the East Bay Mormon community in 1996.

Southern Pacific General Counsel

This attorney deposed Pete Bennett in 1988 at the Southern Pacific Building in San Francisco. Years later Kopf moved to Fremont Group at 199 Fremont Street. Years later Bennett learns his key witness had been murdered.

Bill's Willy

Bill Gates invested in Calera Capital in 1993 with the same parties connected to Those parties operated like terrorists who enticed many with housing in the best towns and locations. Pete Bennett was hit from all sides, by the, murders of witnesses, arson, attempted murder and poison.
Mr. Epstein and Mr. Gates

While Bill's Willy was wanderng Mr. Epstein was setting up the powerful for a precipitous fall.

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Posted: 06/13/2013

Prop. 8: The Donors aka The Dishonor Roll

Robert Gammon —  Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 5:38 PM

The Prop. 8 dishonor role, courtesy ofCalifornians Against Hate. It's a list of all donors to the Yes on 8 campaign who contributed more than $5,000. They are the funders of discrimination. Some pro-gay marriage folksare using the list to boycott the donors and their businesses. Below is a list of East Bay donors who contributed at least $5,000, according to Californians Against Hate and the Secretary of State's Office:
Robert N. Packer

, Lafayette, CA $25,000 on 8/15/08


David Christensen, Alamo, CA Nearon Enterprises, Executive—500 La Gonda Way, Suite 210, Danville, CA 94526 * $30,000 Gave: $5,000 on 8/11/08 and $25,000 on 9/2/08

Richard & Doreen S. Kopf, Alamo, CA Fremont Group Management, LP, Attorney $25,000 Richard Kopf, Managing Director-Operations, General Counsel and Secretary with Fremont Group Management, LP gave: $12,500 on 8/29/08; Doreen Kopf gave: $12,500 on 8/29/08
Wilma Thomas, Dublin, CA $32,500 on 9/10/08
Sarah P. Harris, Danville, CA $25,000 on 8/8/08
Alan L. Olsen, Fremont, CA Groco, CPA $25,000 on 9/11/08
William C. Wilcox, Danville, CA $25,000 on 9/5/08
Jana L. Mullen, Alamo, CA $25,000 on 9/18/08
Joanne McColm, Pleasanton, CA $25,000 on 9/10/08
Lorenzo N. Hoopes, Oakland, CA $25,000 on 9/24/08
Robert E. Culbertson, Pleasanton, CA BAE Systems, Electrical Engineer $25,000 on 9/17/08
Marc Barkdull, Pleasanton, CA PJMB Commercial, Inc., Real Estate $22,500 on 9/15/08
Gail A. Sonne, Dublin, CA $20,000 on 9/18/08
James Pergrossi, Pleasanton, CA $10,180 on 8/18/08
R. Jean Taylor, Alamo, CA Retired $10,000 on 9/9/08
Barbara Lee, Walnut Creek, CA $10,000 on 8/11/08
Brian B. Blatter, DDS, Concord, CA $10,000 on 8/8/08
Gwenn H. Webb, Pleasanton, CA $10,000 on 8/29/08
Susan Lathrop, Fremont, CA $9,900 on 8/11/08
Heather B. Callister, Martinez, CA $9,000 on 9/2/08
V. Lance Littlejohn, Alamo, CA West Coast Novelty Corporation, Manager $8,000 on 9/8/08
Christine Cooper, Dublin, CA $6,000 on 9/8/08
D. Walton, Walnut Creek, CA Doneu Hall APLC, Attorney $5,000 on 8/8/08
David C. Van Blerkom, Danville, CA Inflective Asset Mgmt, Investment Manager $5,000 on 9/2/08
David Christensen, Danville, CA Gartner, Inc, Analyst $5,000 on 8/25/08
Dayna D. Bain, Walnut Creek, CA $5,000 on 9/2/08
Debra A. Hawkes, Pittsburg, CA Contra Costa County, Registered Nurse $5,000 on 9/2/08
Delone Bailey, Alamo, CA $5,000 on 9/5/08
Douglas Barton, Walnut Creek, CA Deloitte & Touche, Accountant $5,000 on 8/8/08
Jani Stone, Danville, CA $5,000 on 8/21/08
Jo Anne Gardner, Clayton, CA $5,000 on 8/8/08
John Blatter, Danville, CA $5,000 on 8/8/08
Julie Schull, Pleasanton, CA $5,000 on 8/8/08
Kay Bohne, Walnut Creek, CA $5,000 on 8/8/08
Keith Bradburn, Concord, CA Dr. Randall Gardner, DDS, Dentist $5,000 on 8/25/08
Krystalyn Judd, Walnut Creek, CA $5,000 on 8/8/08
Larry Wilson, Alamo, CA $5,000 on 8/20/08
Linda S. Doll, Walnut Creek, CA $5,000 on 8/14/08
Sherman L. Doll, Walnut Creek, CA Capital Performance Advisors, Consultant $5,000 on 8/14/08
Luann Warren, Livermore, CA Warren Associates, CFO $5,000 on 8/25/08
Michael Peterson, Danville, CA Pascal Mgmt, Financial Services $5,000 on 8/18/08
Nancy F. Lockhart, Piedmont, CA $5,000 on 9/2/08
Paul Larson, Pleasanton, CA P D Larson Co., Construction $5,000 on 8/21/08
Ralph Severson, Orinda, CA $5,000 on 8/25/08
Richard Chapman, Walnut Creek, CA JES Engineering, Owner $5,000 on 8/8/08
Richard D. Cardall, Walnut Creek, CA Transamerica Capital Management, Sales Management $5,000 on 8/8/08
Robert Blazer, Pleasanton, CA Validity Sensors, Manager $5,000 on 8/18/08
Terry Lloyd, Walnut Creek, CA Terry Lloyd, CPA, Analyst $5,000 on 8/27/08
Thalia M. Cutt, Concord, CA $5,000 on 8/21/08
Janelle A. Palmer, Walnut Creek, CA $5,000 on 9/15/08
Judith Wagner, Alamo, CA Retired $5,000 on 9/9/08

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