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Walnut Creek Litigant Kill Team - Don't you dare sue us!

Posted: 09/29/2013

Dear Council Members:

On June 16th 2013 I appeared at city hall in regards to my ongoing problem with the Walnut Creek Police and other agencies connected to CNET.

I believe my plea was pretty desperate where I'm reflecting the endless mayhem near me. Mostly little things like a 25 million dollar investment scheme loss where it's becoming obvious as this is bigger than me but clearly leads to your police department and attorneys near that same scandal.

In 2004 I was nearly killed by Gary Collins but early that year my truck was on fire, then just prior to that my ABS system was tampered with nearly causing me to flip over on 680 near my former cabinet shop in Fairfield CA.

When I learned years later that Collins father owned Big O Tires in Lafayette CA which was directly across from Gregg's Muffler on Mt. Diablo Blvd. Of course the chief of Lafayette police didn't want to take that into consideration when he investigated my 2011 car accident but the fact is they never investigated that accident.

I am going to move part of this blog my site (see insert below)where I've implemented a database system that is a hybrid CMS, CRM and ECM application. Never mind thanks to Lt. Jay Hill's friend retired San Francisco Police Department Lt. David Oberhoffer turning my business efforts into a business nightmare.

On September 28th 2013 someone once again tried to run me over in Walnut Creek. This time it was different I had four witnesses who are also on camera with me at Safeway at 500 S. Broadway,

No one is helping me financially, my food stamps cut off, I've lost my housing again and getting a job with this much bullshit going on well that doesn't work well for long if I even get to the door. No one hires a homeless programmers who's been arrested with back child support that doesn't have clean clothes or access to a regular bath.

Perhaps I should apply for a job with the Contra Costa Bar Association - I'd like to see how far that goes - the pro-bono attorneys have been really helpful or that great bar referral system where they pre determine which cases reach the county. At this point with my story alone this Association should be investigated by the State Bar, SAG, US Grand Jury and the Contra Costa Grand Jury because my suspicions are my attorney was beaten and hospitalized in 2005 to prevent CNET from being discovered then that means members of the bar are all suspect

My day in court will never happen because the Contra Costa Bar Association is a culpable participant which leads to what is known as Conspiracy which leads to RICO charges and maybe a Qui Tam case as the attorneys representing and defending the cities counties and public agencies are connected to "The Club" and if the club won't help me sue these agencies then "the club' has conspired to obstruct justice.


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