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Obit: Dino Ghilloti - San Rafael CA - Son of Ghilloti Brothers Construction

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 06/18/2013

Reposted or Posted to Protect My Sons

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Cause of Death: Head Trauma 
Type; High Speed Accident 
Circumstances: Suspicious 
Linked: The Dead Seeno List It's time to call a spade a spade. 

One of the most common witness statements can be found on MSN is summed up just like my comments about my 2004 Hit and Run  "says the car Ghilotti was in came out of nowhere"

Authorities released 911 calls from a car crash that killed a University of Miami student days after he got his diploma.
The calls were placed after the crash, which killed Dino Ghilotti, who was on his way home from celebrating his graduating at Club Liv in Miami Beach.
"We need an ambulance," said the caller.
"There was an accident. We all ran outside. There's a guy. He's unresponsive. We need to get him out of the car asap," the caller said.
Twenty-year-old Ghilotti was riding in the backseat of a car when it crashed early Sunday morning in Coral Gables. It happened near the UM campus. Ghilotti graduated days earlier. His girlfriend, Allison Meyer, was driving the car around 4:30 a.m. 
The driver of the other car, Rosalina Prado, says the car Ghilotti was in came out of nowhere. During the 911 call for help, before police arrived, Ghilotti stopped breathing.
According to one of those 911 callers, they noticed the victim had a head trauma. The caller told a 911operator it looked like he hit his head on glass.
No charges have been filed yet in the crash, authorities said.

Plane Crash ► Eric Nunn Las Vegas NV - An Alternate Theory

Date: June 29th 2008
Las Vegas NV
Event: Single Engine Plane Crash - loss of altitude due to climate conditions
NTSB: Focus of crash was blamed on Pilot error due to lack of extensive flying hours

Candidate for office Eric Nunn crashed into Mt. Charleston NV after taking off from North Las Vegas Airport after a weekend getaway with Craig Wilson and their wives. 

In 2008 Mr. Nunn was a candidate for Contra Costa County Dist 5 Supervisors running against incumbent Federal Glover.  My frustration with Contra Costa County has the numerous events occurring around me which today are known as CNET but my personal experiences extend from the 1980's where the then scummy Pittsburg Police Officer Eric Bergen murdered the Safeway Manager during a takeover robbery in 1988. 

We communicated over many months via email and phone.  As the campaign moved forward we finalized via a phone call on June 28th for the following Wednesday. He perished before we could meet.

I was planning to share my personal research on corruption in Contra Costa County - specifically cases that appear to parked without investigation covering in some cases more than 30 years old.  

I am positive Phillip Marshall found me in Walnut Creek. 
He shared what happened to Gery Webb.
My view this entire collage represents
five murders of many
After learning of Mr. Wiretap Chris Butler then months later discovering that my email password had been breached I now suspect that our communications were exposed. Butler knows Tanabe, Tanabe knows BART Officers including Wilson, our mutual connections are the Branagh's, Movie Making clubs, and someone who lost over 1 million to an IRON Worker who knows the Iron Worker who attacked me at the Farmers Market who is friends with the cop that arrested me.

The same people are connected to the Piedmont Lumber Fire where I've uncovered a group using Amatuer Radios to communicate which is how I figured out they were able to override radios and confuse the operators and dispatch.

It's worse when you factor in the San Bruno Fire, Piedmont Lumber and the Kinder Morgan which looks very similar when you add in all the people I know locally connected to these same people.


Plane Crash ► Peter Branagh Alternate Theory

Event: Single Engine Plane Crash
Location: Sevier County UT
Incident; Small plane crash, 30 miles southeast of Salina
Date: July 16, 2012
Aircraft Type: Cirrus SR22
Engine: Single 
Victims: Peter Branagh and Mona Branagh
Special Capabilities: Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System (CAPS)

Reports indicate a debris field found in Sevier County about 30 miles Southeast of Salina UT.  According to published reports two occupants were killed.

Personal information: When Mr. Branagh first launched California Bank of Commerce I called in to pitch my services related Fi-Serve and other nitch projects I've done for banks.  Our conversations were brief and polite.

There was another plane crash on occurred on June 30th 2008 where Eric Nunn crashed into Mt. Charleston NV after taking off from North Las Vegas Airport which occurred three days after we spoke setting our first face to face meeting.  Sadly all parties were killed but I have a theory on how it happened with links to persons with potential agendas. 

I've been endured ongoing and near endless harassment completely defeated financially and it's clear the legal community knows something is up as they won't represent me.

When you read through my blog you're going wonder what's happened, car accidents, hit and runs, auto vandalism, arson, assaults, attorney beaten, attorney office torched, friends murdered and a slew of deaths near me. 

One group of stalkers emanates from Poets Corners where now I've got enough research based many incidents near this area that I'm going to push it out.  It took almost a year to connect the dots on several real estate transactions but this persons friends are behind my hit and run accident but after 18 months the State Police and Lafayette Police have produced nothing.  If I were the Branagh family I'd call Steve Falk and ask him about how his former Chiefs and officers have failed to investigate.  My prime suspect is a former SFPD Lt who once ran the SF Crime Lab, has extensive expertise in evidence and I believe he knows this property owner.

Mr. Falk you're not going to be happy camper when I connect persons near accident to Peter Branagh. 

Peter and Mona Branagh Killed In Small Plane Crash

Contra Costa Supervisors

Supervisor Glover

My connection to Federal Glover leads to the Mid-Eighties when one of his family members worked for me but we also worked together on the first stages of the Pittsburg's Seafood Festival. Nothing remarkable but that the brother of that employee was murdered in 1984 or 85, they call it a justified shooting and use of force.  The how and why for another blog page.

We also share in my opinion was near identical bacterial infections-both near fatal, mine was in 2005, his 2007 which came up during our short conversation during a dinner because we shared a table at Sophie (now closed).  I never shared another conversation with Eric Nunn on June 26th 2008 just days before Mr. Nunn's fatal flight. 

As this blog evolves pages will surface regarding, strange medical, natural causes death, accidents and known events where the public can make their own assessment.  I am reporting events that are real but also often too close to me.

I reported my allegations to Officer Paul Murphy who more or less laughed his way through the report and Councilman Shimansky died within weeks of the that report from Spinal Meningitis which was one of my allegations as I know other victims.

Supervisor Anderson

The best Ms. Anderson could say to me on August 3rd at the Council of Mayors Orinda CA was "I'm sorry you've but I guess you've had a lot problems" but even when they are attempted murders no one follows through.  One core issue is my former Mormon friends are avoiding the victims especially the witness to the Arson Fire in 2004. 

Just so you know the person killed on 24 WB on the early morning hours was a friend from where I sing - just another coincidence just like the night in jail where former Danville Deputies nearly killed me with another inmate but few attorneys will represent me for the very obvious reasons. 

Supervisor Piepho
Very good at not returning phone calls
Supervisor Goia
Not much to say - he seems just to be a normal politician and good human being who cares about his county.

Supervisor Glover
We share a past that's hard for most to understand.  When I went back and rebuilt my long timeline I realized that we share far too many deaths near us.  That's when I started looking, asking questions and researching.  

We both nearly died from Bacterial Infections - the difference is I said from Day One I was poisoned to the staff at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center CCMRC - no one believed me but I suspect they are wondering if I was right. 

Supervisor Michoff
Started out badly, has improved but since I've made so many calls about events it hard not to draw a conclusion that perhaps Candidate Elect Gary Bell medical drama could be linked to near fatal medical but more important my letters precede his illness.

Follow the trail of peanut shells leading back decades

I've left a trail of public letters subject to the California Public Records Act but even after my acquaintance was murdered, my former clients dying, former parents, a few heart attacks, car crashes and a few plane crashes of people I know no one seems to interested.


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