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CNET Officer Tanabe living large as ever

A Letter to my son 
The reality is you were kidnapped 
Dear William,

I am sorry that you've had to go through all this, that you've living a trailer, that you've had to watch another driver who tried to kill us hit the wall at High Speed ultimately kill himself, or that your father almost burned to death on 680 but like magic there is no record of that arson fire.

There is little chance that I can help you as I've been decimated financially, spent in total about 14 days in jail, lost seven cars via accidents, arson, hit and runs, and expert vandalism that the State Department of Insurance should really investigate.

A few months ago I made a desperate plea for help with the Walnut Creek City Council but apparently Officer Burns decided on July 27th that Pete Bennett needed a talking too and once again labeled a mentally ill assailant and denied my requests to call an attorney. Officers Burns all I'm trying to do is get access to my sons. Seems like you guys want to kill me for some reason and no officer Burns you don't know what I told the FBI 25 years but you appeared quite nervous. By the way whenever have a hearing, file a claim or file a lawsuit the Contra Costa County Litigant Adjustment Bureau finds me before I can appear.

The Walnut Creek Police are about as close to Uber Ops Domestic Terrorism Operation you'd ever find as when I called 911 back in June 2011 from 140 Crosby Court #1 Walnut Creek less than a month later after conversations with Chief Bryden and DA Investigator Darryl Jackson my car was totaled. I know it's just a coincidence but perhaps there is connection. Would you guys like to consider that my phones have been under surveillance for about ten years by Chris Butler plus others - so I am sure my calls are recorded.

By the way I was driven from Apartment by the legal associate of Former Walnut Creek Bomb Squad member Richard Grossman who is probably friends with Lt. David Oberhoffer (SFPD - retired) (Cops the same ages around here know each other) who showed me pictures in June 2010 of the Piedmont Lumber Fire? The same fire I'd mentioned in the November 1st 2011 meeting with Bryden and Nordoff. This meeting is so critical as I'm going to say out loud "over the course of 2011/12 numerous persons near me were killed" and it's not some coincidence to be ignored.

In between a now former Walnut Creek Officer who first name is Greg with possible full name of Greg Fish was a regular at Dallimontes which is in the same shopping center. I had the pleasure of nice short fist fight with Ron who threw me out of his pathetic Italian Joint but if it happens again I won't be so cordial.

My Suspect Officers are from these Departments

Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, CCSO and SFPD.

The sad reality is many officers are clearly connected to totaling my car but LPD Chief Christensen who's name bears a very strong resemblance to David Christensen which is very common spelling of Local Mormons. Even though former Bishop Clark said he would call he has not, even Pastor Reed of Hillside Church whose friend.

It seems that Hillside Covenant Church doesn't want to acknowledge my concerns, that it took six months for them to turn over their insurance company, that the Walnut Creek Police let go home when I was trying to get you the court order IME which was scheduled on July 6th 2011 but your mother drove all the way down to intercept my attempts to get to a medical professional.

You may not know this but I attempted on May 23rd 2013 by coming to Paradise High School to take you to a doctor. The principal Ms Johns called the Paradise Police when I discovered your school records were altered. When I took your to court in Family Law.

I know that you were deathly afraid of Officer Tanabe at the Pack 36 Meeting on February 4th 2007 the same day your mom vanished. At that meeting were meeting were police officers from Contra Costa Sheriff, Concord Police Department and Judge Golub who I told many, many times that someone tried to kill us on the 680 back in winter 2004/05 in months after the same F-250 truck was rigged for arson. I am sure that Alamo 1st Mormons are connected to this arson fire but they've got Pete Amnesia but one important fact they also sue the Airlines when planes crash. Even though I called NTSB with simple fact I know two pilots killed in rather coincidental accidents they don't believe a connection exists. I tried getting legal help from the Contra Costa Bar Association but ... that association is under a legal spell called "don't assist Bennett" but do what you can to kill him.

Of course my crazy story happens to include far too many deaths from far too many accidents that they call coincidences that I call far too coincidental. I know it's just a coincidence that the it's coincidental that it's a coincidence that many are connected to my mail servers taken in Dec 2010 when I was coincidentally running from a San Francisco Cop who coincidentally once show me pictures of the Piedmont Lumber fire that all Central Costa County Residents know was not some coincidence but they said it was accidental. My one opinion is the owners are taking the unfair brunt of the allegations.

Loretta Hale: November 1st 2013 former Danville Pack 36 parent who attended the same cub scout meetings with Judge Golub who's nephew is same Golub you tutored at Montair Elementary
Nathaniel Greenan: April 18th 2011 whose father is James Greenan who represents Contra Costa County and Seeno Construction - please read about their troubles here ,whose company stiffed me for 20K in 1999 which in theory is part of your lost college education fund. The Seeno's take but give so others can think they are givers but they are takers and in the 80s a whole lot of people near these givers in the 80s turned up dead. That cabinet shop I lost in 1989 was related to those takers. I am telling you this via the blog in the hopes that one day you'll discover this site as your email has blocked.
Brian Schewling: Alamo 1st Member He died right after services at Alamo 1st and quite frankly looked very bad that day but coming a survivoir of poisoning he looked as bad as me. I would have died that night in 2005 from a heart attack today as I doubt at 56 I could last through a 105 fever, vomiting blood requiring 3.5 liters of fluid.
Patricia Noel: Alamo 2nd Member died of apparent drug overdose suicide - I don't be really blunt but former Officer Tanabe is connected to a person that is connected the court, the same family law center that concealed my documents from Presiding Judge Barry Goode

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