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Danville Councilman Michael Shimansky
Phone 510-460-5641

August 2009 Contracts Meningitis
Sept 15th diess from Meningitis 
Danville Councilman Michael Shimansky
Councilman Shimansky Died

Danville Town Council - The Secret Story

Danville Town Council - The Secret Story

They said they didn't know anything about Gary Vinson Collins but the Collins name pops up everywhere and after all the events affecting my life there are no longer believable excluding Ms. Morgan.  One incident nearly flipped my truck and trailer but targeting driver couldn't see my sons.

It's pretty obvious now that there have been many attempts to kill me by persons connected to CNET but most agencies act like Ostriches while enjoying their take home pay.   The demise of Councilman Shimansky have strong links to other "victims" who've suffered untimely bacterial infections.

In June 2009 a police report was filed by me about several suspicious bacterial infections in the area.  This was a result of a chance April 2009 meeting with Supervisor Glover who I've known for decades.  Our candid conversation was mostly me sharing my personal events but when Federal said he was a bacterial infection victim it was simply too many.  I already was following Doc's Pharmacy as I've known Bob Horowitz since 1978 but I also knew an Alamo mom whose daughter died from meningitis, and my former coworker from a business in Walnut Creek that nearly died from it but when Mike died it was simply too many for infection rates that affect so few people per 100,000.  The perfect source for these bacterial agents is a hospital, coroner, morgue or funeral parlor. In many of these events there are adjacent real estate transactions which would force a sale to liquidate the property.

In a few days I'll be posting a complete story but this time sending emails to reporters all over the Bay Area as simply stated I'm tired of the blowback and I am positive my 2004 Truck Fire is

Seeing Keith Lynds connected to the Doyle's set off another internet search which is how I found yet another Collins which is a common surname.

So for many years I've emailed the Town Council stating emphatically that Collins was a problem and years later they're all smiling in a publicly posted picture with yet another Collins.

In June 2011, I was forced from my apartment over a truly bizarre event involving another local divorce attorney who lives and works for Attorney Richard Grossman of Doyle, Grossman and Golde.  Lisa Pizone was once a JFK law instructor and her primary practice was Divorce.  The correct spelling of her last name alludes me but perhaps someone Doyle, Grossman and Golde could call with the correct as courtesy call in the interest of Justice after I'm sleeping on the street, lost everything and have little chance of recovering my losses.

They've flooded the Farmer's field over and over right under his nose, never did he expect his Mormon friends were behind his Arson fire or the Hit and Run by a police officer that perhaps all the events collectively were part of larger conspiracy.

The other character is Grossman's legal associate who was my roommate's girlfriend who is connected to divorce attorneys everywhere as she taught at JFK University. What she pulled in late  June required police response then I was arrested on my way to Hillside Covenant Church where my laptop, car and my son went with Kieth Lynds and Bob Britz. That was last communication with my sons except for when my shared one little fact about events.

Danville CA:  July 4th 2011
I stop to update Danville Town Councilman Newell Arnerich that CNET, Chris Butler, and others were the same cops that attacked me in 2004.  Then shortly later repeated the same information to David Christiansen who I know from Alamo 1st Ward.

Weeks later my car is totaled.  Perhaps Mr. Arenich is willing to come out publicly that as promised he went to the FBI.  He wanted me to call them to call him as I suspect he was busy.

The Council Members from 2004-2010 have one very one big problem to solve.  Can you explain to me and the rest of the universe the really truly coincidental occurrence that  my attorney was beaten up in Walnut Creek just in time to prevent my litigation from proceeding forward.

That litigation would have stopped CNET long ago but remember there is this parallel problem that myself, Federal Glover, Councilman Shimansky and now Gary Bell all endure bacterial but I am only one that survived in decent shape.  In 2008 I was supposed to meet Eric Nunn on July 2nd 2008 but he crashed on June 28th 2008 and of course we know the coincidental and tragic results but to the council ignorance (denial) that Former Danville Officer Tanabe personally knows John Kelly and Craig Wilson from Antioch who are both deceased?  You also don't know their history or that SRPD Jason Nunn happens to know Tanabe, Wielsch, Butler, and worked with Lombardi.  The Nunn family does't by the crash investigation but I called NTSB crash investigator to inform him the Eric Nunn and I were supposed to meet over the nearly identical story now known as CNET and Chris Butler wasn't a wire tap expert.

The interrogatories by the way would have revealed that Gary Collins also worked across the street from Gregg's Muffler at Big O Tires where I took my truck to get repaired after the fire that was big the rookie arsonists didn't expect me to race up over 90 mph.  Even with allegations that flames shooting back over 100 feet as per CHP Officer Johnson it wasn't arson.  The bigger problem is that Greg's mechanic blurted out he was right behind me, saw me catch on fire and never did I'd expect to be stating events.

Newell please read and share my narrative about what happened at the Council of Mayors on August 3rd 2012.


Plane Crash ► Eric Nunn Las Vegas NV - An Alternate Theory

Date: June 29th 2008
Las Vegas NV
Event: Single Engine Plane Crash - loss of altitude due to climate conditions
NTSB: Focus of crash was blamed on Pilot error due to lack of extensive flying hours

Candidate for office Eric Nunn crashed into Mt. Charleston NV after taking off from North Las Vegas Airport after a weekend getaway with Craig Wilson and their wives. 

In 2008 Mr. Nunn was a candidate for Contra Costa County Dist 5 Supervisors running against incumbent Federal Glover.  My frustration with Contra Costa County has the numerous events occurring around me which today are known as CNET but my personal experiences extend from the 1980's where the then scummy Pittsburg Police Officer Eric Bergen murdered the Safeway Manager during a takeover robbery in 1988. 

We communicated over many months via email and phone.  As the campaign moved forward we finalized via a phone call on June 28th for the following Wednesday. He perished before we could meet.

I was planning to share my personal research on corruption in Contra Costa County - specifically cases that appear to parked without investigation covering in some cases more than 30 years old.  

I am positive Phillip Marshall found me in Walnut Creek. 
He shared what happened to Gery Webb.
My view this entire collage represents
five murders of many
After learning of Mr. Wiretap Chris Butler then months later discovering that my email password had been breached I now suspect that our communications were exposed. Butler knows Tanabe, Tanabe knows BART Officers including Wilson, our mutual connections are the Branagh's, Movie Making clubs, and someone who lost over 1 million to an IRON Worker who knows the Iron Worker who attacked me at the Farmers Market who is friends with the cop that arrested me.

The same people are connected to the Piedmont Lumber Fire where I've uncovered a group using Amatuer Radios to communicate which is how I figured out they were able to override radios and confuse the operators and dispatch.

It's worse when you factor in the San Bruno Fire, Piedmont Lumber and the Kinder Morgan which looks very similar when you add in all the people I know locally connected to these same people.


Mormons and My Truck Fire

If you're a Mormon from Danville you should call the Danville Stake President and ask questions.

I've sent emails to the Danville Stake - in 2004 my F-250 truck blew up on 680 but the troubling part is the Alamo First Members know more than they are telling as one of their own is a mechanic that works in Lafayette.   Parallel to this is years later I'm selected to work on the San Bruno Fire Hydrotest project.

There are so many little events that nothing makes sense but somehow my truck erupts in flames while the agencies assigned to protect my life and safety can't find any record of the fire.  Perhaps someone should ask San Ramon Fire Protection District a few tough questions.

There are other suicides and suspicious incidents going back decades.  I've learned about other deaths - like the wife commits suicide in a San Ramon Hotel - I've emailed my position to San Ramon Fire and they want o hide their problems so they can get raises or they don't get it.

Poison vs. Mental Illness - How Contra Costa County v. Contra Costa Bar Association

I tried convincing Contra Costa County Regional Medical Center that I was poisoning victim but they simply wouldn't hear it.  The other tangent is the current response from Alamo 1st Mormons where the former Bishop bumped into me at the Walnut Creek Habit.  I said Paul - you know those cops arrested well it's the same ones that attacked me.  Hey Pete I'm with work friends - call me later.  I have been Paul and now I'm looking articles with three dead bodies in a car 4.5 miles from where my sons live.

There are three parts to my allegations:

  1. The near fatal poison cover-up November 26, 2005
  2. The spate of heart attacks between 1999 and 2005 
  3. The numerous trips to ER for intestinal 


Probate Court - Screwing You For Moms or Dads Dollars

Probate Attorneys and Probate Court

Butler's tactics provided insight that perhaps divorcees were being harmed over divorcee assets in a winner take all courtroom battle that I've seen unfold over and over for decades.  I once used to notice that divorces in Danville contained a volatile mix of kerosene,  a match and an angry spouse.  My sons used to attend Green Valley Elementary school where I know a judge, attorneys and many police officers also had children but that also extends through the entire San Ramon Valley School District.  

When it comes to probate this "The Perfect Circle Of Fraud" so  perhaps out of view a few descendants gone as well that few would notice.  

The obvious element was how real estate holdings would transferred or never change hands, lack of probate, lack of information about the deceased but the ones that go me were the obituaries or lack of.  

Christopher Spence - Realtor at Keller Williams Danville -
they said it was a gun cleaning accident.  The missing Obit
The vast majority of deaths fall within normal parameters age, natural causes and typical end of life scenarios e.g. cancer, heart attack and kidney or the lymphatic systems.   As an observer with decades of contacts as you get older persons tend to read the Obits but I garnered this habit in the sixties with my father.  We'd focus on WWII veterans, NYC, and Long Island residents near us.  

Today I've begun piecing together 35 years of Contra Costa County's real estate, businesses and financial relationships which leads down trail after trail that are just life unfolding but several have hit pay dirt.  

Come back soon when I've completed my Google Earth Mapping Complete with push pins, locations, dates and players but for some believers your stomach will turn or mom will be doing spins in her grave.  


Hallucinogen's for Dinner - The Tacticians Toolbox

Hallucinogen's for Dinner?
The Tacticians Toolbox

I've followed news for decades starting with my father explaining how reporters will write stories for the New York Times.  Over the years I narrowed down on crime, techonology, polictics and local news but skippping sports.  

Contra Costa Countys very apparent anomoly where political persons, residents or targets(me) seem to suffer a spate of untimely deaths, infections or life setbacks.  From drownings, shootings, accidents and infections to tactical business targeting we seem to have our very own Star Chambers.  .  My control set is my friends or persons I've met over the decades.  What stands out is my control set doesn't suffer the same misfortunes as the "power peer group" e.g. the ones in power.

The Tacticians Toolbox - Targetrons, Targeteers, and Tactictonians

My obsevations are derived from the news coupled with my skills as a programmmer.  Life has trends like hair styles, colors and fabric.  Every so often we'll see an old fashion trend resurface but death is much different. 

The personal experience that leads me suspect persons in power are up to something and my historical experience as a database programmer where I'd manipulate millions of rows of data.  To help understand the abstract concept I've developed terminology similar to perhaps a movie script where reality and fiction blur to together where rational and irrational could mean the same thing. 

My story intercepts my theory sometime around 2004 or earlier when I started developing a string of maladies of internal nature.  By 2005 I was in the ER fighting for my life but it took years of conversations with other victims to conclude something occurred. 

Extrapolating my incidents and stories of others my conclusions suggest that Contra Costa County has an angel of death and mayhem among us operated by persons with extensive tactical experience e.g. ex-military, perhaps having access to an intelligence apparatus, satellite resources and communications linked a command control structure driven via my personal term of "the Golden Hand of Contra Costa County"

Allowing myself to consider that certain groups with certain agendas might be working under a common agenda playing a game of Risk where instead of players it' a Dallas Landscape of land, oil, humans, commandments and commanders coupled with some "thou shouters" on overdrive..  Within this group we have agnedas, perhaps coveting ones land or business, or perhaps requiring to take ones life or collateral target to disrupt ones business or life. 

The recipe requires Targetrons, Targeteers, Disrupters, scare mongers, Drugamites, and Compounders brought together unwittingly in a terrorist cell distributed through the land.  In my case one key apparatus is the Iphone and Ipad as with a simple app called "gang stalking meetup" and like a flash mob they arrive dutifully following the target.  I experienced this first hand which at first is unerving.  Much of it driven by in my opinion are the Godotrons who upon the counsel of the Justamites and enforcetrons are to get hordes of followers to execute

With the recent spate of truly uncharateristic deaths where drivers race down Pleasant Hill at speeds exceeding 100 mph with crazed looks of terror where the person was just driving to see friends but ends up sheering a telephone pole and bursting into flames. 

Here we have a bartender


The Cat Ate Your Records - Sorry

Yea I get it.

Don't have record of that fire
Don't have record of that accident
Sorry just becuase you were poisoned it doesn't mean similar poison cases have nothing to do with yours

Yip, Yap, Yip a tip is a tip anywhere but here

Murder: John Newman March 30th 2012

Whatever happened that night we may never know but about 18 hours prior to his murder former Danville Deputies recognized while being held at the Martinez Detention Facility.  The key connection is this very strange coincidence where Kitty Maffie bailed me out of jail was John's SSI designee but he was also a regular at the Monday Homeless Lunches held at Walnut Creek Civic Park sponsored by Hillside Convenant Church. 

In July 2011 one of Hillside's members participated in my hit and run and then later another Youth Director tried to run me over in Safeway Parking Lot.  No big deal just poison me, beat me or better just blow my truck up but after all these events not one investigation.  This points to a rather large conspiracy with solid links to CNET and related agencies. 

Jail is where humanity is left at the doorstep where school bully's find the perfect job.  One jailer to his credit "you won't get hurt on my watch" but once I was in the module things changed. 

These former Danville Deputies recognized me saying I was the one who wrote those letters and my reply was you're fucked as I took my findings to the FBI.  They promptly placed Armondo Ybarra in my cell who was psychotic, they withheld his meds and waited for him to explode.  You can't believe the nightmare of watching this person pace all night wanting to kill this or that person.  His main problem is he can't read very well. 

I later told Lt. Simmons of Internal Affairs that the only thing your deputies haven't done is stick a gun up my ass and pull the trigger.  He was truly apologetic just like the other internal affairs documents generated on my behalf told me nothing happened - just try enduring a murder suspect in your cell when you are there for child support while knowing your business has been cratered numerous times by CNET operatives. 

One of the reasons the child support problem hit me was this roller coaster ride on projects.  I would land software customers then suddenly lose them often without explanation.  I'm rewriting pages for clarity as the issues are blurred since there are so many. 

A perfect example is in this article.  The same Police Officer connected several of my key stories. 

Come get me Tonto and fuck you too.

Contra Costa Supervisors

Supervisor Glover

My connection to Federal Glover leads to the Mid-Eighties when one of his family members worked for me but we also worked together on the first stages of the Pittsburg's Seafood Festival. Nothing remarkable but that the brother of that employee was murdered in 1984 or 85, they call it a justified shooting and use of force.  The how and why for another blog page.

We also share in my opinion was near identical bacterial infections-both near fatal, mine was in 2005, his 2007 which came up during our short conversation during a dinner because we shared a table at Sophie (now closed).  I never shared another conversation with Eric Nunn on June 26th 2008 just days before Mr. Nunn's fatal flight. 

As this blog evolves pages will surface regarding, strange medical, natural causes death, accidents and known events where the public can make their own assessment.  I am reporting events that are real but also often too close to me.

I reported my allegations to Officer Paul Murphy who more or less laughed his way through the report and Councilman Shimansky died within weeks of the that report from Spinal Meningitis which was one of my allegations as I know other victims.

Supervisor Anderson

The best Ms. Anderson could say to me on August 3rd at the Council of Mayors Orinda CA was "I'm sorry you've but I guess you've had a lot problems" but even when they are attempted murders no one follows through.  One core issue is my former Mormon friends are avoiding the victims especially the witness to the Arson Fire in 2004. 

Just so you know the person killed on 24 WB on the early morning hours was a friend from where I sing - just another coincidence just like the night in jail where former Danville Deputies nearly killed me with another inmate but few attorneys will represent me for the very obvious reasons. 

Supervisor Piepho
Very good at not returning phone calls
Supervisor Goia
Not much to say - he seems just to be a normal politician and good human being who cares about his county.

Supervisor Glover
We share a past that's hard for most to understand.  When I went back and rebuilt my long timeline I realized that we share far too many deaths near us.  That's when I started looking, asking questions and researching.  

We both nearly died from Bacterial Infections - the difference is I said from Day One I was poisoned to the staff at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center CCMRC - no one believed me but I suspect they are wondering if I was right. 

Supervisor Michoff
Started out badly, has improved but since I've made so many calls about events it hard not to draw a conclusion that perhaps Candidate Elect Gary Bell medical drama could be linked to near fatal medical but more important my letters precede his illness.

Follow the trail of peanut shells leading back decades

I've left a trail of public letters subject to the California Public Records Act but even after my acquaintance was murdered, my former clients dying, former parents, a few heart attacks, car crashes and a few plane crashes of people I know no one seems to interested.


Danville Building Inspector Gary Vinson Collins (summary)

The Building Inspector - Attempted Murder or Just Another Beating

September 2004

Where: 161 Valle Vista Danville CA
When: 5:45

During the late afternon Gary Collins arrived at my residence with the intent of collecting a paintbrush I'd allegedly stolen earlier that day.  The problem was these were tools were mine and they were worth over $5,000 but Collins with Kovacs attemtped to steal them. 

The altercation lasted about 10 minutes.  Collins weighed in at over 275 / 6'2 or better to my 160 / 5'8" plus he was ten years younger.  The police report was no where close to events but when you read about other divorcees in the area at least I'm alive.

The painting project that created this nightmare was accross town at 252 Remington Loop Danville and the crew there helped me get my tools around 3PM. 

The other parties in this case are Stephanie Kovacs, Todd Ratfield and my former neighbors.  What happened earlier in the week is part of the endless attacks from all points.  From before this accident there are a dozen incidents but this incident was nearly ended my life over a paintbrush. 

Three days later Chris Butler walks in the door with all the facts about an altercation connected to an incident that no one knew about.  Eight years later he's arrested which allowed me to connect my accidents as one long attempted murder run.  The Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Danville and Pleasant Hill police are not interested at all but I've been told that even though Bob Britz attempted to run me over they were not going to investigate. 

Apparently I've got friends in low places and he's got friends up at Hillside Covenant Church but I'm talking with attorneys and sooner enough someone will pick it up or I'll file it myself.  I can already prove they intimidate attorneys as the one was going to sue Danville and Gary Collins was beaten but now Collins is gone - so what more do I need to say.  Beat the attorney and kill the witness leaves me with no witnesses. 

Perhaps they should read my Banta article about Hallucinogens or Food -

During my 2005 "near fatal" infection I've suspected CNET operatives played a key role in mine and others.


The CNET Scandal - Article Links Out.

The CNET Scandal

You bet I know this former Antioch cop who was friends with former Pittsburg cops. 
Key figure in 'dirty DUI' stings pleads guiltySeptember 25, 2012
Read more:

Former cop sentenced to three years in prison
Friday, May 04, 2012
Ex-deputy indicted in 'dirty DUI' scheme
Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gary Collins - This man nearly killed me in 2004 - suspected setup from begining.
Dec 19th 2011
Read More

Roma Bhatia's Body Found on Side of Highway, Police Puzzled by Mysterious Death.
 Nov. 12 2011 
Read More


Bacterial Infections - Coincidence or Deliberate

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 12/12/2012
Updated: 07/12/2013 

Walnut Creek CA: In 2009 I began tracking certain types of infections after having dinner with Supervisor Federal Glover.  In 2013 it happened again.  

Bacterial Infections
  • Spinal Meningitis
  • Bacterial Meningitis
  • Non Specific
  • No Witness Deaths of Transients
  • Dying of Natural Causes - Ages roughly

In 2005 I nearly succumbed to a untimely death via bacterial intestinal infection.  A few years earlier a Danville/Alamo mom shared her story how she lost her daughter around 2002 to Meningitis.  That stuck with me but duirng a chance Dinner with Supervisor Glover during April 2009 was his startling revelation on how close our medical drama appeared to be. 

In June 2009 I filed a police report after researching if this wasn't some random coincidence and weeks later Councilman Shimansky died of spinal meningitis.  Councilman Elect Gary Bell as December 15th has been in CCU since Nov. 10th 2011.  Supervisor Glover suffered a near fatal infection in 2007, but in 2005 I nearly succumbed to near identical infection.

In 2009 I was already positive my infection was deliberate but after a brief chance dinner with Federal Glover where I learned of his near fatal infection I filed that police report that precedes Mr. Shimansky's death.  There are others that have been classified as natural causes throughout the county. My research is central and east county but today another one may have surfaced. 

The characteristics are churches, transients or politically sensitive persons. 

Unfortunate Bacterial Victims - Statistical Anomaly or Tactical Plan?

November 6th, 2012
Gary Bell
August 2009
Danville Councilman Michael Shimansky
une 2008
Eric Nunn


Danville Building Inspector Gary Vinson Collins

    :Truck Arson 
Truck Arson
Date:August 2004    
NB 680 at El Cerros

Association:   San Ramon Fire, CHP, Danville Police (CCSO)

After meeting Stephanie Kovacs at her garage sale in Danville on La Questa off Diablo Road I was reluctant to take on this project as I was already busy.  This customer was a new friend who was in a contentious divorce battle with another ex-husband. 

A Contra Costa knock-down, drag-down winner take all battles where they leave the kids in the wreckage.   This would be a Danville style battle where you have opposition from you ex who has police officers (CNET and Butler) on their side. As the week progressed things just didn't go well where the freebie requests grew to unreasonable.  The quick painting morphed into painting Mt. Rushmore with an artist brush.  The night the dinner plate came flying down the hall was enough and packed up my gear.

The following Tuesday I returned to recover my tools that had been hidden but luckly crew knew me so together we found the most of the big stuff but lost over $1,000 in equipment vanished.  Officer Paul Murphy refused to allow me to file a police report but the report on the incident took over 75 days to get released but only when they got wind of the internal affairs investigation as what happened next was Gary Collins appears at my door a few hours later screaming I'd stoled his $15 paintbrush. 

I went flying through the air and came down popping my shoulder suffering a number of injuries.  The way Danville protects its liabilities is to pass events to Contra Costa County so the rest of the county has paid my $50,000 in medical with at least another $50,000 in medical pending. 

This un-reimbursed medical honestly is why Mitt Romney calls us "System Lepers" and so at the moment I'm indigent while I attempt to weave through the legal nightmare which by the way my litigation would have exposed CNET years ago but when they learned I was about to file they found my attorney who was then beat up in Walnut Creek CA.

Buy now save $180 for RocketLawyer  

By the way that police report created by Officer Murphy took forever but suddenly appeared the moment I called internal affairs. The Danville Building Inspector was Gary Collins who died withing weeks of his name being connected to Chris Butler.  They used allegations I'd stolen a paint brush to justify his reasons for coming over even though I'd spent the better part of five minutes screaming for him to leave.

Upon reading Mr. Collins obituary then another event became even more important as in August 2004 my truck erupted in flames ( CANDLESTICK F-250 80 mph fireball - oops.) where my F-250 is blazing flames over 100' back and they don't call it arson. 

The Building inspector's death under investigation article is about Danville Building Inspector Gary Collins fall.  I'm nearly positive I saw him in 2011 with black hair - poorly dyed at best.  There is another prominent case in the area where blond hair and DNA was found but never tested. 

So I'm not sure how a building inspector tumbles down an elevator shaft and dies.  The last person to make such a critical error would be the inspector. 

Palo Alto Investigation - Key Points that don't make much sense to me
  • OSHA Fatality investigation result in fines
  • No press annoucement
  • It was a public works project
  • No visible litigation in Contra Costa 
The Lafayette Big "O" Tire connection between Collins and Greggs Muffler 

The truck arson was bad enough but the reason I drove from Danville to Greggs Muffler in Lafayette because I knew Gregg.  His mechanic stated he actually witnessed the fireball.  Imagine that a Mormon who also attends Alamo 1st with Gregg Coons knew about the attempted murder.  

Post Truck Arson Repairs
The truck was barely damaged likely due to me throttling up to 90 mph for sole reason linked to carburetor/engine choking. That is what is saved my life.  The damage was repaired.

I get it there is no possible connection and it's just a coincidence. 

No question that the Mormons at the Alamo 1st Ward knew about the truck fire and Greg Coons of Greggs Muffler's and his mechanic who witnessed the fire on 680 all knew Collins.  Eight years later through an obituary learn Collins worked across the street at Big O Tires.  Wow, Arson and Assault about four weeks apart that took eight years to discover this little snippet.  I told Joel Gullub who is a Superior Court Judge who as an officer of the court that when they learn of little things like attempted murder or what looks like arson should have reported the crimes. 

Eight years later we've got divorcees connected to attorneys connected to truly untimely divorce deaths being found dead in truly strange locations

No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.

Exhibit (a) murders and deaths near Bennett
The best part is Collins grew up in Pleasant Hill area, went to Acalanes High School and has plenty of contacts throughout the county.  The truck fire and subsequent beating weeks later now suggest that someone has sponsored my death which is also know as a "hit" on the east coast.  When I attended Alamo 1st Alamo where I often chatted with the local powerful but just about everyone in that Ward was well aware of my near fatal events.

Greg's Muffler repaired my fire damaged truck and everyone knew I was nearly beaten to death at 161 Valle Vista Danville CA by Gary Collins who died weeks after I met with Chief Bryden and City Manager Ken Nordoff but during that meeting several key events occurred

  • Copies of the Bennett Collins Police Report were handed over to Chief Bryden witnessed by City Manager Ken Nordoff who's executive assistant copied that police report and handed it to Chief Bryden.  
  • Specific conversations about several divorce cases with highly specific information detailing how Custody Evaluations were being sold.  In 2009 I was told to have $7,500 for the attorney and $10,000 for the evaluator for the exam but the day I was supposed to meet with this attorney they called to say their client had been murdered that weekend by one very pissed off ex-wife.  
  • The other story was how a mom in Walnut Creek was arrested for Jay-walking and jailed for 62 days but they screwed over good at the jail and by court personal who knew better.   

Attorneys Beaten

Reporters Attacked

It's the way it's done around Contra Costa as when you're able to intimidate witnesses, attorneys or poison litigants you can control the vertical and horizontal you can control the courts and best of all control case outcomes.  Think back when a local reporter had a meltdown on-air or this reporter

which is why I wrote the perfect circle of fraud.  Between 2004 and 2006, I was hospitalized, poisoned, beaten, run off the road, my truck erupts in flames at 90 ph with flames shooting back over 100 feet, where the mechanic at Gregs Muffler in Lafayette says he was right behind me but didn't do anything such as honk - he just stayed back to watch.  By the way you guys really suck at rigging F-250 to explode and suck at swoop and squats (insurance term)  so you move to the next closest target so after all that bullshit where you nearly kill him and his sons you move to his attorney.

Why the hell would an attorney represent with so many attempts on my life?  You might to ask Daniel Horowitz how his practice has changed or perhaps you might want to call this number

Poets Corners area participated in another Hit and Run on July 20th 2011 but like Goodness Gracious Great Balls of fire Lafayette just like Danville doesn't investigate attempted murders.

Three days later Chris Butler arrives with all the facts about the assault stating he represent Kovacs ex-husband Todd Ratfield in Ratfield vs. Kovacs, which is another Chris Butler henchman job as she landed in jail after being arrested for attempting to hire a hit man.  The charges were dropped after the so called hit man vanished but she spent over $50,000 on attorney fees unraveling those charges that were likely a fabrication from the beginning which takes the CNET Story to officers in Hayward, Union City and San Leandro.

What I never realized is the history of some Danville Officers that came from Pittsburg where officers there stole my tools - about $50,000 was lifted between 1986 and 1990 but one set of officers murdered Cynthia Kempf a Safeway Manager back in 1988. There have been many murders just like that near me over thirty years.


Two Mormons Different Results

Thank You  Danville
San Ramon Valley Unified School District

 Goodbye Son

Dear Will, 

A few years ago you were aware that I nearly killed by a Danville Building Inspector but also you were knew about the truck fire.  The sad part is the day when we're heading to dump in Pleasanton back in 04/05 when that car rode up at about 90 mph.  We watched the Honda careen into the median and nearly killed us if we'd clipped any part of the car.  Then we thought wow, now I suspect but can't prove because CHP, your state senators, your attorney general and CHP legislative security team won't refer cases over to anyone. 

I am concerned that one day these people will come after you and your brother.  I've been followed by bikers, hassled by cops, arrested, jailed and beaten many times.  When Roma Bhatia was found dead just north of our accident, then another person I knew found via an alleged suicide, then worse were two plane crashes, then a few murders near me but just after we last visited my car was totaled by a San Francisco Police Officer but just like all the other investigations they never started one.  

That last hit and run was enough, when Officer Tanabe was arrested then it all made sense.  If you remember Brother Coons from the Alamo 1st Ward well he fixed my truck that fateful day of the fire, then there is Bishop Clark who was constantly in our house, then I'm concerned about your Grand Fathers Death.  It seems very odd but there are a number of out of character deaths near this ward.  When my friend Brian Schelwing died hours after service I simply left the Alamo 1st Ward but the July 20th 2011 was the defining moment that perhaps I've been targeted. 

Whatever you do don't ever let a Mormon near you.  
  • Throw out the missionaries and elders, the sisters, the brothers and all the rest
  • Tell the Bishop to leave 
  • Throw their food in the trash
  • Tell them they are full of themselves 
Maybe we'll see each other again but I can't win against so many.  I am near positive Danville officers stole my coin collection, I am near positive that the entire town council knows more but sadly the one voice now gone was Councilman Mike Shimansky who died weeks after I filed a police report.  


It's hard when your truck explodes, you're run off the road, beaten up, have cops pull guns on you, when you're in the Contra Costa Regional Medical Center with a bacterial infection that descends to near fatal, when you suddenly has chronic asthma so bad you're in the ER again and again with bizarre medical that's gone without any treatment you know the county ER missed something.  

When your attorney is beaten up, when your business gets targeted, when your customers run because they are threatened, when your former customers and clients get murdered, then this father gets arrested , then tried then Deputies tried to kill me in jail, then my brakes were sabotaged, then, the I learn the same building inspector who nearly killed me in 2004, falls and dies, right after two others from Danville both Divorcees were killed you gotta wonder as after all that I learned the Officer Tanabe was the same Danville Dad you were afraid of.  

One just happened to know former Officer Tanabe the one you don't like.

Take care wish me luck as everyone else does - just luck. 


Contra Costa Flaws

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