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The Emmon Bodfish Murder

Police Seek Connection Between Hotel Suicide and Mother's Bludgeoning Death in Northern California

By Anne La Jeunesse
Friday, July 9--A bizarre suicide that took place recently in a Santa Monica motel room and the bludgeoning death of the suicide's affluent mother in Northern California has investigators looking for a connection, police said Thursday.

Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department investigators assisting the police department in the upscale city of Orinda in the Bay Area met with Santa Monica police Thursday in their efforts to solve the murder of 56-year-old Marin County property owner Margaret Bodfish, whose decomposing body was found June 30 inside her home in Orinda, authorities said.

The Northern California investigators sought out Santa Monica police after learning through Los Angeles County Coroner's Department representatives that Bodfish's son, 33-year-old Maxwell Emmons Wills, had slashed himself to death about 1 p.m. July 1 inside Room # 100 of the Travelodge Motel at 1525 Ocean Avenue.

Wills' body was discovered by Santa Monica police officers called to the motel after a maid saw blood seeping out from beneath the motel room door, said Lt. Gary F. Gallinot of the Santa Monica Police Department.

"They wanted to talk to the officers called to the scene, to see if they heard or saw anything that would help," Gallinot said.

Wills' blood-drenched body was found in the bathtub, a razor was in the sink and a bottle of prescription medicine was also recovered from the bathroom, said Los Angeles County Coroner's Department spokesman Scott Carrier.

"There was a large quantity of blood on the bathroom floor -- he had apparently slashed his wrists, both arms and his throat," Carrier said. "He is said to have had a history of severe depression."
Wills' death has been officially ruled a suicide, Carrier said.
A suicide note was found in the motel room, said Orinda Police Chief Dan Lawrence, but the content of that three-page note has not being released.
Lawrence did say, however, that the note does not make any statement that appears to implicate Wills in his mother's death the day before.
Lawrence said that Wills was being sought by investigators after Bodfish's body was found, but not because he was a suspect.
Wills father, who goes by the last name of Willis, reportedly lives in nearby Berkeley.
Lawrence said the case is a puzzle now and it remains unknown if the apparent murder of Bodfish and the suicide of her son are related.
Bodfish's partially decomposing body was found inside her home in the 600 block of Miner in Orinda on June 30, and it has been determined that she died of blunt trauma to the head, said Orinda Police Chief Lawrence.
Lawrence said that investigators are tracking down many leads, including one that Bodfish was, in fact, a man.
"It's not true -- she was a woman," Lawrence said.

Politicians, Cops, Activists, Whistle Blowers and Journalists a clear pattern of Mayhem

The price of coming forward in America today is very high. My sons were nearly killed in one accident in 2004, my truck was blown up on 680 NB North of Danville, Ernie Scheerer (Whistleblower) murdered by his son, his friend Nate Greenan was murdered on WB-24, way back in 1982 Supervisor Federal Glover's cousin (my employee) was murdered by Pittsburg cops, and CHP Officer Kenyon Youngstrom was killed by a US Programmer heading to Fake H-1b visa interviews with Mindsource so that big Companies like HP, Sun, Oracle and Symantec These interviews serve one core Purposes re-certify some unsuspecting foreign tech worker for another three years, When you put 1.5 Trillion in the H-1b visas into a region where a million US Workers (required two american's be interviewed)

Councilman Shimansky is one of three politicians to expire from Spinal Meningitis in Contra Costa County where the same investigators convicted Scott Dyleski and Scott Peterson.

Obit: Michael S. McNulty Nephew of former Walnut Creek Mayor Sue McNulty Rainey and Sheriff/Senator Richard Rainey

Obit: Michael S. McNulty

Michael S. McNulty
Resident of Walnut Creek
Will be missed by all who loved him dearly. A Funeral Service will be held at Higgins Chapel on Monday, Nov. 19, 2012 at 9:30 am, followed by a graveside committal service at Holy Cross Cemetery in Antioch, Ca.


Walnut Creek CA July 20 2013  Micheal McNulty was found dead of an apparent Gun Shot wound to the head on November 10th 2012.  Like the other incidents in the area I placed him in my database and began searching.  One reason was the name McNulty resonated with me but the other fatalities I'm tracking are connected to the head of the Contra Costa Bar but that person leads to Alamo 1st Alamo CA where I suspect Alamo 1st Members tried to kill me on 680 back in 2004 by rigging my F-250 truck oil with accelerant.  I almost burned to death just like the Filipino Nurses did in the Limo Fire (Arson or Accident) which matches other Limo Fires in the Walnut Creek area.  

The answer came when I was talking to a friend of someone who know Sue McNulty Rainey - then I realized he was the same "Uncle Fester" that frequented Tiki Toms where I play music.  The sad part is I called the Humbolt Coroner who was more than candid which suggested the suicide is a cover story.

Why the concern - Few know this but Michael McNulty is the nephew of former Mayor Sue McNulty Rainey who married to former Sheriff Richard Rainey then later serving as State Senator Richard Rainey (R), so what are the chances of Don Perata's daughter in-law Catherine Perata drowning in a pool.  

In Contra Costa County the powerful spin together mostly along party lines.  The Republicans from Orinda, Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Danville, San Ramon and Clayton.  The Dems suck the putrid refinery gases north, west and east county. The attorneys mostly are republicans and a fair amount of political power is Danville.  

The deputies live in Seeno built homes and the rest live in early crappy Seeno Homes. It took them 30 years to learn how to build a good house - too bad for their misfortune.  


Contra Costa Flaws

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