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Murder ► Pamela Vitale - an Alternate Suspect

Sept 21, 2004 - Danville CA

Building Inspector Gary Vinson Collins appears screaming about his paintbrush read the assault story >>>

The Investigators

CCSO Criminalist Eric Collins

The man who apparently delivered the majority of the incriminating evidence that put Scott Dyleski in jail for life. A case than many feel has weak merits with very sketchy evidence, the lack of hair fibers matching Dyleski but untested DNA from an unidentified subject? What gives Criminalist Collins?

Read the Scott Dyleski Analysis that revealed a coincidence as nearly positive that Gary Collins was inspecting a house on Waverly Drive Martinez CA where his hair appeared to be dyed black.

Rick Kovar: Apparently this is the son of former Walnut Creek Mayor Peg Kovar. It's a bit strange to me when reading about this .

Over the last eight years I've been subjected to numerous accidents, incidents and even an alleged poisoning but On February 11th 2012 - I attended a movie making event that I sensed was a setup >>> but this allowed a crucial connection to be made between Peter Branaghm, Eric Nunn, Craig Wilson, a bunch of realtors in the Poets Corners area, a retired SFPD Cop then finding houses lost to foreclosure in 2008/2009 which I believe leads to my 2011 car accident which leads to the same people at the same hole in the wall bar down the street from the Back Forty BBQ who lost a son.

During the summer of 2011 my car was totaled, my laptop breached weeks earlier but when I learned of Collins death via his Obituary in 2012 then long missing links surfaced.

The untested DNA and blond hairs likely match Gary Collins. The evidence collections techniques based on analysis by other writers suggests that a few untrained buddies collected evidence in the dark. Did CCSO deliberately alter evidence as they've deflected me many times and now they're linked Chris Butler, Tanabe, and Lombardi.

The last name Collins is synonymous with my story but connections to Poets Corners more significant but consider my position, truck fires, arson, beating, vandalized engines, damaged ABS System, clients targeted and offices affected.

The Blonde Hairs ? (source) >>>

During direct examination, Eric Collins testified that on October 17, 2005 while attending the autopsy, he collected numerous light hairs from the back torso of Vitale’s body and packaged these. Here is should be noted that Daniel Horowitz has dark brown hair, and Pamela Vitale had black hair and her husband Daniel Horowitz has dark brown hair.

On cross-examination, Collins testified that the hairs found on the back of the Vitale’s torso were blonde in color, and found at the junction where the T-shirt and skirt met, in the midsection of her back, and that the numerous blonde hairs were “loosely hanging on”. He collected these by placing them in an envelope.

Collins testified that when he photographed Dyleski following his arrest, his hair was black. He had no remarkable lacerations or bruises. The connective tissue in his mouth, which can tear during a violent struggle, was intact. His injuries were superficial in nature.

Statements from friends of Scott Dyleski

Scott Dyleski is a young man unjustly imprisoned in California for the murder of Pamela Vitale. Pamela Vitale was brutally murdered in her home in Lafayette, California on October 15, 2005. Scott was 16 at the time and lived in a planned community about a mile away in the same Hunsaker Canyon area of Lafayette.,dyleski,science,8,20,06.htm

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