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AMTRAK Railroad says woman killed by train at Davis station not on cellphone

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 01/13/2004 
Discovery Date:  01/13/2004 
Incident Date: 11/14/2013Reposted to Protect My Sons

Remote Viewing Station #1: Somewhere in a North Bay Starbucks my magnetism delivered another tragedy as the gal sitting across from me knew this young woman who walked in front of a train just like PayPal SVP Eric Salvateria did at the Menlo Park CalTrain station in 2012. 

More later on these dubious accidents.    

Railroad says woman killed by train at Davis station not on cellphone

Nov 18, 2013 
DAVIS, Calif. - The young woman hit and killed by an Amtrak Train in Davis Sunday night has been identified as 29-year-old Andrea Mrotz from Vallejo.
According to Davis police, at least one witness said Mrotz was on her phone prior to the train collision. At least one witness also tried to yell and warn Mrotz.
Officers talked to several witnesses including the train conductor. According to police, Mrotz, was in the danger zone.
Police say Mrotz was crossing the tracks when she was struck by the train.
Loved ones say Mrotz was an intelligent and responsible young lady who was familiar with the Davis Amtrak station and used the train regularly.
Alberta Jones says her niece was not someone who took things lightly.
"She was standing next to her belongings when she got hit," said Jones. "We don't know how she ended up on the tracks. That we don't understand."
Amtrak and Union Pacific Railroad were reviewing surveillance video from the incident.
"Until you see the video, we don't know how she ended on the tracks. That we don't know. She wasn't crossing back and forth. We still don't know if she was on her phone," said Jones.
Jones said Mrotz had an incoming call before the accident, but it was not certain that her niece was on the phone when she was killed.
Sunday night, A Union Pacific worker said there were additional passengers on the train because of the Raiders game. Mrotz's family believes the train was longer than usual. And, they believe there were a number of additional factors that may have contributed to Mrotz's death.
Amtrak and Union Pacific Railroad were not commenting on the investigation.
Mrotz graduated from UC Davis in microbiology several years ago.
According to her LinkedIn profile, she was a leader and organizer of LabelGMOs: California's Grassroots for the Vallejo and Benicia area. She stated that she organized group volunteer meetings and marches and advocated for sustainable farming practices.
On her Facebook page, Mrotz has many posts about her activism in public health and protecting the environment.
She was also an avid and accomplished sailor and often taught people how to sail with the Benicia Yacht Club, according to relatives. 
By Suzanne Phan,
Twitter: @suzannephan
Facebook: SuzannePhanNews10

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