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PGE High Performance Engineer what do they do

Posted: Summer 2012 Pete Bennett 
Lost In Walnut Creek, CA 94596 
P: (925)-399-1082

This job description was posted on on January 27th 2013

The keywords: Sr. Gas Distribution Engineer, GT Pipelines, GT Assets, metering facilities, Gas Standards and Specifications, Subject Matter Expert (referring to the Gas Transmission Industry) 

FYI: My resume has none of these skills but I was hired with criminal warrant for child support.  My resume was round filed PDQ for opening but more important they wouldn't give me the light of the day. Could I do the job - yes but do better candidates exist absolutely and I'm the first one to say it.  

I am also saying that today is January 29th 2013 and I don't have any food or cash - it's Ok that PGE's vendor owes me thousands but you can find my article about my car being totaled.  At the end of the day everyone goes home while walk home looking over my shoulder awaiting the next attack.   

Updated Comments: 10-28-2013

So why was I hired to work on PG&E Gas Transmission Services without a background check, without a license, car or insurance.  My finances have been destroyed, my children on Welfare, my sons live in shit shack trailer in Paradise that makes the easiest arson target ever.  

I've called the FBI witness protection and ask for the CHP provide some sort of safety plan.  Instead I'm nearly run over in Walnut Creek here and still no police report. The best answer I've received from the Board of Supervisors is get on food stamps, and GA but don't bother us anymore.  Sorry we can't help you and they might want to ask Supervisor Candace Anderson about this obituary as it's my former Attorneys Brother in-law.  

Senior Gas Engineer - Pipeline Engineering

About the Job

Job_Other_Compensation: Up to $130000.00

Job Description:
This Senior Gas ?Pipeline? Engineer will be responsible for providing engineering, technical support, pipeline design, project management for the gas transmission assets across the system and service area. Must have an understanding and technical background working with gas distribution and transmission pipelines, pipeline engineering, pipeline construction and effective interpersonal and communication skills.


? Gas Transmission Pipeline Design: You will be responsible for engineering gas transmission facilities, which include gas pipelines, metering facilities, regulating facilities, and transmission service extensions. Knowledge of 49CFR Part 192 and Gas Standards and Specifications is critical to success. Ensure that all designs meet applicable codes and gas standards. Work with Estimators and Design Engineers to develop construction drawings which you will approve and issue for construction. Develop and maintain a high level of expertise in gas transmission pipeline design, maintenance and operations. Depending on your experience, become a Subject Matter Expert in your area of expertise and provide oversight, consulting, technical support and document updates.
? Field Technical Support within a specific GT area to: 1) manage issues that arise with 3rd parties and other departments and the gas transmission pipeline. Examples include reviewing 3rd party development plans for impacts to GT pipelines and easements, proactively track sub-divisions and other growth developments around our gas transmission facilities; verify P/L class location, wheel loading, encroachments. 2) Work with the M&C Supervisors and crews, Sr. Gas Distribution Engineers and Corporate Real Estate Management on a variety of pipeline conflict and encroachment issues. 3) Provide real-time day-to-day engineering solutions, technical support, and on-call emergency response during dig-ins, pipeline repairs and other emergency response events. 4) Manage data requests for GT assets such as class location study reviews, allowable pressure reviews, GIS data integrity.
? Planning, Budgeting and Project Management: Responsible for managing gas transmission pipeline projects from conception to completion. Project phases include: evaluating problems, developing a job scope, evaluating alternatives, justification, budgeting, pipeline routing, material procurement, land acquisition and right-of-way, engineering, estimating, construction and record keeping. Primary emphasis is on scope, resource scheduling, and cost control. May require preparation of specifications and contracts.

?10 years of experience in engineering and/or underground construction to include background working with gas distribution, gas transmission pipelines, and pipeline construction
? Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical, civil, or metallurgical engineering

? Understanding of Department of Transportation (DOT) 49CFR Part 192 codes and regulations and California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) GO 112E
? Project management experience
? Working knowledge or experience in gas operations or gas system
? Professional Engineering Registration in either Mechanical or Civil Engineering
? Experience in developing and administering contracts and specifications
? SAP experience in job ownership, materials, financial

Aug 6, 2012 – 9, 2005, accidentally connected a high-pressure gas main to a low-pressure ... The fact that PG&E placed a veteran natural gas executive in charge of gas... Sawislak, executive director of Engineers and Scientists of California, Local 20. ...San Bruno, has been pleased with Stavropoulos' performance.

Doubts over PG&E worker's memory of pipeline test - SFGate
Jul 5, 2012 – In a filing with the commission last week, PG&E went so far as to argue that the ... recalled observing a 1956 test of the pipeline using high-pressure water. ...alleged that the company was negligent in never performing such a test. ... a house trailer in to relocate the engineers while they repaired the office." ..

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