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Councilman Gary Bell - Bacterial Infections Natural or Deliberate?

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch  EMAIL • 925-399-1082 (Google Voice) 
Posted: 06/13/2013
Reposted to Protect My Sons

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Around June 15th 2009 I filed a police report with Danville Police about my findings about bacterial infections near me over many years.  I was always troubled by the Docs Pharmacy incident, even more concerned about the Alamo mom I met in 2003 who's daughter died in 2002, then reading about Supervisor Glover illness.  I filed the near clairvoyant police report then councilman Shimansky contracts and dies from Spinal Meningitis - now Gary Bell.  There plenty of possible deaths around the Bay Area where homeless have died from "natural causes" there were two in March 2013.

It's the easiest method possible if you've got access to biological's e.g. the Coroner or cadavers.  I did the research with my limited background but the numbers speak for themselves.  I do have some help from persons above Contra Costa County Level.  What Officer Murphy didn't know was I vetted and recorded that police report with the FBI.  I knew better after nearly getting killed in Danville three times or better.

Richmond Councilman-elect Gary Bell will not take office January 8 due to illness

Richmond councilmember-elect Gary Bell. Photo courtesy Germaine Bell.
Councilmember-elect Gary Bell will not take office next week due to complications from a bacterial sinus infection, which was previously misreported in news accounts as a meningitis infection, according to a press release sent out Thursday night by Bell’s family.
Next Tuesday, January 8, is the swearing in ceremony for the new councilmembers. Councilmember Nat Bates and Councilmember Tom Butt were re-elected in November—Bell won the third seat on the council with about 15 percent of the vote.
This was the fifth time that Bell ran for office in Richmond. He was first elected to the city council in 2000, and served until 2005, when he lost his reelection bid. In 2006, he ran unsuccessfully for mayor and in 2010 he ended his campaign early due to his wife’s health. Bell’s political life began early in Wichita, Kansas when at 25 years old he became the youngest councilmember in that city’s history.
Read the full story by Jennifer Baires at Richmond Confidential.

Danville Town Council - The Secret Story

Danville Town Council - The Secret Story

They said they didn't know anything about Gary Vinson Collins but the Collins name pops up everywhere and after all the events affecting my life there are no longer believable excluding Ms. Morgan.  One incident nearly flipped my truck and trailer but targeting driver couldn't see my sons.

It's pretty obvious now that there have been many attempts to kill me by persons connected to CNET but most agencies act like Ostriches while enjoying their take home pay.   The demise of Councilman Shimansky have strong links to other "victims" who've suffered untimely bacterial infections.

In June 2009 a police report was filed by me about several suspicious bacterial infections in the area.  This was a result of a chance April 2009 meeting with Supervisor Glover who I've known for decades.  Our candid conversation was mostly me sharing my personal events but when Federal said he was a bacterial infection victim it was simply too many.  I already was following Doc's Pharmacy as I've known Bob Horowitz since 1978 but I also knew an Alamo mom whose daughter died from meningitis, and my former coworker from a business in Walnut Creek that nearly died from it but when Mike died it was simply too many for infection rates that affect so few people per 100,000.  The perfect source for these bacterial agents is a hospital, coroner, morgue or funeral parlor. In many of these events there are adjacent real estate transactions which would force a sale to liquidate the property.

In a few days I'll be posting a complete story but this time sending emails to reporters all over the Bay Area as simply stated I'm tired of the blowback and I am positive my 2004 Truck Fire is

Seeing Keith Lynds connected to the Doyle's set off another internet search which is how I found yet another Collins which is a common surname.

So for many years I've emailed the Town Council stating emphatically that Collins was a problem and years later they're all smiling in a publicly posted picture with yet another Collins.

In June 2011, I was forced from my apartment over a truly bizarre event involving another local divorce attorney who lives and works for Attorney Richard Grossman of Doyle, Grossman and Golde.  Lisa Pizone was once a JFK law instructor and her primary practice was Divorce.  The correct spelling of her last name alludes me but perhaps someone Doyle, Grossman and Golde could call with the correct as courtesy call in the interest of Justice after I'm sleeping on the street, lost everything and have little chance of recovering my losses.

They've flooded the Farmer's field over and over right under his nose, never did he expect his Mormon friends were behind his Arson fire or the Hit and Run by a police officer that perhaps all the events collectively were part of larger conspiracy.

The other character is Grossman's legal associate who was my roommate's girlfriend who is connected to divorce attorneys everywhere as she taught at JFK University. What she pulled in late  June required police response then I was arrested on my way to Hillside Covenant Church where my laptop, car and my son went with Kieth Lynds and Bob Britz. That was last communication with my sons except for when my shared one little fact about events.

Danville CA:  July 4th 2011
I stop to update Danville Town Councilman Newell Arnerich that CNET, Chris Butler, and others were the same cops that attacked me in 2004.  Then shortly later repeated the same information to David Christiansen who I know from Alamo 1st Ward.

Weeks later my car is totaled.  Perhaps Mr. Arenich is willing to come out publicly that as promised he went to the FBI.  He wanted me to call them to call him as I suspect he was busy.

The Council Members from 2004-2010 have one very one big problem to solve.  Can you explain to me and the rest of the universe the really truly coincidental occurrence that  my attorney was beaten up in Walnut Creek just in time to prevent my litigation from proceeding forward.

That litigation would have stopped CNET long ago but remember there is this parallel problem that myself, Federal Glover, Councilman Shimansky and now Gary Bell all endure bacterial but I am only one that survived in decent shape.  In 2008 I was supposed to meet Eric Nunn on July 2nd 2008 but he crashed on June 28th 2008 and of course we know the coincidental and tragic results but to the council ignorance (denial) that Former Danville Officer Tanabe personally knows John Kelly and Craig Wilson from Antioch who are both deceased?  You also don't know their history or that SRPD Jason Nunn happens to know Tanabe, Wielsch, Butler, and worked with Lombardi.  The Nunn family does't by the crash investigation but I called NTSB crash investigator to inform him the Eric Nunn and I were supposed to meet over the nearly identical story now known as CNET and Chris Butler wasn't a wire tap expert.

The interrogatories by the way would have revealed that Gary Collins also worked across the street from Gregg's Muffler at Big O Tires where I took my truck to get repaired after the fire that was big the rookie arsonists didn't expect me to race up over 90 mph.  Even with allegations that flames shooting back over 100 feet as per CHP Officer Johnson it wasn't arson.  The bigger problem is that Greg's mechanic blurted out he was right behind me, saw me catch on fire and never did I'd expect to be stating events.

Newell please read and share my narrative about what happened at the Council of Mayors on August 3rd 2012.


Bacterial Infections - Coincidence or Deliberate

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 12/12/2012
Updated: 07/12/2013 

Walnut Creek CA: In 2009 I began tracking certain types of infections after having dinner with Supervisor Federal Glover.  In 2013 it happened again.  

Bacterial Infections
  • Spinal Meningitis
  • Bacterial Meningitis
  • Non Specific
  • No Witness Deaths of Transients
  • Dying of Natural Causes - Ages roughly

In 2005 I nearly succumbed to a untimely death via bacterial intestinal infection.  A few years earlier a Danville/Alamo mom shared her story how she lost her daughter around 2002 to Meningitis.  That stuck with me but duirng a chance Dinner with Supervisor Glover during April 2009 was his startling revelation on how close our medical drama appeared to be. 

In June 2009 I filed a police report after researching if this wasn't some random coincidence and weeks later Councilman Shimansky died of spinal meningitis.  Councilman Elect Gary Bell as December 15th has been in CCU since Nov. 10th 2011.  Supervisor Glover suffered a near fatal infection in 2007, but in 2005 I nearly succumbed to near identical infection.

In 2009 I was already positive my infection was deliberate but after a brief chance dinner with Federal Glover where I learned of his near fatal infection I filed that police report that precedes Mr. Shimansky's death.  There are others that have been classified as natural causes throughout the county. My research is central and east county but today another one may have surfaced. 

The characteristics are churches, transients or politically sensitive persons. 

Unfortunate Bacterial Victims - Statistical Anomaly or Tactical Plan?

November 6th, 2012
Gary Bell
August 2009
Danville Councilman Michael Shimansky
une 2008
Eric Nunn


Bacterial or Murder by Bacteria

Murder by Bacteria The Perfect Circle Crime - Good Luck or Goodbye

Edited: January 27th 2013

Martinez CA: On November 26th 2005 at around 11:00 PM I drove myself to Contra Costa Regional Medical Center Martinez CA. I was suffering from severe intestinal cramps, vomiting and severe diarrhea. My fever was coming on strong while intestinal pain was intense but I was holding up we'll enough thinking this can't last much longer.

The pain was intense but another medical bill was something worth leaving over but at the time my medical g, returning and almost not leaving 48 hours later but the doctor said I almost didn't make it as he said we weren't sure if you had sepsis or septicemia but said it takes an autopsy - consider yourself lucky.

I've found similar cases or victims who are fall into divorcees, widows, widowers and business targeting.

GHB Bacterial Delivery Services

Local Woman - now likely deceased

The story as it was told to me: Her allegation is she was knocked out with a strong sedative (suspects GHB) after meeting someone. Awoke with a puncture wound (needle) suspects she her spine. About three days later arrives at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center CCU with Spinal Meningitis where they also find parasites. She is unable to can't the medical help she needs but this mirrors my own experiences with the CCCRMC. For years I went my own medical endurance test but here I am a decade uncovering others.

This person encountered the same CNET officers that many of us have met. The above story sounds pretty diabolical but this was posted on December 12th 2012. The timeline is highly important as Tax Collector Bill Pollecek died from Spinal Meningitis in May 2013, and I posted this after learning that Gary Bell contracted a bacterial infection then died but Councilman Shimansky died from Spinal Meningitis in August 2009 about a month I filed a police report. Too bad for that Danville Officer the call was likely recorded by FBI but if they missed it I called the agent I've updated - too bad for this boys but way back in 2001 or 1988.

Man arrested in 2006 by Wielsch and Lombardi alleges they bought him a drink just after they arrested him but while in custody. His statements are that he was in the jail infirmary vomiting his guts out at Martinez detention facility for about three days.
Lombardi used a non-police vehicle to pull me over in Danville waiving his six shooter at me calling me a drug dealer. That pretty ended my career working at LLNL, GE, or Wells Fargo.
A transient woman dies of natural causes in Pittsburg in 2011
A homeless man floating in Newhall Park - just another homeless drunk drowned in three feet of water - just like behind Barnes and Noble Pleasant Hill

Man found dead near Concord street corner

POSTED: 03/28/2008 10:50:35 PM PDT | UPDATED: 6 YEARS AGO

KH worked in Contract Furnishings now is on disability lives in severe pain.

  • Her visible health changes are:
  • Degenerative spine disease
  • Scoliosis
  • Host of apparent conditions
  • She was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer
  • Other conditions that are lifelong, treatable and manageable but are post puncture

There are other similar cases many fatal outcomes or lucky survivals but my personal experience was a close call - CCCMRC is fully aware of my allegations.

Over 48-hours of Intense Pain

My 48-hours was most intense vomiting ever with a fever with excruciating pain that later the Doctor stated I was lucky to survive. I asked what was it he said we can only tell after the autopsy.

That was the intestinal lite! - I'm planning on a deeper analysis with a little expert help as medicine is somewhat far afield from programming plus I don't have the time to develop comprehensive skills in bio-terrorism, bio-warfare, forensics, and fire technology.

They may not like my stance but my phone records which have likely been monitored by the FBI since my conversations with several Special Agents - the reason I started calling was Eric Nunn crashed three days after we last spoke. The only copy of that email is with Contra Costa Times unless someone can tell me who bought my storage locker at the former Walnut Creek Storage.

Apparatus Employment Openings

Stalker: someone employed by a larger apparatus responding to a network of operatives with DOD back grounds, with connection to research universities where the Brothers hang out (not those brothers that sing well) the Brothers that sing those boring old songs in that non-profit where the Puppet's listen to profits.

Stalkatrons: disciples or followers being led down trails with a locksmith kit, alarm codes and look-the-other-ways

Widows Watchers: They build the Will and Trust in paper mache approved by the bar

Judgilatrons : Bonded by Canyons of Echos where wink, wink, nod and nod again, wink some more

Diablo Bar Association - Ruled by the Magistrates of Alamo, controlled by someone, perhaps many, Heir Apparent of Seized Forfeitures by asset class -

Single Celled Apparatus - Knows something, knows enough but needs to know only enough

Dual Celled

Council Of Chiefs - Top rated ebay sellers, highest quality jewellry, watches, missing Rolex's, a few police cars from the Mac Farlands near fields of bakers where they tow cars.


My postings express the sum frustration of years of medical that comes from nowhere and vanishes. We are not talking cancer or biopsies but I'm sick then better.

I know it happens when the stalkers are trolling but will cover bars, clubs and restaurants.



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