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Politicians, Cops, Activists, Whistle Blowers and Journalists a clear pattern of Mayhem

The price of coming forward in America today is very high. My sons were nearly killed in one accident in 2004, my truck was blown up on 680 NB North of Danville, Ernie Scheerer (Whistleblower) murdered by his son, his friend Nate Greenan was murdered on WB-24, way back in 1982 Supervisor Federal Glover's cousin (my employee) was murdered by Pittsburg cops, and CHP Officer Kenyon Youngstrom was killed by a US Programmer heading to Fake H-1b visa interviews with Mindsource so that big Companies like HP, Sun, Oracle and Symantec These interviews serve one core Purposes re-certify some unsuspecting foreign tech worker for another three years, When you put 1.5 Trillion in the H-1b visas into a region where a million US Workers (required two american's be interviewed)

Councilman Shimansky is one of three politicians to expire from Spinal Meningitis in Contra Costa County where the same investigators convicted Scott Dyleski and Scott Peterson.

Fatal blast bringing tight new rules or Better Investigators - Three persons near this fire deceased.

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WALNUT CREEK / Fatal blast bringing tight new rules / Lawmaker says buried utility lines need better marking

Published 4:00 am, Saturday, June 11, 2005

After a Senate committee hearing Friday into November's fuel-line blast in Walnut Creek that killed five workers, state Sen. Tom Torlakson said he will push for tighter laws regulating how hazardous underground utilities are marked and how construction crews can avoid them.
Current methods of protecting utilities are "very ad hoc, and that's not right. That's not safe," Torlakson, D-Antioch, said after the two-hour meeting at Walnut Creek City Hall.
Workers who mark utilities may require special certification and should employ more advanced technology than they currently use, Torlakson said, echoing suggestions made by some speakers. He also suggested that fines levied for accidents may need to be heftier.
It was the first public hearing since the Nov. 9 blast, in which a backhoe operator installing an East Bay Municipal Utility District water main hit a buried fuel line, releasing a stream of gas ignited by nearby welders.
The catastrophe has prompted several investigations, a raft of lawsuits and calls for new laws. Officials from workplace safety regulator Cal/OSHA appearing at Friday's hearing said they would consider new laws and regulations after consulting a panel of state and industry experts next month.
"The thing that stands out about this incident is its disturbing simplicity," said Len Welsh, acting director of Cal/OSHA. "We need a system that is resilient to human performance errors."
Cal/OSHA last month blamed Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, saying it failed to mark a bend in its fuel line. It issued the firm two "willful" violations -- the stiffest possible penalty -- and fined it $140,000, while the utility district, the contractor and a mapping firm received "serious" citations.
Kinder Morgan officials, who say they properly marked the line and provided maps showing the bend that was struck, are appealing the ruling. Company officials did not attend the hearing, but sent a letter saying the firm -- which operates 10,000 miles of pipelines in 21 states -- is "retaining additional third-party expertise concerning line marking practices, " providing more training and education and buying "state of the art line locating equipment."
Currently, state law requires Bay Area excavators, before digging, to call a nonprofit service that in turn contacts the owners of any nearby underground pipelines and utilities. Those owners must locate and mark their lines or advise workers of their location. Should those workers approach the line, they must dig by hand to expose it and protect it.
But Torlakson, EBMUD General Manager Dennis Diemer and others asked why there are no rules specifying exactly when utility owners should, for example, use paint to mark the path of a line or dig "potholes" that expose the line from the surface.
Mark Breslin, executive director of the Engineering and Utility Contractors Association, which represents about 400 companies, said the Walnut Creek explosion was "only a symptom of a recurring and pervasive problem in marking utilities in the state."
Also at the meeting, state Fire Marshal Ruben Grijalva said his pipeline safety division was within two weeks of issuing its report on the Walnut Creek blast. He said his investigators also believe it was caused by "the line not being properly marked" and could seek fines up to $500,000.
"There was enough regulation and legislation in place so that this should not have happened," Grijalva said. "It just wasn't followed."

PLAINTIFF's Winners Circle For Alicia and her Daughter

Two Murder Suicides One Block Apart?

In Nov 2004 a pipeline explodes in Walnut Creek CA, then there is a Murder/Suicide of a nearby mom/daughter, then years later down the road, two Los Lomas High School Students drown, then 1990's Alumni drowns in the very same channel, then ten years later this researcher discovers that main witness is dead while copiously missing from the investigation process then after a CalFire Pipeline Engineer slams the phone down this researchers keeps digging. The Murder/Suicide victim are related to the heavy equipment operator.

This researcher has a long forgotten connection as there is litigation connecting Bennett to Dr. Kim Fang whose offices overlooked this same channel. In the middle is the Walnut Creek Police Department and the City of Walnut Creek CA.

Fang v. Bennett 1987) once had offices overlooking channel, 14 years later Kellie Reed a cook and bartender from Tiki Toms cook is killed on Ygnacio on same channel, but five men were burned alive above channel, a woman jumps to her death near the Channel, a man drowns in tributary to channel, and two jump from Kaiser

On Sept. 28th 2013 Bennett was nearly killed on this very same channel, still no police report, still wondering and asking for a police report which prevents him from getting VCP or Victims Compensation so he can begin to rebuild his life, take care of his sons.

Sooner or later this serial arsonist-murder operation will attempt to kill sons alive in the shit shack where they live.

Lt. David Oberhoffer SFPD - statements of psychopath that has my court files.

Has copies of all my legal documents
Knows where my sons live
Involved with CNET Officers
Has been near Piedmont Fires

Marcy's Law Except Pete Bennett whose outgunned, out manned and overwhelmed

No one will help me get access to the services, my license, my cars, my endless losses and endless misery while I've chronicled the deaths of my friends.

I know Wielsch, Butler, Tanabe, Lombardi, Bergen,

I know even more victims.


PG&E Fire and the Gas Can Man

The original video can be found on Youtube but posterity purposes I grabbed a copy.  This video in my book matches persons I know live in the SF East Bay.  Depicted on this page are several "other" explosions.  The 2004 Walnut Creek fire was several months after my truck fire on 680.  The fire that San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District, CHP, Danville Police and  Walnut Creek Police refused to investigate.

This was in Walnut Creek in 2004.  
This woman was a probable witness 
She is dead 


The Gas Can Man

The Mysterious Gas Can when I discovered the clip on Youtube had received around 10,000 clicks. After careful study several conclusions emerged, the rocks behind the Truck were likely from the blast. Those rocks could be used to calculate the strength of the explosion.
Frame by Frame Reconstruction: Using composite overlays one could construct enough of image to possibly identify what he's carrying e.g. Gas Can or Red Tool Box. The cameraman is yelling about the heat but the suspect doesn't appear to be in a hurry.

Park Regency Apartments in Walnut Creek.

MAGE 1 OF 2 The effects of an explosion at the Park Regency Apartments in Walnut Creek. Photo by Gina Gayle/The SF Chronicle. Image 2 of 2 James MacMillan, a general contractor with Paul Davis Restoration, goes over the damage from an explosion at the Park Regency Apartments in Walnut Creek. Photo by Gina Gayle/The SF Chronicle. A natural gas explosion ripped through a section of a Walnut Creek apartment complex yesterday afternoon, but nobody was seriously hurt or killed. The second-floor unit where the blast occurred was vacant and most neighbors -- perhaps because of the nice weather -- were out of the Park Regency Apartments when the explosion happened at 12:15 p.m. "It sounded like an airplane hit it," said Beverly Batton, who was in a first-floor garage at the time of the blast, having just returned from the grocery store. A Contra Costa Fire Department dispatcher said a man and woman, both 29, were taken from the scene to John Muir Medical Center. They were treated for abrasions to their face and extremities and released.

Walnut Creek Explosion Nov 2014

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KGO) -- Contra Costa County Fire Captain Kent Kirby says Friday morning's explosion in Walnut Creek has turned into a criminal investigation after police say this was not a gas explosion, but from a drug lab making hash oil - a concentrated form of pot. Around 10 a.m., fire crews responded to a two-alarm explosion at a six-unit structure at 1564 Sunnyvale Avenue in Walnut Creek, close to the Pleasant Hill BART station.

The Homeless Programmer - The PG&E Programmer who is a walking target in Walnut Creek CA

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 10/20/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons

Walnut Creek CA: This american programmer is officially homeless in Walnut Creek even though PG&E's SubContractor stiffed him for well over $10,000 leaving my sons are on welfare even though was supposed to be a two year project.  The project ended when my laptop was breached first by persons associated with Hillside Covenant Church then by persons associated with the Walnut Creek Bomb Squad who are connected to the persons listed on one of my main blog page here Contra Costa Arson Suspects as identified by yours truly.  

In September 2013 my former neighbor gets convicted in Federal Court, in 2004 my truck fire was rigged for arson thus catching on fire with me in it, then one attorney is beaten up in Walnut Creek in one of those Walnut Creek Police go nowhere investigation or perhaps Don Moats who was burned out (2001) in a totally separate arson case connected to CNET.  

Yes it's true I'm homeless, I've been beaten up many times, hospitalised with strange medical maladies between 2000 and 2007, been rigged for arson and dealt with the State Police when Senator Mark DeSaulnier called the threat assessment team on me.  

Here we are ten years later it happens again so please read my article called the Walnut Creek Crosswalk Killers as nothing has changed even though I'm walking around with sensitive PG&E data that organization continues to ignore me.  

I first brought these issues up in 2010 where I clearly told Senator DeSaulnier that there was a problem with local law enforcement and ten months they arrested persons associated with CNET.

It should be noted that by the time the meeting was over that Piedmont Lumber had burned the ground that same morning.  I've openly declared suspects connected my story to that fire and I've developed connections between that group and Butlers operations. 

So this homeless programmer is trying the reach PG&E so he can get paid but since my calls to PG&E have gone for the most unanswered by Kate Dyer, PG&E supplier 

Please read about PG&Es supplier diversity.

“We are fully committed to implementing the 

plan and whatever else it takes to ensure that 
we operate the safest and most reliable gas 
system in the country.” Tony Earley, Chairman 
PG&E Corporation 

Me too in fact I may have a solid link threading the San Bruno Fire to my undected 2004 arson fire that would have weighed in heavily with investigation of the Kinder Morgan Fire as the common theme is my truck probably had jet fuel in the engine and that went undetected for 10 years.  I actually have witnesses who stood back to watch me as I was nearly burned alive.  By the way you can call the Alamo 1st Ward and ask the Bishop for the correct addresses of that Mormon that saw me nearly burn alive that mid-day accident which might lead to other arson cases like the Kinder Morgan Fire and San Bruno Fire.  Think it through - the best accelerant is Jet Fuel or Fuel from an Airport.

From who I know and who I've met over thirty years this should hit home.  I know Matt Moody via Tiki Toms, I know Peter Branagh via Danville and Banking Software (FiServe), I know Eric Nunn who was going to help me back in 2008 and this lawsuit would have stopped CNET in 2004.

Call me Tony we gotta chat - if you bring some hooch I'd be able to stay warm tonight.  There is plenty of room on the concrete slab that I'm growing really tired of sleeping on and the rain is coming.

One of my last hot meals was Top Ramen - what did you eat today?  I'm running on Melba toast that I found across from Neiman-Marcus.


The Homeless Programmer using Social Media to wake the Giants of Business

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 10/28/2013

Reposted to Protect My Sons

Walnut Creek CA:  In 2011 I was contracted to work for PG&E for project that sort of fell from the sky.  Looking back I know something was wrong about how I was hired, what I ended up with on my laptop was enough for a domestic terrorist to carry out a wide range of attacks on PG&E infrastructure.

In the coming days I'll be posting the scenarios on how it could be done but I'll be using real world events already concluded and perhaps with flawed investigations.  The information Silos are part of the problem.

My personal challenge is a place to live - even though PG&E main defense counsel has been well aware of events near me and are well aware of my allegations.  I've called about 20 times for two years this The Homeless Programmer continues to endure attacks, his roommate tossed him for his own safety when he was mugged in Walnut Creek, I was mugged in Oroville, my car was totaled in Lafayette but it's far worse as former Senators Rainey and Perata have lost family members.  My ex-wife knows the Raineys, I knew their nephew as Uncle Fester from Tike Toms a fun loving guy who committed suicide, and Don Perata's daughter in-law drowned just like Margaret Lesher drowned but former Contra Costa Times reporter Michael Taugher drowned in Maui by vanishing from the surface while snorkeling but ..... he was another State of California Employee as he was the PIO for the Fish and Wildlife (Game) who wrote hard hitting well deserved pieces on Seeno and other power names in Political cricles.

This resident has called the elected officials DeSaulnier, Bonilla, Buchanan plus has emailed the Council of Mayors the day before he appeared on August 2rd 2012.  Few know this but Supervisor Anderson is Mormon, she is a member of the Danville Stake where the San Ramon, Alamo and Danville Wards operate under one entity.  She knew Ernie Scherer, and definitely knows James Greenan and Nate Greenan and Ernie Scherer III would attend the same Danville Area Stake Functions like Pioneer Days, General Conference and Emergency Preparedness events held at the Danville Ward on Old Orchard Way Danville CA.

That was where Mike Shimansky told me they were too powerful and couldn't stop them.  We were talking about the attempted murder of me by this man who fell to his death five weeks after I gave documents to the Chief of Police Joel Bryden and City Manager Ken Nordoff then the target of my litigation once linked to CNET nearly eight years falls to his death.

The experts of staging accidents are incredibly good or they have friends where they need them.  Read about Mr. Collins tragic fall in Palo Alto on Dec

This lawsuit would have stopped CNET in 2004

Since my attorney


Mooney, Ryan Pleasant Hill: Family escapes fast-moving house fire - Contra Costa

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 10/22/2013



Pleasant Hill: Family escapes fast-moving house fire

UPDATED:   10/16/2013 03:44:15 PM PDT

PLEASANT HILL -- Ryan Mooney crouched next to his kitchen door around 1:10 a.m. Wednesday, seeing through the bottom crack what appeared to be flickering lights in the garage.
His wife had awakened him moments earlier after hearing loud noises from the garage, wondering if a stranger was in their Dove Court home.
"So," he said, "I slowly open the door, thinking I'm getting ready to startle a burglar."
Instead, a cloud of black smoke rushed into the home and forced Mooney, his wife and his 11-year-old daughter to flee. The one-alarm fire partly damaged the home and destroyed the garage, along with two cars parked in the driveway, causing small explosions that awakened neighbors.
Mooney, 32, and his family escaped out a back door and climbed a back fence to safety. A power line near the house exploded and fell near the driveway as the family was evacuating. PG&E crews were needed to shut down the power.
"I don't think it's hit me yet," Mooney said. "I'm thankful that everyone's OK. When you think about it, a house is just a house. Everyone's OK, so we'll handle it."
Mooney said that he had spent part of Tuesday staining his decks and that he left four to six oily rags in his garage. The odor of the rags eventually became too difficult to ignore, he said, and he moved the rags outside about 9:30 p.m. About four hours later, his wife heard loud bangs.
She wasn't the only one.
"Woke us up," said Joe O'Neal, a neighbor who lives around the corner and about six houses away. "Loud pops. Like mini-explosions. Actually, I thought they were gun shots when I first heard them."
The explosions, Contra Costa Fire Protection District officials said, came from the two cars -- a Mercedes and a Land Rover -- that were destroyed, fire inspector Lisa Martinez said. Investigators believe parts of the car tires may have exploded and that the other explosions may have been caused by magnesium in the car batteries, Martinez said.
Investigators have not said what caused the fire, but Mooney said the oily rags may have combusted. Mooney said that the house likely will be salvaged but that the family will live at a residential hotel for an indefinite period. Fire crews did not put a monetary estimate on the damage to the home.
The family also had several pets, he said, including a Macaw bird and some rabbits. Mooney grabbed the bird, and all but one of the rabbits were found in the aftermath.
Contact Rick Hurd at 925-945-4789 and follow him at

PG&E employee questioning the integrity of a gas line

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 10/05/2013

San Carlos: Emergency operations center opened after city declares 'state of emergency'

By Katie Nelson San Jose Mercury News
POSTED:   10/05/2013 05:25:57 PM PDT | UPDATED:   A DAY AGO

SAN CARLOS -- An emergency operations center opened Saturday, just one day after city officials declared a state of emergency in San Carlos following the release of company emails that showed a PG&E employee questioning the integrity of a gas line that runs under a heavily populated section of the city.
City officials said the center was opened Saturday around 11:30 a.m. in a "limited capacity." A half-hour later, the city manager, city attorney, police and fire officials and representatives with the city's Public Works Department spoke via conference call with representatives from PG&E and the state and county offices of emergency services to discuss the current status of Line 147.
The safety of line 147, a 20-inch, 4-mile long pipe that runs from Interstate 280 through San Carlos to Highway 101, primarily under Brittan Avenue, was called into question after the city received documentation Thursday that showed PG&E officials questioning whether the pipeline had been properly maintained and inspected. One employee states that after reviewing records, inspectors believe the pipe dates to 1929 and had found external corrosion.
A San Mateo County judge on Friday ordered a temporary injunction and requested the agency shut down the line immediately. Instead, PG&E reduced the pressure in the line by 20 percent Friday night and told city officials Saturday that they were evaluating the potential impact to customers should the line be shut off completely.
The company's assessment would be completed Monday, city officials said in a news release, but that did not quell Mayor Bob Grassilli's bewilderment with PG&E going against a court order.
"How can a company which claims safety is their top priority continue to ignore a court order issued to protect the public?" he said in a statement. "It's 80 degrees outside, PG&E customers in the Bay Area aren't going to be without gas if line 147 were shut down. They shut down the line for several months in 2011 without impacting customers."
A Nov. 14, 2012, email from PG&E noted: "A recent leak repair effort on L-147 ... has revealed pipe specification(s) that are inconsistent with the current data in the PG&E system."
Another employee expressed serious reservations about the pipe's safety in a Nov. 17, 2012, email. "After thinking about this some more, I have some concerns about this pipe," the employee wrote. "Are we sitting on a San Bruno situation? ... Is the pipe cracked and near failure?
"I don't want to panic people but seems like we should consider this and probably move the pipe up ... for replacement."
PG&E released a statement Saturday reiterating that the pipe was safe as well as noting it was abiding by the judge's orders. Officials said they were going to cut gas flow to the line in a "safe and effective" manner. A complete gas shut-off could happen as early as Monday or Tuesday, the utility added.
"We are working diligently to comply with the court order to safely and effectively shut off service to the pipeline," said Nick Stavropoulos, executive vice president of PG&E. "However, in the meantime, I want all customers to know that this pipeline has been demonstrated to be safe using the leading and most universally accepted standard for assessing the integrity of operating pipelines. Under no circumstances would we operate this pipeline in an unsafe condition and any suggestion to the contrary is simply wrong."
On Sept. 9, 2010, eight people were killed and dozens of homes burned after a 30-inch, high-pressure pipe running under the Crestmoor neighborhood in San Bruno tore open along a faulty seam, causing a massive explosion and fire.
Follow Katie Nelson at

PG&E Modesto operations - Domestic Terrorism Chess - Get Bennett's Laptop

By PETE BENNETT - Contra Costa Watch EMAIL
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 10/06/2013

Timeline Marker 

Reposted to Protect My Sons

Modesto CA: Since my car was totaled in Lafayette Ca on July 20th 2011 I've attempted to remedy many strange events near this project with PG&E their vendor Ravenelle, the State Police, FBI and ATF.  After several years of incidents but more important useless attempts at getting paid for services this former PG&E contract programmer suspects that the San Bruno fire was either Domestic Terrorism or Arson of Opportunity.  This contract programmer has numerous arson incidents near him and now suspects that officers connected 

In March 2011 I was contracted to Ravenelle Enterprises to build numerous databases specific to the PG&E Hydrotesting project.  

On my return trip from Modesto on May 27th I was being held at the facility performing what I considered to be make busy minutia.  The entire facility was empty given it was Memorial Day Weekend and so all I was doing was twiddling my thumbs. It was me and the security guard.  I finally got the call that it was OK to leave.  

On my way back someone followed me up 99 to 405.  I stopped north of Modesto but the car reappeared. 

On my laptop was data from the PG&E Gas Transmission Project and that car well I had my eyes on it and when he made the move I hit the brakes just enough he missed. I'd been through this in 2004.  

I've called PG&E enough times that I've decided to let everyone know my opinion as a few weeks later whoever these people are but this time they got me in Lafayette.  

Apparently my laptop contained well over a large amount of files.  The VP of Ravenell son was arrested in Texas for dealing drugs with I believe was the Marines.  Now that the Navy shooter story is out I'm suspecting this VP was being squeezed by persons unknown. 

My personal opinion about the PG&E pipeline fire is this was a form of domestic terrorism.  PGE fails to recognize their role in the Bay Area - they supply the utilities to the 11th largest economy in the world.  

I almost ready to say the military should be taking over running portions of their operations.  They are missing the mark completely.  

Asiana Pilot Blinded - It was deliberate - I survived this by sheer luck

Contra Costa Watch 
Phone: 510-460-5641
Posted: 07/11/2013

Protect My Sons • Related Searches: Arson / Blinded 


The pilot flying the plane, a veteran captain still in training on the Boeing 777, reportedly told Korean investigators that a bright flash temporarily blinded him at an altitude of about 500 feet.Officials are investigating whether the pilot of the Asiana Airlines jet that crashed into the runway at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday had been blinded seconds before by a flash of light.
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680 Truck Arson
680 SB Hit and Run
Walnut Creek Tow
Explorer Keys Stolen
Infinity Keys Stolen
Intrepid Blown Engine
Explorer ABS
Montana ABS sabotage
Explorer Brake Sabotage
PG&E Pipeline Data Thefts
Letters To Lafayette PD, Town Attorney, and Police Department

National Transportation Safety Board director Deborah A.P. Hersman said pilot Lee Kang-kook shared "some of that information" with the U.S. investigators interviewing the pilots. When asked it if was a laser, she said investigators weren't yet sure. 
"We really don't know what it could have been," Hersman said. "We need to look into it. We need to understand what he's talking about."
At the same altitude, the pilots realized the jet was coming in too low, and tried to correct their path. The speed of the airplane also slowed significantly at that altitude, from about 134 knots (154 mph) at 500 feet, to 118 knots (136 mph) at 200 feet, to 112 knots (129 mph) at 125 feet.
During the briefing, Hersman outlined other aspects of the ongoing investigation, including a deeper analysis of the plane's automated flight systems to determine how they interacted, whether the pilots used them properly or if they malfunctioned during the landing.
Noting that the Boeing 777 has some of the most sophisticated automation in the sky, Hersman said the systems, such as the auto-throttles, have many settings and can be coupled with one another.
Investigators found that in the 2-1/2 minutes before the crash, multiple auto-throttle modes and multiple auto-pilot modes had been set.
"What was the final mode the airplane was in?" Hersman asked. "We still need to validate the data. We need to make sure how the devices were set and what the pilots understood the modes to be."
The evacuation of more than 300 people aboard the jetliner did not begin until 90 seconds after the aircraft came to rest and only when fire was spotted by a flight attendant, federal investigators said.
Getting everyone out of the wide-body 777 late Saturday morning also was complicated by two escape slides that inflated in the cabin, pinning down two crew members, as the plane careened down Runway 28L.
The accident killed two teenage girls from China who were coming to Los Angeles for a summer camp. Scores more were injured.


Contra Costa Bar: The Letter

Unlimited Calling US/Canada $14.95/mo.To Whom it May Concern:

This letter is a general complaint about the legal community in Contra Costa County and the general feeling that I’m red-lined but i guess I'm lucky as James Greenan son was sacrificed to protect Seeno.  This is not some joke as in 2004 these same people are behind the 2004 Truck Fire that is just like other arson fires.  

Back September 2004 I was nearly beaten to death by Gary Collins who is now deceased weeks after he was linked to the CNET scandal with documents directly linking him to Danville Officers.
On July 20th 2011 my car was pushed into oncoming traffic by a retired San Francisco Police Officer which was a direct attempt on my life. After that accident I was forced to review numerous events where I’ve concluded I'm targeted by police officers, CNET, CCSO and others because I went to the FBI.

Last year deputies tried to make sure I didn't live through the jail event but when I got out of jail I discovered someone near me was murdered and my brakes were sabotaged.  Then there are several real estate agents now deceased under suspicious circumstances. 

I have potential claims against nearly every city that managed or supplied police officers to CNET. In the coming weeks you will learn what happened with more than officer from Walnut Creek connected to my story and the reason Chief Bryden suddenly retired is connected to my story. I’m waiting for the next hand to fall on Seeno as well as I know better than most how deep it goes.
Is possible for me to find an attorney that won’t waste my time by gleaning information about the case then telling me he cannot handle my case. When I tell them that my attorney was beaten up and left the area, that my other attorney Don Moats offices were torched which I cannot confirm but know it happened.

I’ve been poisoned, my businesses attacked, been beaten numerous times, threatened, had a $40,000 coin collection stolen by officer Lombardi in 2004 which is why the US Attorney put that amount in the plea deal.

I need an attorney that is not afraid to sue to the county or cities. The state police are investigating several recent incidents.
If you cannot help me then I’m suspecting with good cause that your attorneys have all been warned off – that means I will send a letter to the US Attorney’s office detailing that victims cases are being derailed deliberately by a mysterious secretive council that operates in the back ground.

I've lost my family, my truck was blown up on 2004, poisoned in 2005, my clients have been threatened and the continuous abuse rolls on.  The reason I turned to the SF trial lawyers in 2004 was the Contra Costa Bar and attorneys in the area would not sue Danville or Collins.   

I am owed at least 50K by PGE and believe that they defrauded me in their attempt ti undercover their attempt to find an arsonist.  I know who the arsonist is for the Piedmont Lumber Fire as he’s connected to the same people that torched my truck.

Additionally these same people likely are behind more than one murder and more than one accident.

You either have attorneys or you don’t. I’ve lost millions going back 25 years and the players behind those losses are obviously unwilling to give up.

Let me know what you can as my causes of action are 
  • Personal Injury
  • Fraud
  • Abuse Of Authority of Color of Law
  • Civil Rights violation 
  • Legal Malpractice 
  • Arson
  • RICO 
  • Actions against numerous cities
A few months back an attorney representing cities told me that I should leave the area as I have no case.  I found that odd but I've long suspected that counsel has been colluding to affect the outcome of cases throughout the court system.   

I will not leave and you cannot find an attorney then I suggest you explain why a county full of attorneys cannot represent one citizen.  

Pete Bennett 

PGE ►: San Bruno Fire - Arson or Accident

Date: February 5th 2013
Walnut Creek CA

Event: Meeting at 1923a Oak Park Blvd. Pleasant Hill CA
Purpose: Review document management project connecting documents to litigation simple project
Date: First or Second Saturday after the San Bruno fire

Parties present: A PGE Employee that was a pipeline specialist

A retired SFPD Lt who appeared about 20 minutes into the meeting and once showed me pictures of the Piedmont Lumber Fire.  Interesting fact was the PGE never revealed he worked for PGE.  Then about eight months later I'm recruited to work on the PGE Hydrotest project.  When I was arrested in Walnut Creek for a child support charge my laptop was taken by several members of Hillside Covenant Church which was my destination that evening, I get our of jail, return to Motel six as I moved out of my apartment because of events created by a divorce attorney thats work for a former Walnut Creek Police Officer who once ran the Walnut Creek Bomb Squad and is friends with the Doyles one of which is Councilman Mike Doyle.  

In the coming weeks I will be talking about this fire and my connection to a person I believe is an arsonist.  The blog has grown quickly and admittedly at times disorganized but I can only do so much while in my opinion stay alive.  Read through the blog and you'll quickly get it.

There are several core incidents that have led to my conclusion that will force this into a fresh debate. We have way too many fires near a core area that I've tracked. 

KML files coming as soon as I can get my database completed but I was mugged in Oroville last month - now I'm ill again with intestinal related infection running constant fever for days.


PGE High Performance Engineer what do they do

Posted: Summer 2012 Pete Bennett 
Lost In Walnut Creek, CA 94596 
P: (925)-399-1082

This job description was posted on on January 27th 2013

The keywords: Sr. Gas Distribution Engineer, GT Pipelines, GT Assets, metering facilities, Gas Standards and Specifications, Subject Matter Expert (referring to the Gas Transmission Industry) 

FYI: My resume has none of these skills but I was hired with criminal warrant for child support.  My resume was round filed PDQ for opening but more important they wouldn't give me the light of the day. Could I do the job - yes but do better candidates exist absolutely and I'm the first one to say it.  

I am also saying that today is January 29th 2013 and I don't have any food or cash - it's Ok that PGE's vendor owes me thousands but you can find my article about my car being totaled.  At the end of the day everyone goes home while walk home looking over my shoulder awaiting the next attack.   

Updated Comments: 10-28-2013

So why was I hired to work on PG&E Gas Transmission Services without a background check, without a license, car or insurance.  My finances have been destroyed, my children on Welfare, my sons live in shit shack trailer in Paradise that makes the easiest arson target ever.  

I've called the FBI witness protection and ask for the CHP provide some sort of safety plan.  Instead I'm nearly run over in Walnut Creek here and still no police report. The best answer I've received from the Board of Supervisors is get on food stamps, and GA but don't bother us anymore.  Sorry we can't help you and they might want to ask Supervisor Candace Anderson about this obituary as it's my former Attorneys Brother in-law.  

Senior Gas Engineer - Pipeline Engineering

About the Job

Job_Other_Compensation: Up to $130000.00

Job Description:
This Senior Gas ?Pipeline? Engineer will be responsible for providing engineering, technical support, pipeline design, project management for the gas transmission assets across the system and service area. Must have an understanding and technical background working with gas distribution and transmission pipelines, pipeline engineering, pipeline construction and effective interpersonal and communication skills.


? Gas Transmission Pipeline Design: You will be responsible for engineering gas transmission facilities, which include gas pipelines, metering facilities, regulating facilities, and transmission service extensions. Knowledge of 49CFR Part 192 and Gas Standards and Specifications is critical to success. Ensure that all designs meet applicable codes and gas standards. Work with Estimators and Design Engineers to develop construction drawings which you will approve and issue for construction. Develop and maintain a high level of expertise in gas transmission pipeline design, maintenance and operations. Depending on your experience, become a Subject Matter Expert in your area of expertise and provide oversight, consulting, technical support and document updates.
? Field Technical Support within a specific GT area to: 1) manage issues that arise with 3rd parties and other departments and the gas transmission pipeline. Examples include reviewing 3rd party development plans for impacts to GT pipelines and easements, proactively track sub-divisions and other growth developments around our gas transmission facilities; verify P/L class location, wheel loading, encroachments. 2) Work with the M&C Supervisors and crews, Sr. Gas Distribution Engineers and Corporate Real Estate Management on a variety of pipeline conflict and encroachment issues. 3) Provide real-time day-to-day engineering solutions, technical support, and on-call emergency response during dig-ins, pipeline repairs and other emergency response events. 4) Manage data requests for GT assets such as class location study reviews, allowable pressure reviews, GIS data integrity.
? Planning, Budgeting and Project Management: Responsible for managing gas transmission pipeline projects from conception to completion. Project phases include: evaluating problems, developing a job scope, evaluating alternatives, justification, budgeting, pipeline routing, material procurement, land acquisition and right-of-way, engineering, estimating, construction and record keeping. Primary emphasis is on scope, resource scheduling, and cost control. May require preparation of specifications and contracts.

?10 years of experience in engineering and/or underground construction to include background working with gas distribution, gas transmission pipelines, and pipeline construction
? Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical, civil, or metallurgical engineering

? Understanding of Department of Transportation (DOT) 49CFR Part 192 codes and regulations and California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) GO 112E
? Project management experience
? Working knowledge or experience in gas operations or gas system
? Professional Engineering Registration in either Mechanical or Civil Engineering
? Experience in developing and administering contracts and specifications
? SAP experience in job ownership, materials, financial

Aug 6, 2012 – 9, 2005, accidentally connected a high-pressure gas main to a low-pressure ... The fact that PG&E placed a veteran natural gas executive in charge of gas... Sawislak, executive director of Engineers and Scientists of California, Local 20. ...San Bruno, has been pleased with Stavropoulos' performance.

Doubts over PG&E worker's memory of pipeline test - SFGate
Jul 5, 2012 – In a filing with the commission last week, PG&E went so far as to argue that the ... recalled observing a 1956 test of the pipeline using high-pressure water. ...alleged that the company was negligent in never performing such a test. ... a house trailer in to relocate the engineers while they repaired the office." ..

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