MARTINEZ -- A public memorial service is being arranged for former Contra Costa County treasurer Bill Pollacek, who died Friday after a three-week bout with spinal meningitis, a county official said.
"It is with sadness that I announce the passing of our friend and colleague Bill J. Pollaceck," wrote County Treasurer-Tax Collector Russell V. Watts in a news release.
Arne Simonsen, Antioch's city clerk, said Pollacek had been a close friend for more than 15 years and that his death was a "loss to all of us."
Pollacek was "friendly as hell," Simonsen said, and was known for his great sense of humor and for looking out for the county that had elected him to serve as both their treasurer and their tax collector.
Pollacek retired in January 2011 and had moved to the Napa area before his death, according to Simonsen.
Before serving as the county treasurer, Pollacek served on the board for the Center for Human Development, based in Pleasant Hill, and was a city councilmember in Martinez.
He was elected as the county treasurer in 1998.
"He always looked great in a tuxedo, and he always had a smile on," Simonsen said. "He had real dedication, stayed solvent. You just don't see too many people in politics who look out for the tax payers the way he did."
Pollacek is survived by his wife Nancy, who is arranging a memorial service for Thursday, May 16, at 1 p.m. at Tulocay in Napa.
"She wants to make this a big  event for Bill to let him know how much we'll miss him," Watts said. "Indeed, I will."
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