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The Tacticians Toolbox - Targetrons, Targeteers, and Tactictonians

The Tacticians Toolbox -  Fiction or Backyard Non-Fiction

Under Mt. Diablo near Walnut Creek CA


Somewhere back in time you become the target where the targeteers commanded by Tacticians are deployed in your direction.  The mobilization begins the minute a Tactician issues the orders, they may or may not use guns but his arsenal varies depending whether his/her requirement is a overt or covert or a deep cover operation.  They do not deviate from the targets they are relentless hunters with economically driven estate and family piercing arrows. 

The unsuspecting suburbanites with valuable real estate holdings who are in most cases are living out their lives in their Prop 13 Homes are now being targeted or coveted for cash rich homesteads. 

If you only knew who was stalking you then you'd believe me but for many by the time they've read these words they're at the Tartgeteers Horizon. The paperwork has been drawn, files forged and the protective advocates are forced to fade away resulting in another loss.  It's a chess board of multiple tiers with shifting outcomes.  The enforcertrons monitor, adjust and modify Tactical commands daily but their 24/7 universes allows them slip as many mickeys required to destroy the target. 

The Tacticians Toolbox contains strategies, tactical maps, GPS, strong boxes, storage lockers, storage facilities, access to autos, trucks, vans and a plethora of public utility vehicles for cover stocked with radars, penetrating radar and eavesdropping gear.  No one would question them next to a BBOX or CEV or underneath a KVA line. 


Microbes of the Night - Delivering Us Unto Random Misery

Delivering Me Unto Misery

December 31st 2012 - 5:00
Temp 30 Degrees Freight

My Former Mormon Friends:  Those fine folks from Danville who know about my truck fire. 
Christian Friends: The Perched Church - Their member helped with targeting and totaling my car in Lafayette

Editing in Progress 01/01/2012 - Happy New Year? Not really but I'll do my best

Walnut Creek CA
Being out last night in the cold was the last thing I'd expect but years of events have taken a toll on me but Words Over Swords Anyday.  My normal crash spot is with long term friend where I couch surf spent was out of the area - little warning leaving me few choice.  The thread between warmth and cold is a few hundred bucks.  My brothers "The executors" forged trust documents but getting counsel challenging when the learn your documents were forged, and that your other attorney was beat up in Walnut Creek 

The night was bitter cold but posting to Facebook produced little help.  During early 2011 far too many "new" friends appear to be fake and worthless and lead to officers in Walnut Creek, Contra Costa Sherriff's deputies and several DA Investigators. 

Some may wonder what is going on, why so much angst about all these accidents, setbacks and apparent endless legal problems well if your life was turned upside down as often as mine has been then you'd be unstable or more unstable as most couldn't survive a night in the cold at less than 30 degrees.   

The final straw was when Walnut Creek Officers staged a scene in front of the Walnut Creek Library that endangered patrons, residents and employees as Walnut Creek Officers were poised to shoot.  nother defining moment was my attempts in seeking counsel where the attorney at the end of the conversation said "are you getting bumps in the night?", I said yes and far too many - he laughed and knew he's one of them.  But part of my call was reconnaissance - gotcha you targeteer (profiteer)

Reconnaissance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Reconnaissance is a mission to obtain information by visual observation or other detection methods, about the activities and resources of an enemy or potential

Since the eighties I've endured incident after incident but over time a pattern emerged.  I've been building a victim profile for years based on reading local news.  I always pondered how seemingly normal people suddenly vanish, crash, die sudden deaths or commit suicide especially when knowing them.  When you personally know a Father whose son kills the mom but knowing he's getting bumps in the night that perhaps rash out of character events are not so random. 

Online comments provide insight rarely heard outside of law enforcement.  The recent accident involved Charles Silverman occurred in Lafayette CA October 7th 2012.  The driver dies in high speed crash into a telephone pole but comments nested under patch from other drivers was traveling at well over 100 mph.   One distinct observation point was at Withers/Talyor Blvd a few miles preceding that accident was "The driver had look of terror in his eyes" but I called this person as I recognised her name I've known for many years.  Our conversation was poignant that she feels something is going on but she also called investigators to relay her statements to investigators.  Like many investigators they need a customer relationship tool like sales force. 

Mr. Silverman is not the only accident victim in Lafayette but in my case they're not interested in seeking out suspects in my July10, 2011 "hit and run" accident but Lafayette Cheif of Police Eric Christesen paltry response was my accident was unfortunate but perhaps that my letters resonate with Steve Falk City Manager as Mr. Falk my accident was an attempted murder but there are other events, I'm an arson victim, an assault victim, and I'm now positive that perhaps the incident on August 5th 2011 was attempt to allow an officer to use deadly force.

Contra Costa County has a series of attacks, fire bombings and arson "dressed as fires" spanning decades but this observer takes a different approach knowing these fires are close enough to the perfect conduit which is the East Bay Parks Trail Network that weaves around the county.  Something that's good for residents provides numerous undected pathways.  This could be the entry and escape conduit for many fires. 

A witness to my 2004 Truck Fire works in Lafayette on Mt. Diablo Blvd.  The building inspector that nearly killed me weeks later but as fact that took over eight years to surface was he worked across the street.  He cannot respond as current horizontal location prevents him from speaking up.  A sidebar is he was father that left a wife and children behind.

We have real "pipe bombs" or "pipe bombs fakes" but these are found "just in time" by important people but they are "disarmed" which brings a constant bright light on a certain agency. I could be wrong but none have gone off but searches in other demographic areas fail to produce similar incidents. 

About two years ago a local musician was found foaming at the mouth on trail - no one stopped, Silverman races about 4 miles at speed good enough to blow the engine, one of the biggest privately held lumber company burns to the ground that's just down the street from a former restaurant blamed on transients. 

A homeless transient squatting in a vacant Pittsburg house dies of "natural causes", a hairdresser suddenly becomes someone else, a normal man jumps from the 680 overpass, a janitor with 30 years of tenure jumps to his death,, a homeless man walks in front Amtrak, a senior vice president bicycles directly into a CalTrain, and a homeless man is crushed in Walnut Creek plus bicyclists everywhere getting hit or the pedestrian in Antioch run over by two separate cars. 

On August 3rd a bouncer from a local bar was found on WB 24 but like all my coincidences he was killed about 20 minutes after our conversation at the end of night.

The list goes on and on.  A man is found dead in the creek behind Barnes and Noble, then several years later a nearby business is fire-bombed but the programmer that flipped on 680 just like the Contra Costa resident found in Idaho, they are found alone, they call it suicide which to my observations seems to be an overused convenient untruth. 
"If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all "

The Microbes of the night could explain why the musician was foaming at the mouth, why the transients being found dying alone, why are the homeless women was found on the freeway, why was the mom was found on 680 at Bollinger Canyon Road. 

Many have threads leading to local businesses, real estate, mortgage, banking or locally but many also have clubcards, live near trails, eat food, some have EBT cards but I'm suspecting they are some type of financial, estate, or matrimonial obstacle. 

For me I've become hyper careful about food while super cautious on where I get my food. 

The Microbes Model is tasteless, invisible but near impossible to intercept but grocers would be forced to withdraw products and again like the Tylenol Scare suggests we've got a huge problem and Contra Costa County is ground zero. 

On another level a threat exists that's on a threat level of it's own where your medical records are used against you.

Seeking Weakness through medical records:  Knowing the targets medical weaknesses would be the logical first move by the tactician -

The Drama of the Kill?  Depend on which side of the deal you're sitting on

Asthma or Anaphylaxis.  A bee sting can bring down a target in seconds but knowing the targets weakness would is found in their medical records.  If you knew the person well-enough that information would be common knowledge but the medical records in the wrong hands are simply dangerous.  

One could surmise that a coveted advantage would be food allergies where perhaps a peanut laced lunch coupled with a scenario where investigators conclude perhaps that the victim made a fatal mistake.  Using my Perfect Circle Model - anything is possible. 

Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening type of allergic reaction. Symptoms develop quickly, often within seconds or minutes. They may include the following: Abdominal pain; Abnormal (high-pitched) breathing sounds; Anxiety; Chest ... There is a death locally that fits this model.  

Corporate Weaknesses - The Achilles Heel - Outsourcing your data. 

In the late nineties there was all this effort on Year 2000 code, nuclear plants, social security, hospitals and your personal computer but in the end no planes dropped out the Sky.  Fixing the problem required years of effort but today we have more systems, applications and programmers working around the world. To watch every second of a programmer's activities near impossible so in the end the programming community is about trust - trusting them with your data.

The banking industry were the early adopters of computerization but one core problem was programming departments are run by managers and programmers are good at double-speaking their way out of every question. 

One malicious code tactic was using rounding errors where excess change landed accounts controlled by the programmer.  I've heard everything from millions on down but I'm sure plenty slid through and were never caught. 

During my research I found this WikiPedia link that is reasonable to assume matches my arguments.

Murder: John Newman March 30th 2012

Whatever happened that night we may never know but about 18 hours prior to his murder former Danville Deputies recognized while being held at the Martinez Detention Facility.  The key connection is this very strange coincidence where Kitty Maffie bailed me out of jail was John's SSI designee but he was also a regular at the Monday Homeless Lunches held at Walnut Creek Civic Park sponsored by Hillside Convenant Church. 

In July 2011 one of Hillside's members participated in my hit and run and then later another Youth Director tried to run me over in Safeway Parking Lot.  No big deal just poison me, beat me or better just blow my truck up but after all these events not one investigation.  This points to a rather large conspiracy with solid links to CNET and related agencies. 

Jail is where humanity is left at the doorstep where school bully's find the perfect job.  One jailer to his credit "you won't get hurt on my watch" but once I was in the module things changed. 

These former Danville Deputies recognized me saying I was the one who wrote those letters and my reply was you're fucked as I took my findings to the FBI.  They promptly placed Armondo Ybarra in my cell who was psychotic, they withheld his meds and waited for him to explode.  You can't believe the nightmare of watching this person pace all night wanting to kill this or that person.  His main problem is he can't read very well. 

I later told Lt. Simmons of Internal Affairs that the only thing your deputies haven't done is stick a gun up my ass and pull the trigger.  He was truly apologetic just like the other internal affairs documents generated on my behalf told me nothing happened - just try enduring a murder suspect in your cell when you are there for child support while knowing your business has been cratered numerous times by CNET operatives. 

One of the reasons the child support problem hit me was this roller coaster ride on projects.  I would land software customers then suddenly lose them often without explanation.  I'm rewriting pages for clarity as the issues are blurred since there are so many. 

A perfect example is in this article.  The same Police Officer connected several of my key stories. 

Come get me Tonto and fuck you too.

Danville Building Inspector Gary Vinson Collins (summary)

The Building Inspector - Attempted Murder or Just Another Beating

September 2004

Where: 161 Valle Vista Danville CA
When: 5:45

During the late afternon Gary Collins arrived at my residence with the intent of collecting a paintbrush I'd allegedly stolen earlier that day.  The problem was these were tools were mine and they were worth over $5,000 but Collins with Kovacs attemtped to steal them. 

The altercation lasted about 10 minutes.  Collins weighed in at over 275 / 6'2 or better to my 160 / 5'8" plus he was ten years younger.  The police report was no where close to events but when you read about other divorcees in the area at least I'm alive.

The painting project that created this nightmare was accross town at 252 Remington Loop Danville and the crew there helped me get my tools around 3PM. 

The other parties in this case are Stephanie Kovacs, Todd Ratfield and my former neighbors.  What happened earlier in the week is part of the endless attacks from all points.  From before this accident there are a dozen incidents but this incident was nearly ended my life over a paintbrush. 

Three days later Chris Butler walks in the door with all the facts about an altercation connected to an incident that no one knew about.  Eight years later he's arrested which allowed me to connect my accidents as one long attempted murder run.  The Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Danville and Pleasant Hill police are not interested at all but I've been told that even though Bob Britz attempted to run me over they were not going to investigate. 

Apparently I've got friends in low places and he's got friends up at Hillside Covenant Church but I'm talking with attorneys and sooner enough someone will pick it up or I'll file it myself.  I can already prove they intimidate attorneys as the one was going to sue Danville and Gary Collins was beaten but now Collins is gone - so what more do I need to say.  Beat the attorney and kill the witness leaves me with no witnesses. 

Perhaps they should read my Banta article about Hallucinogens or Food -

During my 2005 "near fatal" infection I've suspected CNET operatives played a key role in mine and others.


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