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When you look under enough rocks sometimes the unexpected happens

In 2002 Don Moats represented me and during the fiasco I read that his offices were torched and he basically flopped on my case.  Knowing Walnut Creek PD now after having Captain Tim Schultz create a scene that he could have used his weapon on me believing anything from this agency is hard to swallow.  There are many good officers but there is a arm or rouge team that's way out of control.  One of those detectives appeared at a house on Diablo View Road Lafayette and months later I discover Peter Branagh was the successor on several foreclosures and this same owner happens to be friends with the Iron Worker that attacked me at the Farmers Market. 

I have a long list of failures to talk about.  I am coming forward as the Banta Shooting was enough for me but  my opinion is this agency has many skeletons.

The Moats name is common but to have Tamara Moats murdered who is about the same age as Don Moats is disturbing and unnerving especially when your car gets pushed into oncoming traffic in Lafayette CA on July 20th 2011 by a person that lives across the street from one of your adversaries, then discover years later Gary Collins worked at Big O Tires which coincidentally was across the street from Greg's Muffler where after your truck nearly blows up underneath you where the mechanic - hey I was right behind you and saw you catch on fire.  Sure it's another coincidence and Gary Collins just appears at my house in 2004 and doesn't know Stephen Tanabe who was indicted in 2011 along with Chris Butler.  It's complicated, its hard to follow but as I piece it together it becomes clear persons that all seem to be connected to each other.  

Don Moats Former address:  1300 Ygnacio Valley Road Walnut Creek

Tamara Moats would be about the same age as Don Moats, and all I had time to find was a name change but she was born in Puerto Rico - I suspect she was married to Moats a name is not native to that country.


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